Paper Proceedings

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SESSION: Social Media and Location Data

I Know Where You Live: Inferring Details of People’s Lives by Visualizing Publicly Shared Location Data

  • Ilaria Liccardi
  • Alfie Abdul-Rahman
  • Min Chen

Not at Home on the Range: Peer Production and the Urban/Rural Divide

  • Isaac L. Johnson
  • Yilun Lin
  • Toby Jia-Jun Li
  • Andrew Hall
  • Aaron Halfaker
  • Johannes Schöning
  • Brent Hecht

App Movement: A Platform for Community Commissioning of Mobile Applications

  • Andrew Garbett
  • Rob Comber
  • Edward Jenkins
  • Patrick Olivier

Generating Personalized Spatial Analogies for Distances and Areas

  • Yea-Seul Kim
  • Jessica Hullman
  • Maneesh Agrawala

SESSION: How Fast Can You Type on Your Phone?

IJQwerty: What Difference Does One Key Change Make? Gesture Typing Keyboard Optimization Bounded by One Key Position Change from Qwerty

  • Xiaojun Bi
  • Shumin Zhai

DualKey: Miniature Screen Text Entry via Finger Identification

  • Aakar Gupta
  • Ravin Balakrishnan

One-Dimensional Handwriting: Inputting Letters and Words on Smart Glasses

  • Chun Yu
  • Ke Sun
  • Mingyuan Zhong
  • Xincheng Li
  • Peijun Zhao
  • Yuanchun Shi

A Cost-Benefit Study of Text Entry Suggestion Interaction

  • Philip Quinn
  • Shumin Zhai

SESSION: Front Stage on Social Media

The Social Media Ecology: User Perceptions, Strategies and Challenges

  • Xuan Zhao
  • Cliff Lampe
  • Nicole B. Ellison

Sharing Personal Content Online: Exploring Channel Choice and Multi-Channel Behaviors

  • Manya Sleeper
  • William Melicher
  • Hana Habib
  • Lujo Bauer
  • Lorrie Faith Cranor
  • Michelle L. Mazurek

Snap Decisions?: How Users, Content, and Aesthetics Interact to Shape Photo Sharing Behaviors

  • Sanjay Kairam
  • Joseph ‘Jofish’ Kaye
  • John Alexis Guerra-Gomez
  • David A. Shamma

Does Saying This Make Me Look Good?: How Posters and Outsiders Evaluate Facebook Updates

  • Yi-Chia Wang
  • Hayley Hinsberger
  • Robert E. Kraut

SESSION: Families and Assistive Technology

Designing Smart Objects with Autistic Children: Four Design Exposès

  • Christopher Frauenberger
  • Julia Makhaeva
  • Katharina Spiel

Investigating the Influence of Avatar Facial Characteristics on the Social Behaviors of Children with Autism

  • Elizabeth J. Carter
  • Jennifer Hyde
  • Diane L. Williams
  • Jessica K. Hodgins

Changing Family Practices with Assistive Technology: MOBERO Improves Morning and Bedtime Routines for Children with ADHD

  • Tobias Sonne
  • Jörg Müller
  • Paul Marshall
  • Carsten Obel
  • Kaj Grønbæk

Incloodle: Evaluating an Interactive Application for Young Children with Mixed Abilities

  • Kiley Sobel
  • Kyle Rector
  • Susan Evans
  • Julie A. Kientz

SESSION: 3D Virtual Space

Dynamic Stereoscopic 3D Parameter Adjustment for Enhanced Depth Discrimination

  • Arun Kulshreshth
  • Joseph J. LaViola, Jr.

Modeling the Impact of Depth on Pointing Performance

  • Izabelle Janzen
  • Vasanth K. Rajendran
  • Kellogg S. Booth

Compensating for Distance Compression in Audiovisual Virtual Environments Using Incongruence

  • Daniel J. Finnegan
  • Eamonn O’Neill
  • Michael J. Proulx

miniStudio: Designers’ Tool for Prototyping Ubicomp Space with Interactive Miniature

  • Han-Jong Kim
  • Ju-Whan Kim
  • Tek-Jin Nam

SESSION: Mining Human Behaviors

Unsupervised Clickstream Clustering for User Behavior Analysis

  • Gang Wang
  • Xinyi Zhang
  • Shiliang Tang
  • Haitao Zheng
  • Ben Y. Zhao

Augur: Mining Human Behaviors from Fiction to Power Interactive Systems

  • Ethan Fast
  • William McGrath
  • Pranav Rajpurkar
  • Michael S. Bernstein

Modeling and Understanding Human Routine Behavior

  • Nikola Banovic
  • Tofi Buzali
  • Fanny Chevalier
  • Jennifer Mankoff
  • Anind K. Dey

Setwise Comparison: Consistent, Scalable, Continuum Labels for Computer Vision

  • Advait Sarkar
  • Cecily Morrison
  • Jonas F. Dorn
  • Rishi Bedi
  • Saskia Steinheimer
  • Jacques Boisvert
  • Jessica Burggraaff
  • Marcus D’Souza
  • Peter Kontschieder
  • Samuel Rota Bulò
  • Lorcan Walsh
  • Christian P. Kamm
  • Yordan Zaykov
  • Abigail Sellen
  • Siân Lindley

SESSION: Behavioral Change

TimeAware: Leveraging Framing Effects to Enhance Personal Productivity

  • Young-Ho Kim
  • Jae Ho Jeon
  • Eun Kyoung Choe
  • Bongshin Lee
  • KwonHyun Kim
  • Jinwook Seo

Personal Tracking of Screen Time on Digital Devices

  • John Rooksby
  • Parvin Asadzadeh
  • Mattias Rost
  • Alistair Morrison
  • Matthew Chalmers

Crowd-Designed Motivation: Motivational Messages for Exercise Adherence Based on Behavior Change Theory

  • Roelof A.J. de Vries
  • Khiet P. Truong
  • Sigrid Kwint
  • Constance H.C. Drossaert
  • Vanessa Evers

Understanding the Mechanics of Persuasive System Design: A Mixed-Method Theory-driven Analysis of Freeletics

  • Hanna Schneider
  • Kilian Moser
  • Andreas Butz
  • Florian Alt

SESSION: Vulnerable Populations and Technological Support

Designing for Transient Use: A Human-in-the-loop Translation Platform for Refugees

  • Deana Brown
  • Rebecca E. Grinter

Syrian Refugees and Digital Health in Lebanon: Opportunities for Improving Antenatal Health

  • Reem Talhouk
  • Sandra Mesmar
  • Anja Thieme
  • Madeline Balaam
  • Patrick Olivier
  • Chaza Akik
  • Hala Ghattas

A Real-Time IVR Platform for Community Radio

  • Konstantinos Kazakos
  • Siddhartha Asthana
  • Madeline Balaam
  • Mona Duggal
  • Amey Holden
  • Limalemla Jamir
  • Nanda Kishore Kannuri
  • Saurabh Kumar
  • Amarendar Reddy Manindla
  • Subhashini Arcot Manikam
  • GVS Murthy
  • Papreen Nahar
  • Peter Phillimore
  • Shreyaswi Sathyanath
  • Pushpendra Singh
  • Meenu Singh
  • Pete Wright
  • Deepika Yadav
  • Patrick Olivier

Contextualizing Intermediated Use in the Developing World: Findings from India & Ghana

  • Ishita Ghosh

SESSION: Online Behaviors

Could This Be True?: I Think So! Expressed Uncertainty in Online Rumoring

  • Kate Starbird
  • Emma Spiro
  • Isabelle Edwards
  • Kaitlyn Zhou
  • Jim Maddock
  • Sindhuja Narasimhan

Order in the Warez Scene: Explaining an Underground Virtual Community with the CPR Framework

  • Priyank Chandra

SESSION: Collaborative Fabricatio? Making Much of Machines

Understanding Newcomers to 3D Printing: Motivations, Workflows, and Barriers of Casual Makers

  • Nathaniel Hudson
  • Celena Alcock
  • Parmit K. Chilana

How Novices Sketch and Prototype Hand-Fabricated Objects

  • Adrien Bousseau
  • Theophanis Tsandilas
  • Lora Oehlberg
  • Wendy E. Mackay

RetroFab: A Design Tool for Retrofitting Physical Interfaces using Actuators, Sensors and 3D Printing

  • Raf Ramakers
  • Fraser Anderson
  • Tovi Grossman
  • George Fitzmaurice

HotFlex: Post-print Customization of 3D Prints Using Embedded State Change

  • Daniel Groeger
  • Elena Chong Loo
  • Jürgen Steimle

SESSION: Learning Feedback

Effects of Pedagogical Agent’s Personality and Emotional Feedback Strategy on Chinese Students’ Learning Experiences and Performance: A Study Based on Virtual Tai Chi Training Studio

  • Yulong Bian
  • Chenglei Yang
  • Dongdong Guan
  • Sa Xiao
  • Fengqiang Gao
  • Chia Shen
  • Xiangxu Meng

MapSense: Multi-Sensory Interactive Maps for Children Living with Visual Impairments

  • Emeline Brule
  • Gilles Bailly
  • Anke Brock
  • Frederic Valentin
  • Grégoire Denis
  • Christophe Jouffrais

Framing Feedback: Choosing Review Environment Features that Support High Quality Peer Assessment

  • Catherine M. Hicks
  • Vineet Pandey
  • C. Ailie Fraser
  • Scott Klemmer

Revising Learner Misconceptions Without Feedback: Prompting for Reflection on Anomalies

  • Joseph Jay Williams
  • Tania Lombrozo
  • Anne Hsu
  • Bernd Huber
  • Juho Kim

SESSION: Visual Design Principles for Unconventional Displays

Designing Visual Complexity for Dual-screen Media

  • Timothy Neate
  • Michael Evans
  • Matt Jones

Hidden in Plain Sight: an Exploration of a Visual Language for Near-Eye Out-of-Focus Displays in the Peripheral View

  • Kris Luyten
  • Donald Degraen
  • Gustavo Rovelo Ruiz
  • Sven Coppers
  • Davy Vanacken

