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CHI 2016 Official Print Program

You can download the print program here.


CHI 2016 Official Mobile App

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The CHI 2016 Official Mobile App is a great companion for keeping track of your schedule at the conference.

The app allows you to browse the program and organize your schedule. It also provides access to hundreds of video previews, allowing you to get a quick glimpse of the research being presented at CHI 2016.

Once at the conference, the application will also allow you to load the proceedings for in-app viewing of all papers.

Don’t have a compatible mobile device? Try the Web program, or Confer.


CHI Bingo Mobile App

CHI Bingo is a fun app that aims to increase social activity at CHI.

The aim is simple – before the conference, enter the names of 9 people you wish to talk to. Then, the race is on to get ‘selfie’ photos with each of them before the week ends. You can share your bingo card at any time via Facebook, Twitter and many other services. Simple!

Struggling to fill all 9 spaces? Try Confer, which can help you discover people with similar interests.

Don’t have an Android device? Try the CHI Bingo Web App.



The CHI 2016 schedule is also available through Confer, a tool for conference attendees to discover papers of their interest, get paper recommendations, meet people with shared interests, and create their personal schedule.

You can create an account to save your favorite papers and personal schedule. Or, you can browse the program as a guest.