Investigating Text Legibility on Non-Rectangular Displays

  • Marcos Serrano
  • Anne Roudaut
  • Pourang Irani

The Effect of Focus Cues on Separation of Information Layers

  • Patrick Bader
  • Niels Henze
  • Nora Broy
  • Katrin Wolf

SESSION: Privacy – Social and Geolocated

The Geography and Importance of Localness in Geotagged Social Media

  • Isaac L. Johnson
  • Subhasree Sengupta
  • Johannes Schöning
  • Brent Hecht

Usability and Security of Text Passwords on Mobile Devices

  • William Melicher
  • Darya Kurilova
  • Sean M. Segreti
  • Pranshu Kalvani
  • Richard Shay
  • Blase Ur
  • Lujo Bauer
  • Nicolas Christin
  • Lorrie Faith Cranor
  • Michelle L. Mazurek

Evaluation of Personalized Security Indicators as an Anti-Phishing Mechanism for Smartphone Applications

  • Claudio Marforio
  • Ramya Jayaram Masti
  • Claudio Soriente
  • Kari Kostiainen
  • Srdjan Čapkun

Computationally Mediated Pro-Social Deception

  • Max Van Kleek
  • Dave Murray-Rust
  • Amy Guy
  • Kieron O’Hara
  • Nigel Shadbolt

SESSION: Social Media Engagement

Changes in Engagement Before and After Posting to Facebook

  • Nir Grinberg
  • P. Alex Dow
  • Lada A. Adamic
  • Mor Naaman

Fast, Cheap, and Good: Why Animated GIFs Engage Us

  • Saeideh Bakhshi
  • David A. Shamma
  • Lyndon Kennedy
  • Yale Song
  • Paloma de Juan
  • Joseph ‘Jofish’ Kaye

Engineering Information Disclosure: Norm Shaping Designs

  • Daphne Chang
  • Erin L. Krupka
  • Eytan Adar
  • Alessandro Acquisti

A Market in Your Social Network: The Effects of Extrinsic Rewards on Friendsourcing and Relationships

  • Haiyi Zhu
  • Sauvik Das
  • Yiqun Cao
  • Shuang Yu
  • Aniket Kittur
  • Robert Kraut

SESSION: Computer Supported Parenting

LGBT Parents and Social Media: Advocacy, Privacy, and Disclosure during Shifting Social Movements

  • Lindsay Blackwell
  • Jean Hardy
  • Tawfiq Ammari
  • Tiffany Veinot
  • Cliff Lampe
  • Sarita Schoenebeck

Information Seeking Practices of Parents: Exploring Skills, Face Threats and Social Networks

  • Betsy DiSalvo
  • Parisa Khanipour Roshan
  • Briana Morrison

“Best of Both Worlds”: Opportunities for Technology in Cross-Cultural Parenting

  • Svetlana Yarosh
  • Sarita Schoenebeck
  • Shreya Kothaneth
  • Elizabeth Bales

Screen Time Tantrums: How Families Manage Screen Media Experiences for Toddlers and Preschoolers

  • Alexis Hiniker
  • Hyewon Suh
  • Sabina Cao
  • Julie A. Kientz

SESSION: Personal informatic Dear Data

GenomiX: A Novel Interaction Tool for Self-Exploration of Personal Genomic Data

  • Orit Shaer
  • Oded Nov
  • Johanna Okerlund
  • Martina Balestra
  • Elizabeth Stowell
  • Lauren Westendorf
  • Christina Pollalis
  • Jasmine Davis
  • Liliana Westort
  • Madeleine Ball

Taking 5: Work-Breaks, Productivity, and Opportunities for Personal Informatics for Knowledge Workers

  • Daniel A. Epstein
  • Daniel Avrahami
  • Jacob T. Biehl

Metadating: Exploring the Romance and Future of Personal Data

  • Chris Elsden
  • Bettina Nissen
  • Andrew Garbett
  • David Chatting
  • David Kirk
  • John Vines

Design Opportunities in Three Stages of Relationship Development between Users and Self-Tracking Devices

  • Da-jung Kim
  • Yeoreum Lee
  • Saeyoung Rho
  • Youn-kyung Lim

SESSION: Older Adult Support

Designing for the Other ‘Hereafter’: When Older Adults Remember about Forgetting

  • Laura Ramos
  • Elise van den Hoven
  • Laurie Miller

Typing Tutor: Individualized Tutoring in Text Entry for Older Adults Based on Input Stumble Detection

  • Toshiyuki Hagiya
  • Toshiharu Horiuchi
  • Tomonori Yazaki

Not For Me: Older Adults Choosing Not to Participate in a Social Isolation Intervention

  • Jenny Waycott
  • Frank Vetere
  • Sonja Pedell
  • Amee Morgans
  • Elizabeth Ozanne
  • Lars Kulik

SESSION: Real Reality Interfaces

The Augmented Climbing Wall: High-Exertion Proximity Interaction on a Wall-Sized Interactive Surface

  • Raine Kajastila
  • Leo Holsti
  • Perttu Hämäläinen

BitDrones: Towards Using 3D Nanocopter Displays as Interactive Self-Levitating Programmable Matter

  • Antonio Gomes
  • Calvin Rubens
  • Sean Braley
  • Roel Vertegaal

Pmomo: Projection Mapping on Movable 3D Object

  • Yi Zhou
  • Shuangjiu Xiao
  • Ning Tang
  • Zhiyong Wei
  • Xu Chen

Combining Shape-Changing Interfaces and Spatial Augmented Reality Enables Extended Object Appearance

  • David Lindlbauer
  • Jens Emil Grønbæk
  • Morten Birk
  • Kim Halskov
  • Marc Alexa
  • Jörg Müller

SESSION: Sociotechnical Assemblage, Participation, Interaction & Materiality

The Ethics of Unaware Participation in Public Interventions

  • Annika Waern

The Poetics of Socio-Technical Space: Evaluating the Internet of Things Through Craft

  • Jessica Lingel

Object-Oriented Publics

  • Tom Jenkins
  • Christopher A. Le Dantec
  • Carl DiSalvo
  • Thomas Lodato
  • Mariam Asad

Repurposing Bits and Pieces of the Digital

  • Vygandas ‘Vegas Simbelis
  • Pedro Ferreira
  • Elsa Vaara
  • Jarmo Laaksolahti
  • Kristina Höök

SESSION: Thinking Critically

Five Provocations for Ethical HCI Research

  • Barry Brown
  • Alexandra Weilenmann
  • Donald McMillan
  • Airi Lampinen

Acting with Technology: Rehearsing for Mixed-Media Live Performances

  • Louise Barkhuus
  • Chiara Rossitto

SESSION: Prototyping for Fabricatio, 3D Designing, Modelling & Printing

What you Sculpt is What you Get: Modeling Physical Interactive Devices with Clay and 3D Printed Widgets

  • Michael D. Jones
  • Kevin Seppi
  • Dan R. Olsen

On-The-Fly Print: Incremental Printing While Modelling

  • Huaishu Peng
  • Rundong Wu
  • Steve Marschner
  • François Guimbretière

CardBoardiZer: Creatively Customize, Articulate and Fold 3D Mesh Models

  • Yunbo Zhang
  • Wei Gao
  • Luis Paredes
  • Karthik Ramani

ChronoFab: Fabricating Motion

  • Rubaiat Habib Kazi
  • Tovi Grossman
  • Cory Mogk
  • Ryan Schmidt
  • George Fitzmaurice

SESSION: Learning @ School

Lessons Learned from In-School Use of rTAG: A Robo-Tangible Learning Environment

  • Victor Girotto
  • Cecil Lozano
  • Kasia Muldner
  • Winslow Burleson
  • Erin Walker

Human Proxies for Remote University Classroom Attendance

  • Clarissa Ishak
  • Carman Neustaedter
  • Dan Hawkins
  • Jason Procyk
  • Michael Massimi

Ingenium: Engaging Novice Students with Latin Grammar

  • Sharon Zhou
  • Ivy J. Livingston
  • Mark Schiefsky
  • Stuart M. Shieber
  • Krzysztof Z. Gajos

SESSION: Learning Facilitaton

Social Situational Language Learning through an Online 3D Game

  • Gabriel Culbertson
  • Shiyu Wang
  • Malte Jung
  • Erik Andersen

Using Gamification to Motivate Students with Dyslexia

  • Daniel Gooch
  • Asimina Vasalou
  • Laura Benton
  • Rilla Khaled

Local Standards for Sample Size at CHI

  • Kelly Caine

A Comparative Evaluation on Online Learning Approaches using Parallel Coordinate Visualization

  • Bum Chul Kwon
  • Bongshin Lee

SESSION: Paying Attention to Smartphones

Lock n’ LoL: Group-based Limiting Assistance App to Mitigate Smartphone Distractions in Group Activities

  • Minsam Ko
  • Seungwoo Choi
  • Koji Yatani
  • Uichin Lee

“Silence Your Phones”: Smartphone Notifications Increase Inattention and Hyperactivity Symptoms

  • Kostadin Kushlev
  • Jason Proulx
  • Elizabeth W. Dunn

My Phone and Me: Understanding People’s Receptivity to Mobile Notifications

  • Abhinav Mehrotra
  • Veljko Pejovic
  • Jo Vermeulen
  • Robert Hendley
  • Mirco Musolesi

SESSION: Interaction Design for Audio Interfaces

Voices from the War: Design as a Means of Understanding the Experience of Visiting Heritage

  • Daniela Petrelli
  • Nick Dulake
  • Mark T. Marshall
  • Anna Pisetti
  • Elena Not

Simplified Audio Production in Asynchronous Voice-Based Discussions

  • Venkatesh Sivaraman
  • Dongwook Yoon
  • Piotr Mitros

Tap the ShapeTones: Exploring the Effects of Crossmodal Congruence in an Audio-Visual Interface

  • Oussama Metatla
  • Nuno N. Correia
  • Fiore Martin
  • Nick Bryan-Kinns
  • Tony Stockman

Maps and Location: Acceptance of Modern Interaction Techniques for Audio Guides

  • Philipp Wacker
  • Kerstin Kreutz
  • Florian Heller
  • Jan Borchers

SESSION: Living Healthy

Staying the Course: System-Driven Lapse Management for Supporting Behavior Change

  • Elena Agapie
  • Daniel Avrahami
  • Jennifer Marlow

Designing for Future Behaviors: Understanding the Effect of Temporal Distance on Planned Behaviors

  • Minhyang (Mia) Suh
  • Gary Hsieh

ClimbAware: Investigating Perception and Acceptance of Wearables in Rock Climbing

  • Felix Kosmalla
  • Frederik Wiehr
  • Florian Daiber
  • Antonio Krüger
  • Markus Löchtefeld

Beyond Abandonment to Next Steps: Understanding and Designing for Life after Personal Informatics Tool Use

  • Daniel A. Epstein
  • Monica Caraway
  • Chuck Johnston
  • An Ping
  • James Fogarty
  • Sean A. Munson

SESSION: Designing Quality in Social Media

Supporting Comment Moderators in Identifying High Quality Online News Comments

  • Deokgun Park
  • Simranjit Sachar
  • Nicholas Diakopoulos
  • Niklas Elmqvist

“Popcorn Tastes Good”: Participatory Policymaking and Reddit’s

  • Alissa Centivany
  • Bobby Glushko

Going Dark: Social Factors in Collective Action Against Platform Operators in the Reddit Blackout

  • J. Nathan Matias

Surviving an “Eternal September”: How an Online Community Managed a Surge of Newcomers

  • Charles Kiene
  • Andrés Monroy-Hernández
  • Benjamin Mako Hill

“This Post Will Just Get Taken Down”: Characterizing Removed Pro-Eating Disorder Social Media Content

  • Stevie Chancellor
  • Zhiyuan (Jerry) Lin
  • Munmun De Choudhury

SESSION: Physical and Digital Collections

Accountable Artefacts: The Case of the Carolan Guitar

  • Steve Benford
  • Adrian Hazzard
  • Alan Chamberlain
  • Kevin Glover
  • Chris Greenhalgh
  • Liming Xu
  • Michaela Hoare
  • Dimitrios Darzentas

Things We Own Together: Sharing Possessions at Home

  • Jane Gruning
  • Siân Lindley

Mailing Archived Emails as Postcards: Probing the Value of Virtual Collections

  • David B. Gerritsen
  • Dan Tasse
  • Jennifer K. Olsen
  • Tatiana A. Vlahovic
  • Rebecca Gulotta
  • William Odom
  • Jason Wiese
  • John Zimmerman

Finding Email in a Multi-Account, Multi-Device World

  • Marta E. Cecchinato
  • Abigail Sellen
  • Milad Shokouhi
  • Gavin Smyth

SESSION: Augmented AR and VR Experiences

Novel Optical Configurations for Virtual Reality: Evaluating User Preference and Performance with Focus-tunable and Monovision Near-eye Displays

  • Robert Konrad
  • Emily A. Cooper
  • Gordon Wetzstein

Augmenting the Field-of-View of Head-Mounted Displays with Sparse Peripheral Displays

  • Robert Xiao
  • Hrvoje Benko

SnapToReality: Aligning Augmented Reality to the Real World

  • Benjamin Nuernberger
  • Eyal Ofek
  • Hrvoje Benko
  • Andrew D. Wilson

Virtual Objects as Spatial Cues in Collaborative Mixed Reality Environments: How They Shape Communication Behavior and User Task Load

  • Jens Müller
  • Roman Rädle
  • Harald Reiterer

VR-STEP: Walking-in-Place using Inertial Sensing for Hands Free Navigation in Mobile VR Environments

  • Sam Tregillus
  • Eelke Folmer

SESSION: Technological Care for Autism

“Will I always be not social?”: Re-Conceptualizing Sociality in the Context of a Minecraft Community for Autism

  • Kathryn E. Ringland
  • Christine T. Wolf
  • Heather Faucett
  • Lynn Dombrowski
  • Gillian R. Hayes

Anxiety and Autism: Towards Personalized Digital Health

  • Will Simm
  • Maria Angela Ferrario
  • Adrian Gradinar
  • Marcia Tavares Smith
  • Stephen Forshaw
  • Ian Smith
  • Jon Whittle

EnhancedTouch: A Smart Bracelet for Enhancing Human-Human Physical Touch

  • Kenji Suzuki
  • Taku Hachisu
  • Kazuki Iida

“This is how I want to learn”: High Functioning Autistic Teens Co-Designing a Serious Game

  • Benoît Bossavit
  • Sarah Parsons

SESSION: Sustainability, Design and Environmental Sensibilities

Challenging the Car Norm: Opportunities for ICT to Support Sustainable Transportation Practices

  • Hanna Hasselqvist
  • Mia Hesselgren
  • Cristian Bogdan

Learning from Green Designers: Green Design as Discursive Practice

  • Earl Friedberg
  • Edward Lank

Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Device and Cloud Service Design Decisions on the Environmental Footprint of Digital Infrastructure

  • Chris Preist
  • Daniel Schien
  • Eli Blevis

MyPart: Personal, Portable, Accurate, Airborne Particle Counting

  • Rundong Tian
  • Christine Dierk
  • Christopher Myers
  • Eric Paulos

SESSION: Authentication and Privacy

Evaluating the Influence of Targets and Hand Postures on Touch-based Behavioural Biometrics

  • Daniel Buschek
  • Alexander De Luca
  • Florian Alt

Enhancing Mobile Content Privacy with Proxemics Aware Notifications and Protection

  • Huiyuan Zhou
  • Khalid Tearo
  • Aniruddha Waje
  • Elham Alghamdi
  • Thamara Alves
  • Vinicius Ferreira
  • Kirstie Hawkey
  • Derek Reilly

CalendarCast: Setup-Free, Privacy-Preserving, Localized Sharing of Appointment Data

  • Florian Echtler

SkullConduct: Biometric User Identification on Eyewear Computers Using Bone Conduction Through the Skull

  • Stefan Schneegass
  • Youssef Oualil
  • Andreas Bulling

Use Your Words: Designing One-time Pairing Codes to Improve User Experience

  • Sarah Wiseman
  • Gustavo Soto Mino
  • Anna L. Cox
  • Sandy J.J. Gould
  • Joanne Moore
  • Chris Needham

SESSION: (Re)understanding Makin? A Critical Broadening of Maker Cultures

Reconstituting the Utopian Vision of Making: HCI After Technosolutionism

  • Silvia Lindtner
  • Shaowen Bardzell
  • Jeffrey Bardzell

Values in Repair

  • Lara Houston
  • Steven J. Jackson
  • Daniela K. Rosner
  • Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed
  • Meg Young
  • Laewoo Kang

Making Community: The Wider Role of Makerspaces in Public Life

  • Nick Taylor
  • Ursula Hurley
  • Philip Connolly

Continuing the Dialogue: Bringing Research Accounts Back into the Field

  • Sarah Fox
  • Daniela K. Rosner

SESSION: Learning Programming

Programming, Problem Solving, and Self-Awareness: Effects of Explicit Guidance

  • Dastyni Loksa
  • Andrew J. Ko
  • Will Jernigan
  • Alannah Oleson
  • Christopher J. Mendez
  • Margaret M. Burnett

Understanding Conversational Programmers: A Perspective from the Software Industry

  • Parmit K. Chilana
  • Rishabh Singh
  • Philip J. Guo

Blind Spots in Youth DIY Programming: Examining Diversity in Creators, Content, and Comments within the Scratch Online Community

  • Gabriela T. Richard
  • Yasmin B. Kafai

Skill Progression in Scratch Revisited

  • J. Nathan Matias
  • Sayamindu Dasgupta
  • Benjamin Mako Hill

SESSION: Tracking Fingers

SkinTrack: Using the Body as an Electrical Waveguide for Continuous Finger Tracking on the Skin

  • Yang Zhang
  • Junhan Zhou
  • Gierad Laput
  • Chris Harrison

Finexus: Tracking Precise Motions of Multiple Fingertips Using Magnetic Sensing

  • Ke-Yu Chen
  • Shwetak N. Patel
  • Sean Keller

FingerIO: Using Active Sonar for Fine-Grained Finger Tracking

  • Rajalakshmi Nandakumar
  • Vikram Iyer
  • Desney Tan
  • Shyamnath Gollakota

DigitSpace: Designing Thumb-to-Fingers Touch Interfaces for One-Handed and Eyes-Free Interactions

  • Da-Yuan Huang
  • Liwei Chan
  • Shuo Yang
  • Fan Wang
  • Rong-Hao Liang
  • De-Nian Yang
  • Yi-Ping Hung
  • Bing-Yu Chen

SESSION: VR for Collaboration

Head Mounted Projection Display & Visual Attention: Visual Attentional Processing of Head Referenced Static and Dynamic Displays while in Motion and Standing

  • Çağlar Genç
  • Shoaib Soomro
  • Yalçın Duyan
  • Selim Ölçer
  • Fuat Balcı
  • Hakan Ürey
  • Oğuzhan Özcan

Stabilized Annotations for Mobile Remote Assistance

  • Omid Fakourfar
  • Kevin Ta
  • Richard Tang
  • Scott Bateman
  • Anthony Tang

Parallel Eyes: Exploring Human Capability and Behaviors with Paralleled First Person View Sharing

  • Shunichi Kasahara
  • Mitsuhito Ando
  • Kiyoshi Suganuma
  • Jun Rekimoto

Gaze Augmentation in Egocentric Video Improves Awareness of Intention

  • Deepak Akkil
  • Poika Isokoski

SESSION: I want to know my data Democratizing, Opening and Comprehending Data

Open Data in Scientific Settings: From Policy to Practice

  • Irene V. Pasquetto
  • Ashley E. Sands
  • Peter T. Darch
  • Christine L. Borgman

The Datacatcher: Batch Deployment and Documentation of 130 Location-Aware, Mobile Devices That Put Sociopolitically-Relevant Big Data in People’s Hands: Polyphonic Interpretation at Scale

  • William Gaver
  • Andy Boucher
  • Nadine Jarvis
  • David Cameron
  • Mark Hauenstein
  • Sarah Pennington
  • John Bowers
  • James Pike
  • Robin Beitra
  • Liliana Ovalle

Physikit: Data Engagement Through Physical Ambient Visualizations in the Home

  • Steven Houben
  • Connie Golsteijn
  • Sarah Gallacher
  • Rose Johnson
  • Saskia Bakker
  • Nicolai Marquardt
  • Licia Capra
  • Yvonne Rogers

Accountable: Exploring the Inadequacies of Transparent Financial Practice in the Non-Profit Sector

  • Matthew Marshall
  • David S. Kirk
  • John Vines

SESSION: The Economics of Being Online

Designing for Labour: Uber and the On-Demand Mobile Workforce

  • Mareike Glöss
  • Moira McGregor
  • Barry Brown

‘MASTerful’ Matchmaking in Service Transactions: Inferred Abilities, Needs and Interests versus Activity Histories

  • Hyunggu Jung
  • Victoria Bellotti
  • Afsaneh Doryab
  • Dean Leitersdorf
  • Jiawei Chen
  • Benjamin V. Hanrahan
  • Sooyeon Lee
  • Dan Turner
  • Anind K. Dey
  • John M. Carroll

Of Two Minds, Multiple Addresses, and One Ledger: Characterizing Opinions, Knowledge, and Perceptions of Bitcoin Across Users and Non-Users

  • Xianyi Gao
  • Gradeigh D. Clark
  • Janne Lindqvist

Hosting via Airbnb: Motivations and Financial Assurances in Monetized Network Hospitality

  • Airi Lampinen
  • Coye Cheshire

SESSION: Designing Physical Games

Digitally Augmenting Sports: An Opportunity for Exploring and Understanding Novel Balancing Techniques

  • David Altimira
  • Florian “Floyd” Mueller
  • Jenny Clarke
  • Gun Lee
  • Mark Billinghurst
  • Christoph Bartneck

SwimTrain: Exploring Exergame Design for Group Fitness Swimming

  • Woohyeok Choi
  • Jeongmin Oh
  • Darren Edge
  • Joohyun Kim
  • Uichin Lee

SESSION: Work, Multitasking, and Distraction

Influence of Display Transparency on Background Awareness and Task Performance

  • David Lindlbauer
  • Klemen Lilija
  • Robert Walter
  • Jörg Müller

Email Duration, Batching and Self-interruption: Patterns of Email Use on Productivity and Stress

  • Gloria Mark
  • Shamsi T. Iqbal
  • Mary Czerwinski
  • Paul Johns
  • Akane Sano
  • Yuliya Lutchyn

‘Don’t Waste My Time’: Use of Time Information Improves Focus

  • Steve Whittaker
  • Vaiva Kalnikaite
  • Victoria Hollis
  • Andrew Guydish

Neurotics Can’t Focus: An in situ Study of Online Multitasking in the Workplace

  • Gloria Mark
  • Shamsi T. Iqbal
  • Mary Czerwinski
  • Paul Johns
  • Akane Sano

SESSION: Physical Disability and Assistive Technologies

An Intimate Laboratory?: Prostheses as a Tool for Experimenting with Identity and Normalcy

  • Cynthia L. Bennett
  • Keting Cen
  • Katherine M. Steele
  • Daniela K. Rosner

The Design of Assistive Location-based Technologies for People with Ambulatory Disabilities: A Formative Study

  • Kotaro Hara
  • Christine Chan
  • Jon E. Froehlich

Helping Hands: Requirements for a Prototyping Methodology for Upper-limb Prosthetics Users

  • Megan Hofmann
  • Jeffrey Harris
  • Scott E. Hudson
  • Jennifer Mankoff

Motivating Stroke Rehabilitation Through Music: A Feasibility Study Using Digital Musical Instruments in the Home

  • Pedro Kirk
  • Mick Grierson
  • Rebeka Bodak
  • Nick Ward
  • Fran Brander
  • Kate Kelly
  • Nicholas Newman
  • Lauren Stewart

SESSION: Citizenry and the Science? Design as Inquiry and Participation

Everyday Food Science as a Design Space for Community Literacy and Habitual Sustainable Practice

  • Stacey Kuznetsov
  • Christina J. Santana
  • Elenore Long

You Put What, Where?: Hobbyist Use of Insertable Devices

  • Kayla J. Heffernan
  • Frank Vetere
  • Shanton Chang

On Looking at the Vagina through Labella

  • Teresa Almeida
  • Rob Comber
  • Gavin Wood
  • Dean Saraf
  • Madeline Balaam

Citizens for Science and Science for Citizens: The View from Participatory Design

  • Danial Qaurooni
  • Ali Ghazinejad
  • Inna Kouper
  • Hamid Ekbia

To Sign Up, or not to Sign Up?: Maximizing Citizen Science Contribution Rates through Optional Registration

  • Caroline Jay
  • Robert Dunne
  • David Gelsthorpe
  • Markel Vigo

SESSION: Evaluating Technological Application in Education

Facilitator, Functionary, Friend or Foe?: Studying the Role of iPads within Learning Activities Across a School Year

  • Anne-Marie Mann
  • Uta Hinrichs
  • Janet C. Read
  • Aaron Quigley

SESSION: Quantifying Efficiency of Input Methods

Modeling the Steering Time Difference between Narrowing and Widening Tunnels

  • Shota Yamanaka
  • Homei Miyashita

Modelling Error Rates in Temporal Pointing

  • Byungjoo Lee
  • Antti Oulasvirta

SESSION: Mobile Behaviors

Monetary Assessment of Battery Life on Smartphones

  • Simo Hosio
  • Denzil Ferreira
  • Jorge Goncalves
  • Niels van Berkel
  • Chu Luo
  • Muzamil Ahmed
  • Huber Flores
  • Vassilis Kostakos

Technology at the Table: Attitudes about Mobile Phone Use at Mealtimes

  • Carol Moser
  • Sarita Y. Schoenebeck
  • Katharina Reinecke

“I thought she would like to read it”: Exploring Sharing Behaviors in the Context of Declining Mobile Web Use

  • Frank R. Bentley
  • S. Tejaswi Peesapati
  • Karen Church

Forget-me-not: History-less Mobile Messaging

  • Mattias Rost
  • Christos Kitsos
  • Alexander Morgan
  • Martin Podlubny
  • Pietro Romeo
  • Edoardo Russo
  • Matthew Chalmers

SESSION: Touchscreen Interactions

Detecting Swipe Errors on Touchscreens using Grip Modulation

  • Mohammad Faizuddin Mohd Noor
  • Simon Rogers
  • John Williamson

Characterizing How Interface Complexity Affects Children’s Touchscreen Interactions

  • Julia Woodward
  • Alex Shaw
  • Annie Luc
  • Brittany Craig
  • Juthika Das
  • Phillip Hall, Jr.
  • Akshay Holla
  • Danielle Sikich
  • Quincy Brown
  • Lisa Anthony
  • Germaine Irwin

Smart Touch: Improving Touch Accuracy for People with Motor Impairments with Template Matching

  • Martez E. Mott
  • Radu-Daniel Vatavu
  • Shaun K. Kane
  • Jacob O. Wobbrock

Indirect 2D Touch Panning: How Does It Affect Spatial Memory and Navigation Performance?

  • Henri Palleis
  • Heinrich Hussmann

EyeSwipe: Dwell-free Text Entry Using Gaze Paths

  • Andrew Kurauchi
  • Wenxin Feng
  • Ajjen Joshi
  • Carlos Morimoto
  • Margrit Betke

SESSION: VR & Feedback

Annexing Reality: Enabling Opportunistic Use of Everyday Objects as Tangible Proxies in Augmented Reality

  • Anuruddha Hettiarachchi
  • Daniel Wigdor

Haptic Retargeting: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experiences

  • Mahdi Azmandian
  • Mark Hancock
  • Hrvoje Benko
  • Eyal Ofek
  • Andrew D. Wilson

HaptoClone (Haptic-Optical Clone) for Mutual Tele-Environment by Real-time 3D Image Transfer with Midair Force Feedback

  • Yasutoshi Makino
  • Yoshikazu Furuyama
  • Seki Inoue
  • Hiroyuki Shinoda

Dexmo: An Inexpensive and Lightweight Mechanical Exoskeleton for Motion Capture and Force Feedback in VR

  • Xiaochi Gu
  • Yifei Zhang
  • Weize Sun
  • Yuanzhe Bian
  • Dao Zhou
  • Per Ola Kristensson

SwiVRChair: A Motorized Swivel Chair to Nudge Users’ Orientation for 360 Degree Storytelling in Virtual Reality

  • Jan Gugenheimer
  • Dennis Wolf
  • Gabriel Haas
  • Sebastian Krebs
  • Enrico Rukzio

SESSION: Gamification

Personality-targeted Gamification: A Survey Study on Personality Traits and Motivational Affordances

  • Yuan Jia
  • Bin Xu
  • Yamini Karanam
  • Stephen Voida

Gamer Style: Performance Factors in Gamified Simulation

  • Surabhi Gupta
  • Tim Coles
  • Cedric Dumas
  • Simon J. McBride
  • DanaKai Bradford

“Don’t Whip Me With Your Games”: Investigating “Bottom-Up” Gamification

  • Pascal Lessel
  • Maximilian Altmeyer
  • Marc Müller
  • Christian Wolff
  • Antonio Krüger

‘Choose a Game’: Creation and Evaluation of a Prototype Tool to Support Therapists in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

  • Cynthia Putnam
  • Jinghui Cheng
  • Feng Lin
  • Sai Yalla
  • Stephanie Wu

SESSION: Displays and Shared Interactions

Negotiating for Space?: Collaborative Work Using a Wall Display with Mouse and Touch Input

  • Mikkel R. Jakobsen
  • Kasper Hornbæk

An Actionable Approach to Understand Group Experience in Complex, Multi-surface Spaces

  • Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
  • Peter Goodyear
  • Judy Kay
  • Kate Thompson
  • Lucila Carvalho

Shared Interaction on a Wall-Sized Display in a Data Manipulation Task

  • Can Liu
  • Olivier Chapuis
  • Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
  • Eric Lecolinet

Creating Your Bubble: Personal Space On and Around Large Public Displays

  • James R. Wallace
  • Nancy Iskander
  • Edward Lank

Gaze-based Notetaking for Learning from Lecture Videos

  • Cuong Nguyen
  • Feng Liu

SESSION: Mental Health in Technology Design and Social Media

Discovering Shifts to Suicidal Ideation from Mental Health Content in Social Media

  • Munmun De Choudhury
  • Emre Kiciman
  • Mark Dredze
  • Glen Coppersmith
  • Mrinal Kumar

Recovery Amid Pro-Anorexia: Analysis of Recovery in Social Media

  • Stevie Chancellor
  • Tanushree Mitra
  • Munmun De Choudhury

Health Technologies ‘In the Wild’: Experiences of Engagement with Computerised CBT

  • Stefan Rennick-Egglestone
  • Sarah Knowles
  • Gill Toms
  • Penny Bee
  • Karina Lovell
  • Peter Bower

Challenges for Designing new Technology for Health and Wellbeing in a Complex Mental Healthcare Context

  • Anja Thieme
  • John McCarthy
  • Paula Johnson
  • Stephanie Phillips
  • Jayne Wallace
  • Siân Lindley
  • Karim Ladha
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Diana Nowacka
  • Ashur Rafiev
  • Cassim Ladha
  • Thomas Nappey
  • Mathew Kipling
  • Peter Wright
  • Thomas D. Meyer
  • Patrick Olivier

SESSION: Visual Impairment and Technology

Haptic Wave: A Cross-Modal Interface for Visually Impaired Audio Producers

  • Atau Tanaka
  • Adam Parkinson

“I Always Wanted to See the Night Sky”: Blind User Preferences for Sensory Substitution Devices

  • Giles Hamilton-Fletcher
  • Marianna Obrist
  • Phil Watten
  • Michele Mengucci
  • Jamie Ward

Linespace: A Sensemaking Platform for the Blind

  • Saiganesh Swaminathan
  • Thijs Roumen
  • Robert Kovacs
  • David Stangl
  • Stefanie Mueller
  • Patrick Baudisch

Tangible Reels: Construction and Exploration of Tangible Maps by Visually Impaired Users

  • Julie Ducasse
  • Marc J-M Macé
  • Marcos Serrano
  • Christophe Jouffrais

SESSION: What lies beyond? Design and Infrastructure through a Critical Lens

Breaking Down While Building Up: Design and Decline in Emerging Infrastructures

  • Stephanie B. Steinhardt

Logistics as Care and Control: An Investigation into the UNICEF Supply Division

  • Margaret Jack
  • Steven J. Jackson

The Ins and Outs of HCI for Development

  • Nicola Dell
  • Neha Kumar

Design(ing) ‘Here’ and ‘There’: Tech Entrepreneurs, Global Markets, and Reflexivity in Design Processes

  • Seyram Avle
  • Silvia Lindtner

SESSION: Design, Labour and the Invisible Perils of Crowdsourcing

“Why would anybody do this?”: Understanding Older Adults’ Motivations and Challenges in Crowd Work

  • Robin Brewer
  • Meredith Ringel Morris
  • Anne Marie Piper

The Knowledge Accelerator: Big Picture Thinking in Small Pieces

  • Nathan Hahn
  • Joseph Chang
  • Ji Eun Kim
  • Aniket Kittur

Taking a HIT: Designing around Rejection, Mistrust, Risk, and Workers’ Experiences in Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Brian McInnis
  • Dan Cosley
  • Chaebong Nam
  • Gilly Leshed

SESSION: HCI and Physiological Interactions

Framework for Electroencephalography-based Evaluation of User Experience

  • Jérémy Frey
  • Maxime Daniel
  • Julien Castet
  • Martin Hachet
  • Fabien Lotte

Intelligent Agents and Networked Buttons Improve Free-Improvised Ensemble Music-Making on Touch-Screens

  • Charles Martin
  • Henry Gardner
  • Ben Swift
  • Michael Martin

SESSION: In-Air Gesture

M.Gesture: An Acceleration-Based Gesture Authoring System on Multiple Handheld and Wearable Devices

  • Ju-Whan Kim
  • Han-Jong Kim
  • Tek-Jin Nam

Do That, There: An Interaction Technique for Addressing In-Air Gesture Systems

  • Euan Freeman
  • Stephen Brewster
  • Vuokko Lantz

EMPress: Practical Hand Gesture Classification with Wrist-Mounted EMG and Pressure Sensing

  • Jess McIntosh
  • Charlie McNeill
  • Mike Fraser
  • Frederic Kerber
  • Markus Löchtefeld
  • Antonio Krüger

Skeletons and Silhouettes: Comparing User Representations at a Gesture-based Large Display

  • Christopher Ackad
  • Martin Tomitsch
  • Judy Kay

Proactive Sensing for Improving Hand Pose Estimation

  • Dun-Yu Hsiao
  • Min Sun
  • Christy Ballweber
  • Seth Cooper
  • Zoran Popović

SESSION: Curation and Algorithms

First I “like” it, then I hide it: Folk Theories of Social Feeds

  • Motahhare Eslami
  • Karrie Karahalios
  • Christian Sandvig
  • Kristen Vaccaro
  • Aimee Rickman
  • Kevin Hamilton
  • Alex Kirlik

Accounting for Taste: Ranking Curators and Content in Social Networks

  • Haizi Yu
  • Biplab Deka
  • Jerry O. Talton
  • Ranjitha Kumar

How Much Information?: Effects of Transparency on Trust in an Algorithmic Interface

  • René F. Kizilcec

Communities Found by Users — not Algorithms: Comparing Human and Algorithmically Generated Communities

  • Alexandra Lee
  • Daniel Archambault

Hashtag Drift: Tracing the Evolving Uses of Political Hashtags Over Time

  • Kyle Booten

SESSION: Contextual Awareness

The Impact of the Encoding View in Location-Based Reminders: Improving Prospective Remembering

  • Yao Wang
  • Mark Schlager
  • Manuel Pérez-Quinones

Technology and the Politics of Mobility: Evidence Generation in Accessible Transport Activism

  • Sunil Rodger
  • John Vines
  • Janice McLaughlin

Supporting Opportunities for Context-Aware Social Matching: An Experience Sampling Study

  • Julia M. Mayer
  • Starr Roxanne Hiltz
  • Louise Barkhuus
  • Kaisa Väänänen
  • Quentin Jones

Helping Computers Understand Geographically-Bound Activity Restrictions

  • Marcus Soll
  • Philipp Naumann
  • Johannes Schöning
  • Pavel Samsonov
  • Brent Hecht

SESSION: Distance Still Matters

RAMPARTS: Supporting Sensemaking with Spatially-Aware Mobile Interactions

  • Paweł Wozniak
  • Nitesh Goyal
  • Przemysław Kucharski
  • Lars Lischke
  • Sven Mayer
  • Morten Fjeld

Far but Near or Near but Far?: The Effects of Perceived Distance on the Relationship between Geographic Dispersion and Perceived Diversity

  • Lionel P. Robert

Ritual Machines I & II: Making Technology at Home

  • David S. Kirk
  • David Chatting
  • Paulina Yurman
  • Jo-Anne Bichard

Office Social: Presentation Interactivity for Nearby Devices

  • Debaleena Chattopadhyay
  • Kenton O’Hara
  • Sean Rintel
  • Roman Rädle

Gazed and Confused: Understanding and Designing Shared Gaze for Remote Collaboration

  • Sarah D’Angelo
  • Darren Gergle

SESSION: Enabling End-Users and Designers

Using and Exploring Hierarchical Data in Spreadsheets

  • Kerry Shih-Ping Chang
  • Brad A. Myers

Airways: Optimization-Based Planning of Quadrotor Trajectories according to High-Level User Goals

  • Christoph Gebhardt
  • Benjamin Hepp
  • Tobias Nägeli
  • Stefan Stevšić
  • Otmar Hilliges

SelPh: Progressive Learning and Support of Manual Photo Color Enhancement

  • Yuki Koyama
  • Daisuke Sakamoto
  • Takeo Igarashi

A Live, Multiple-Representation Probabilistic Programming Environment for Novices

  • Maria I. Gorinova
  • Advait Sarkar
  • Alan F. Blackwell
  • Don Syme

SESSION: Interventions to Design Theory

Dynamics, Multiplicity and Conceptual Blends in HCI

  • Susanne Bødker
  • Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose

From Research Prototype to Research Product

  • William Odom
  • Ron Wakkary
  • Youn-kyung Lim
  • Audrey Desjardins
  • Bart Hengeveld
  • Richard Banks

Designing Media Architecture: Tools and Approaches for Addressing the Main Design Challenges

  • Peter Dalsgaard
  • Kim Halskov
  • Alexander Wiethoff

SESSION: HCI and Gender

An Archive of Their Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design

  • Casey Fiesler
  • Shannon Morrison
  • Amy S. Bruckman

Finding Gender-Inclusiveness Software Issues with GenderMag: A Field Investigation

  • Margaret Burnett
  • Anicia Peters
  • Charles Hill
  • Noha Elarief

HCI and Intimate Care as an Agenda for Change in Women’s Health

  • Teresa Almeida
  • Rob Comber
  • Madeline Balaam

A Feminist HCI Approach to Designing Postpartum Technologies: “When I first saw a breast pump I was wondering if it was a joke”

  • Catherine D’Ignazio
  • Alexis Hope
  • Becky Michelson
  • Robyn Churchill
  • Ethan Zuckerman

SESSION: Complex Tasks and Learning in Crowdsourcing

Toward a Learning Science for Complex Crowdsourcing Tasks

  • Shayan Doroudi
  • Ece Kamar
  • Emma Brunskill
  • Eric Horvitz

Learning From the Crowd: Observational Learning in Crowdsourcing Communities

  • Lena Mamykina
  • Thomas N. Smyth
  • Jill P. Dimond
  • Krzysztof Z. Gajos

Atelier: Repurposing Expert Crowdsourcing Tasks as Micro-internships

  • Ryo Suzuki
  • Niloufar Salehi
  • Michelle S. Lam
  • Juan C. Marroquin
  • Michael S. Bernstein

Supporting Collaborative Writing with Microtasks

  • Jaime Teevan
  • Shamsi T. Iqbal
  • Curtis von Veh

SESSION: Game and Design

Designing Brutal Multiplayer Video Games

  • Joe Marshall
  • Conor Linehan
  • Adrian Hazzard

Thighrim and Calf-Life: A Study of the Conversion of Off-the-Shelf Video Games into Exergames

  • Mallory Ketcheson
  • Luke Walker
  • T.C. Nicholas Graham

SESSION: Crowdsourcing and Creation: Large-scale Ideas and Content Production

Enabling Designers to Foresee Which Colors Users Cannot See

  • Katharina Reinecke
  • David R. Flatla
  • Christopher Brooks

Scaffolding Community Documentary Film Making using Commissioning Templates

  • Tom Bartindale
  • Guy Schofield
  • Peter Wright

Comparing Different Sensemaking Approaches for Large-Scale Ideation

  • Joel Chan
  • Steven Dang
  • Steven P. Dow

Improving Comprehension of Numbers in the News

  • Pablo J. Barrio
  • Daniel G. Goldstein
  • Jake M. Hofman

SESSION: Embodied Interaction

Sketching Shape-changing Interfaces: Exploring Vocabulary, Metaphors Use, and Affordances

  • Majken K. Rasmussen
  • Giovanni M. Troiano
  • Marianne G. Petersen
  • Jakob G. Simonsen
  • Kasper Hornbæk

Understanding Affordance, System State, and Feedback in Shape-Changing Buttons

  • John Tiab
  • Kasper Hornbæk

Materiable: Rendering Dynamic Material Properties in Response to Direct Physical Touch with Shape Changing Interfaces

  • Ken Nakagaki
  • Luke Vink
  • Jared Counts
  • Daniel Windham
  • Daniel Leithinger
  • Sean Follmer
  • Hiroshi Ishii

High-Low Split: Divergent Cognitive Construal Levels Triggered by Digital and Non-digital Platforms

  • Geoff Kaufman
  • Mary Flanagan

ShapeCanvas: An Exploration of Shape-Changing Content Generation by Members of the Public

  • Aluna Everitt
  • Faisal Taher
  • Jason Alexander

SESSION: Big Data and Local Society

Finding the Way to OSM Mapping Practices: Bounding Large Crisis Datasets for Qualitative Investigation

  • Marina Kogan
  • Jennings Anderson
  • Leysia Palen
  • Kenneth M. Anderson
  • Robert Soden

Infrastructure in the Wild: What Mapping in Post-Earthquake Nepal Reveals about Infrastructural Emergence

  • Robert Soden
  • Leysia Palen

Why and How Traffic Safety Cultures Matter when Designing Advisory Traffic Information Systems

  • MinJuan Wang
  • Sus Lundgren Lyckvi
  • Fang Chen

It’s Just My History Isn’t It?: Understanding Smart Journaling Practices

  • Chris Elsden
  • Abigail C. Durrant
  • David S. Kirk

SESSION: Touch Interaction

Expressy: Using a Wrist-worn Inertial Measurement Unit to Add Expressiveness to Touch-based Interactions

  • Gerard Wilkinson
  • Ahmed Kharrufa
  • Jonathan Hook
  • Bradley Pursglove
  • Gavin Wood
  • Hendrik Haeuser
  • Nils Y. Hammerla
  • Steve Hodges
  • Patrick Olivier

Partially-indirect Bimanual Input with Gaze, Pen, and Touch for Pan, Zoom, and Ink Interaction

  • Ken Pfeuffer
  • Jason Alexander
  • Hans Gellersen

Hammer Time!: A Low-Cost, High Precision, High Accuracy Tool to Measure the Latency of Touchscreen Devices

  • Jonathan Deber
  • Bruno Araujo
  • Ricardo Jota
  • Clifton Forlines
  • Darren Leigh
  • Steven Sanders
  • Daniel Wigdor

Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction

  • Ken Hinckley
  • Seongkook Heo
  • Michel Pahud
  • Christian Holz
  • Hrvoje Benko
  • Abigail Sellen
  • Richard Banks
  • Kenton O’Hara
  • Gavin Smyth
  • William Buxton

SESSION: Managing Design for Life Disruptions

Transition Resilience with ICTs: ‘Identity Awareness’ in Veteran Re-Integration

  • Bryan C. Semaan
  • Lauren M. Britton
  • Bryan Dosono

Digital Footprints and Changing Networks During Online Identity Transitions

  • Oliver L. Haimson
  • Jed R. Brubaker
  • Lynn Dombrowski
  • Gillian R. Hayes

Legacy Contact: Designing and Implementing Post-mortem Stewardship at Facebook

  • Jed R. Brubaker
  • Vanessa Callison-Burch

“PS. I Love You”: Understanding the Impact of Posthumous Digital Messages

  • Sue Jamison-Powell
  • Pam Briggs
  • Shaun Lawson
  • Conor Linehan
  • Karen Windle
  • Harriet Gross

SESSION: Civic Tech, Participation and Society

Data and the City

  • Donald McMillan
  • Arvid Engström
  • Airi Lampinen
  • Barry Brown

Reflections on Deploying Distributed Consultation Technologies with Community Organisations

  • Ian G. Johnson
  • John Vines
  • Nick Taylor
  • Edward Jenkins
  • Justin Marshall

Re-Making Places: HCI, ‘Community Building’ and Change

  • Clara Crivellaro
  • Alex Taylor
  • Vasillis Vlachokyriakos
  • Rob Comber
  • Bettina Nissen
  • Peter Wright

Data, Design and Civics: An Exploratory Study of Civic Tech

  • Kirsten Boehner
  • Carl DiSalvo

SESSION: Players’ Motivations in Games

Fostering Intrinsic Motivation through Avatar Identification in Digital Games

  • Max V. Birk
  • Cheralyn Atkins
  • Jason T. Bowey
  • Regan L. Mandryk

Negative Emotion, Positive Experience?: Emotionally Moving Moments in Digital Games

  • Julia Ayumi Bopp
  • Elisa D. Mekler
  • Klaus Opwis

The Effects of Social Exclusion on Play Experience and Hostile Cognitions in Digital Games

  • Max V. Birk
  • Benjamin Buttlar
  • Jason T. Bowey
  • Susanne Poeller
  • Shelby C. Thomson
  • Nicola Baumann
  • Regan L. Mandryk

Designing Closeness to Increase Gamers’ Performance

  • Lucas Colusso
  • Gary Hsieh
  • Sean A. Munson

SESSION: Workplace Social Performance

What is Your Organization ‘Like’?: A Study of Liking Activity in the Enterprise

  • Ido Guy
  • Inbal Ronen
  • Naama Zwerdling
  • Irena Zuyev-Grabovitch
  • Michal Jacovi

Find an Expert: Designing Expert Selection Interfaces for Formal Help-Giving

  • Sharoda A. Paul

The Role of ICT in Office Work Breaks

  • Anya Skatova
  • Ben Bedwell
  • Victoria Shipp
  • Yitong Huang
  • Alexandra Young
  • Tom Rodden
  • Emma Bertenshaw

Let’s Stitch Me and You Together!: Designing a Photo Co-creation Activity to Stimulate Playfulness in the Workplace

  • Di Lu
  • Casey Dugan
  • Rosta Farzan
  • Werner Geyer

SESSION: Patients’ Participation in Online and Offline Settings

The Quantified Patient in the Doctor’s Office: Challenges & Opportunities

  • Peter West
  • Richard Giordano
  • Max Van Kleek
  • Nigel Shadbolt

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Designing for Patient Participation in Audiological Consultations

  • Yngve Dahl
  • Geir Kjetil Hanssen

Who’s the Doctor?: Physicians’ Perception of Internet Informed Patients in India

  • Rajesh Chandwani
  • Vaibhavi Kulkarni

“Not Just a Receiver”: Understanding Patient Behavior in the Hospital Environment

  • Sonali R. Mishra
  • Shefali Haldar
  • Ari H. Pollack
  • Logan Kendall
  • Andrew D. Miller
  • Maher Khelifi
  • Wanda Pratt

SESSION: User Experience and Performance

The Impact of Causal Attributions on System Evaluation in Usability Tests

  • Adelka Niels
  • Sascha R. Guczka
  • Monique Janneck

Personality of Interaction: Expressing Brand Personalities Through Interaction Aesthetics

  • Peter Tolstrup Aagesen
  • Clint Heyer

Somaesthetic Appreciation Design

  • Kristina Höök
  • Martin P. Jonsson
  • Anna Ståhl
  • Johanna Mercurio

SESSION: Microtasks and Crowdsourcing

Chain Reactions: The Impact of Order on Microtask Chains

  • Carrie J. Cai
  • Shamsi T. Iqbal
  • Jaime Teevan

How One Microtask Affects Another

  • Edward Newell
  • Derek Ruths

Embracing Error to Enable Rapid Crowdsourcing

  • Ranjay A. Krishna
  • Kenji Hata
  • Stephanie Chen
  • Joshua Kravitz
  • David A. Shamma
  • Li Fei-Fei
  • Michael S. Bernstein

Alloy: Clustering with Crowds and Computation

  • Joseph Chee Chang
  • Aniket Kittur
  • Nathan Hahn

SESSION: Software and Programming Tools

Towards Providing On-Demand Expert Support for Software Developers

  • Yan Chen
  • Steve Oney
  • Walter S. Lasecki

The Social Side of Software Platform Ecosystems

  • Cleidson R.B. de Souza
  • Fernando Figueira Filho
  • Müller Miranda
  • Renato Pina Ferreira
  • Christoph Treude
  • Leif Singer

Tales of Software Updates: The process of updating software

  • Kami Vaniea
  • Yasmeen Rashidi

Trigger-Action Programming in the Wild: An Analysis of 200,000 IFTTT Recipes

  • Blase Ur
  • Melwyn Pak Yong Ho
  • Stephen Brawner
  • Jiyun Lee
  • Sarah Mennicken
  • Noah Picard
  • Diane Schulze
  • Michael L. Littman

Using Runtime Traces to Improve Documentation and Unit Test Authoring for Dynamic Languages

  • Jan-Peter Krämer
  • Joel Brandt
  • Jan Borchers

SESSION: Did you feel the vibration– Haptic Feedback Everywhere)

Cross-Field Aerial Haptics: Rendering Haptic Feedback in Air with Light and Acoustic Fields

  • Yoichi Ochiai
  • Kota Kumagai
  • Takayuki Hoshi
  • Satoshi Hasegawa
  • Yoshio Hayasaki

HapTurk: Crowdsourcing Affective Ratings of Vibrotactile Icons

  • Oliver S. Schneider
  • Hasti Seifi
  • Salma Kashani
  • Matthew Chun
  • Karon E. MacLean

AmbiVibe: Design and Evaluation of Vibrations for Progress Monitoring

  • Jessica R. Cauchard
  • Janette L. Cheng
  • Thomas Pietrzak
  • James A. Landay

Motion Guidance Sleeve: Guiding the Forearm Rotation through External Artificial Muscles

  • Chia-Yu Chen
  • Yen-Yu Chen
  • Yi-Ju Chung
  • Neng-Hao Yu

GauntLev: A Wearable to Manipulate Free-floating Objects

  • Asier Marzo

SESSION: Designing for Attention and Multitasking

Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Prediction of Visual Attention in Graphical User Interfaces

  • Pingmei Xu
  • Yusuke Sugano
  • Andreas Bulling

Now Check Your Input: Brief Task Lockouts Encourage Checking, Longer Lockouts Encourage Task Switching

  • Sandy J.J. Gould
  • Anna L. Cox
  • Duncan P. Brumby
  • Alice Wickersham

Getting Users’ Attention in Web Apps in Likable, Minimally Annoying Ways

  • Dan Tasse
  • Anupriya Ankolekar
  • Joshua Hailpern

Window Shopping: A Study of Desktop Window Switching

  • Andrew Warr
  • Ed H. Chi
  • Helen Harris
  • Alexander Kuscher
  • Jenn Chen
  • Robert Flack
  • Nicholas Jitkoff

SESSION: Politics on Social Media

Constructing the Visual Online Political Self: An Analysis of Instagram Use by the Scottish Electorate

  • Jamie Mahoney
  • Tom Feltwell
  • Obinna Ajuruchi
  • Shaun Lawson

#Snowden: Understanding Biases Introduced by Behavioral Differences of Opinion Groups on Social Media

  • Q. Vera Liao
  • Wai-Tat Fu
  • Markus Strohmaier

ICT Use by Prominent Activists in Republika Srpska

  • Borislav Tadic
  • Markus Rohde
  • Volker Wulf
  • David Randall

Gender and Ideology in the Spread of Anti-Abortion Policy

  • Amy X. Zhang
  • Scott Counts

SESSION: Gesture Elicitation and Interaction

Between-Subjects Elicitation Studies: Formalization and Tool Support

  • Radu-Daniel Vatavu
  • Jacob O. Wobbrock

User Elicitation on Single-hand Microgestures

  • Edwin Chan
  • Teddy Seyed
  • Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  • Xing-Dong Yang
  • Frank Maurer

PathSync: Multi-User Gestural Interaction with Touchless Rhythmic Path Mimicry

  • Marcus Carter
  • Eduardo Velloso
  • John Downs
  • Abigail Sellen
  • Kenton O’Hara
  • Frank Vetere

Machine Learning of Personal Gesture Variation in Music Conducting

  • Alvaro Sarasua
  • Baptiste Caramiaux
  • Atau Tanaka

Fingers of a Hand Oscillate Together: Phase Syncronisation of Tremor in Hover Touch Sensing

  • John Williamson

SESSION: Supporting Player Performance

The Mimesis Effect: The Effect of Roles on Player Choice in Interactive Narrative Role-Playing Games

  • Ignacio X. Domínguez
  • Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera
  • James K. Vance
  • David L. Roberts

Scaffolding Player Location Awareness through Audio Cues in First-Person Shooters

  • Colby Johanson
  • Regan L. Mandryk

How Disclosing Skill Assistance Affects Play Experience in a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Game

  • Ansgar E. Depping
  • Regan L. Mandryk
  • Chengzhao Li
  • Carl Gutwin
  • Rodrigo Vicencio-Moreira

Using an International Gaming Tournament to Study Individual Differences in MOBA Expertise and Cognitive Skills

  • Justin W. Bonny
  • Lisa M. Castaneda
  • Tom Swanson

SESSION: End-User Programming

Crossed Wires: Investigating the Problems of End-User Developers in a Physical Computing Task

  • Tracey Booth
  • Simone Stumpf
  • Jon Bird
  • Sara Jones

LondonTube: Overcoming Hidden Dependencies in Cloud-Mobile-Web Programming

  • Christopher Scaffidi
  • Andrew Dove
  • Tahmid Nabi

Foraging Among an Overabundance of Similar Variants

  • Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan
  • Sandeep Kaur Kuttal
  • Charles Hill
  • Anita Sarma
  • David Piorkowski
  • Margaret Burnett

Chronicler: Interactive Exploration of Source Code History

  • Moritz Wittenhagen
  • Christian Cherek
  • Jan Borchers

SESSION: Health Support

AugKey: Increasing Foveal Throughput in Eye Typing with Augmented Keys

  • Antonio Diaz-Tula
  • Carlos H. Morimoto

“Counting on the Group”: Reconciling Online and Offline Social Support among Older Informal Caregivers

  • Matthieu Tixier
  • Myriam Lewkowicz

A Sociotechnical Mechanism for Online Support Provision

  • Joshua Introne
  • Bryan Semaan
  • Sean Goggins

HaptiColor: Interpolating Color Information as Haptic Feedback to Assist the Colorblind

  • Marta G. Carcedo
  • Soon Hau Chua
  • Simon Perrault
  • Paweł Wozniak
  • Raj Joshi
  • Mohammad Obaid
  • Morten Fjeld
  • Shengdong Zhao

SESSION: Participating in Well-Being and Family

Shared Language and the Design of Home Healthcare Technology

  • Alison Burrows
  • Rachael Gooberman-Hill
  • David Coyle

Children’s Perspectives on Ethical Issues Surrounding Their Past Involvement on a Participatory Design Team

  • Brenna McNally
  • Mona Leigh Guha
  • Matthew Louis Mauriello
  • Allison Druin

The Evolution of Engagements and Social Bonds During Child-Parent Co-design

  • Jason C. Yip
  • Tamara Clegg
  • June Ahn
  • Judith Odili Uchidiuno
  • Elizabeth Bonsignore
  • Austin Beck
  • Daniel Pauw
  • Kelly Mills

Youth Advocacy in SNAs: Challenges for Addressing Health Disparities

  • Farnaz Irannejad Bisafar
  • Herman Saksono
  • Priscilla Baquerizo
  • Dana Moore
  • Andrea G. Parker

ThoughtCloud: Exploring the Role of Feedback Technologies in Care Organisations

  • Andy Dow
  • John Vines
  • Rob Comber
  • Rob Wilson

SESSION: Input Technology

Make It Big!: The Effect of Font Size and Line Spacing on Online Readability

  • Luz Rello
  • Martin Pielot
  • Mari-Carmen Marcos

Fitts’ Law and the Effects of Input Mapping and Stiffness on Flexible Display Interactions

  • Jesse Burstyn
  • Juan Pablo Carrascal
  • Roel Vertegaal

SESSION: Comprehension through Visualization

Towards Understanding Human Similarity Perception in the Analysis of Large Sets of Scatter Plots

  • Anshul Vikram Pandey
  • Josua Krause
  • Cristian Felix
  • Jeremy Boy
  • Enrico Bertini

Telling Stories about Dynamic Networks with Graph Comics

  • Benjamin Bach
  • Natalie Kerracher
  • Kyle Wm. Hall
  • Sheelagh Carpendale
  • Jessie Kennedy
  • Nathalie Henry Riche

SESSION: Haptic Sensation Meets Screens

Direct Manipulation in Tactile Displays

  • Aakar Gupta
  • Thomas Pietrzak
  • Nicolas Roussel
  • Ravin Balakrishnan

HapThimble: A Wearable Haptic Device towards Usable Virtual Touch Screen

  • Hwan Kim
  • Minhwan Kim
  • Woohun Lee

Haptic Edge Display for Mobile Tactile Interaction

  • Sungjune Jang
  • Lawrence H. Kim
  • Kesler Tanner
  • Hiroshi Ishii
  • Sean Follmer

Tactile Presentation to the Back of a Smartphone with Simultaneous Screen Operation

  • Sugarragchaa Khurelbaatar
  • Yuriko Nakai
  • Ryuta Okazaki
  • Vibol Yem
  • Hiroyuki Kajimoto

SESSION: Smartphone Authentication

Free-Form Gesture Authentication in the Wild

  • Yulong Yang
  • Gradeigh D. Clark
  • Janne Lindqvist
  • Antti Oulasvirta

SnapApp: Reducing Authentication Overhead with a Time-Constrained Fast Unlock Option

  • Daniel Buschek
  • Fabian Hartmann
  • Emanuel von Zezschwitz
  • Alexander De Luca
  • Florian Alt

Do Users’ Perceptions of Password Security Match Reality?

  • Blase Ur
  • Jonathan Bees
  • Sean M. Segreti
  • Lujo Bauer
  • Nicolas Christin
  • Lorrie Faith Cranor

On-Demand Biometrics: Fast Cross-Device Authentication

  • Christian Holz
  • Frank R. Bentley

SESSION: Shape Changing Displays

TableHop: An Actuated Fabric Display Using Transparent Electrodes

  • Deepak Ranjan Sahoo
  • Kasper Hornbæk
  • Sriram Subramanian

An Evaluation of Shape Changes for Conveying Emotions

  • Paul Strohmeier
  • Juan Pablo Carrascal
  • Bernard Cheng
  • Margaret Meban
  • Roel Vertegaal

Emergeables: Deformable Displays for Continuous Eyes-Free Mobile Interaction

  • Simon Robinson
  • Céline Coutrix
  • Jennifer Pearson
  • Juan Rosso
  • Matheus Fernandes Torquato
  • Laurence Nigay
  • Matt Jones

DefSense: Computational Design of Customized Deformable Input Devices

  • Moritz Bächer
  • Benjamin Hepp
  • Fabrizio Pece
  • Paul G. Kry
  • Bernd Bickel
  • Bernhard Thomaszewski
  • Otmar Hilliges

SESSION: Fat Fingers, Small Watches

WatchWriter: Tap and Gesture Typing on a Smartwatch Miniature Keyboard with Statistical Decoding

  • Mitchell Gordon
  • Tom Ouyang
  • Shumin Zhai

Exploring Non-touchscreen Gestures for Smartwatches

  • Shaikh Shawon Arefin Shimon
  • Courtney Lutton
  • Zichun Xu
  • Sarah Morrison-Smith
  • Christina Boucher
  • Jaime Ruiz

WearWrite: Crowd-Assisted Writing from Smartwatches

  • Michael Nebeling
  • Alexandra To
  • Anhong Guo
  • Adrian A. de Freitas
  • Jaime Teevan
  • Steven P. Dow
  • Jeffrey P. Bigham

Serendipity: Finger Gesture Recognition using an Off-the-Shelf Smartwatch

  • Hongyi Wen
  • Julian Ramos Rojas
  • Anind K. Dey

B2B-Swipe: Swipe Gesture for Rectangular Smartwatches from a Bezel to a Bezel

  • Yuki Kubo
  • Buntarou Shizuki
  • Jiro Tanaka

SESSION: Online Communities – Identities and Behaviors

Anonymity, Intimacy and Self-Disclosure in Social Media

  • Xiao Ma
  • Jeff Hancock
  • Mor Naaman

Look Before You Leap: Improving the Users’ Ability to Detect Fraud in Electronic Marketplaces

  • Johannes Sänger
  • Norman Hänsch
  • Brian Glass
  • Zinaida Benenson
  • Robert Landwirth
  • M. Angela Sasse

SESSION: Affording Collective Action in Social Media

Mediating the Undercurrents: Using Social Media to Sustain a Social Movement

  • Yong Ming Kow
  • Yubo Kou
  • Bryan Semaan
  • Waikuen Cheng

Designing Cyberbullying Mitigation and Prevention Solutions through Participatory Design With Teenagers

  • Zahra Ashktorab
  • Jessica Vitak

Understanding Social Media Disclosures of Sexual Abuse Through the Lenses of Support Seeking and Anonymity

  • Nazanin Andalibi
  • Oliver L. Haimson
  • Munmun De Choudhury
  • Andrea Forte

Dear Diary: Teens Reflect on Their Weekly Online Risk Experiences

  • Pamela Wisniewski
  • Heng Xu
  • Mary Beth Rosson
  • Daniel F. Perkins
  • John M. Carroll

SESSION: Designing New Player Experiences

Contextual Autonomy Support in Video Game Play: A Grounded Theory

  • Sebastian Deterding

Sensation: Measuring the Effects of a Human-to-Human Social Touch Based Controller on the Player Experience

  • Mert Canat
  • Mustafa Ozan Tezcan
  • Celalettin Yurdakul
  • Eran Tiza
  • Buğra Can Sefercik
  • Idil Bostan
  • Oğuz Turan Buruk
  • Tilbe Göksun
  • Oğuzhan Özcan

“I Love All the Bits”: The Materiality of Boardgames

  • Melissa J. Rogerson
  • Martin Gibbs
  • Wally Smith

Destructive Games: Creating Value by Destroying Valuable Physical Objects

  • David Eickhoff
  • Stefanie Mueller
  • Patrick Baudisch

SESSION: Usability and User Burden

Understanding the Relationship between Frustration and the Severity of Usability Problems: What can Psychophysiological Data (Not) Tell Us?

  • Anders Bruun
  • Effie Lai-Chong Law
  • Matthias Heintz
  • Lana H.A. Alkly

Developing and Validating the User Burden Scale: A Tool for Assessing User Burden in Computing Systems

  • Hyewon Suh
  • Nina Shahriaree
  • Eric B. Hekler
  • Julie A. Kientz

COGCAM: Contact-free Measurement of Cognitive Stress During Computer Tasks with a Digital Camera

  • Daniel J. McDuff
  • Javier Hernandez
  • Sarah Gontarek
  • Rosalind W. Picard

When Bad Feels Good: Assistance Failures and Interface Preferences

  • Philip Quinn
  • Andy Cockburn

Using fNIRS in Usability Testing: Understanding the Effect of Web Form Layout on Mental Workload

  • Kristiyan Lukanov
  • Horia A. Maior
  • Max L. Wilson

SESSION: Reflection on UX Design

Stereotypes and Politics: Reflections on Personas

  • Nicola Marsden
  • Maren Haag

Pushing the Limits of Design Fiction: The Case For Fictional Research Papers

  • Joseph Lindley
  • Paul Coulton

“It’s More of a Mindset Than a Method”: UX Practitioners’ Conception of Design Methods

  • Colin M. Gray

Why Design Method Development is Not Always Carried Out as User-Centered Design

  • Gary Dickson
  • Erik Stolterman

SESSION: Display and Visualizations

‘A bit like British Weather, I suppose’: Design and Evaluation of the Temperature Calendar

  • Enrico Costanza
  • Ben Bedwell
  • Michael O. Jewell
  • James Colley
  • Tom Rodden

iVoLVER: Interactive Visual Language for Visualization Extraction and Reconstruction

  • Gonzalo Gabriel Méndez
  • Miguel A. Nacenta
  • Sebastien Vandenheste

SESSION: Reward me! Motivating and Incentivising Crowdsourcing

Novices Who Focused or Experts Who Didn’t?

  • Y. Wayne Wu
  • Brian P. Bailey

Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Makes Crowdwork Better

  • Edith Law
  • Ming Yin
  • Joslin Goh
  • Kevin Chen
  • Michael A. Terry
  • Krzysztof Z. Gajos

Pay It Backward: Per-Task Payments on Crowdsourcing Platforms Reduce Productivity

  • Kazushi Ikeda
  • Michael S. Bernstein

Investigating the Impact of ‘Emphasis Frames’ and Social Loafing on Player Motivation and Performance in a Crowdsourcing Game

  • Geoff Kaufman
  • Mary Flanagan
  • Sukdith Punjasthitkul

SESSION: Making Interfaces Work for Each Individual

We Need Numbers!: Heuristic Evaluation during Demonstrations (HED) for Measuring Usability in IT System Procurement

  • Mari Tyllinen
  • Johanna Kaipio
  • Tinja Lääveri
  • Marko H.T. Nieminen

Interface Design Optimization as a Multi-Armed Bandit Problem

  • J. Derek Lomas
  • Jodi Forlizzi
  • Nikhil Poonwala
  • Nirmal Patel
  • Sharan Shodhan
  • Kishan Patel
  • Ken Koedinger
  • Emma Brunskill

Anchored Customization: Anchoring Settings to the Application Interface to Afford Customization

  • Antoine Ponsard
  • Joanna McGrenere

Heterogeneity in Customization of Recommender Systems By Users with Homogenous Preferences

  • Jacob Solomon

SESSION: Everyday Objects as Interaction Surfaces

TouchTokens: Guiding Touch Patterns with Passive Tokens

  • Rafael Morales González
  • Caroline Appert
  • Gilles Bailly
  • Emmanuel Pietriga

Designing a Willing-to-Use-in-Public Hand Gestural Interaction Technique for Smart Glasses

  • Yi-Ta Hsieh
  • Antti Jylhä
  • Valeria Orso
  • Luciano Gamberini
  • Giulio Jacucci

Project Jacquard: Interactive Digital Textiles at Scale

  • Ivan Poupyrev
  • Nan-Wei Gong
  • Shiho Fukuhara
  • Mustafa Emre Karagozler
  • Carsten Schwesig
  • Karen E. Robinson

GaussMarbles: Spherical Magnetic Tangibles for Interacting with Portable Physical Constraints

  • Han-Chih Kuo
  • Rong-Hao Liang
  • Long-Fei Lin
  • Bing-Yu Chen

GaussRFID: Reinventing Physical Toys Using Magnetic RFID Development Kits

  • Rong-Hao Liang
  • Han-Chih Kuo
  • Bing-Yu Chen

SESSION: Fingers and Technology

The Flat Finger: Exploring Area Touches on Smartwatches

  • Ian Oakley
  • Carina Lindahl
  • Khanh Le
  • DoYoung Lee
  • MD. Rasel Islam

The Performance and Preference of Different Fingers and Chords for Pointing, Dragging, and Object Transformation

  • Alix Goguey
  • Mathieu Nancel
  • Géry Casiez
  • Daniel Vogel

How We Type: Movement Strategies and Performance in Everyday Typing

  • Anna Maria Feit
  • Daryl Weir
  • Antti Oulasvirta

Finger-Aware Shortcuts

  • Jingjie Zheng
  • Daniel Vogel

SESSION: Privacy over Time and Relationships

Autonomous and Interdependent: Collaborative Privacy Management on Social Networking Sites

  • Haiyan Jia
  • Heng Xu

“We’re on the Same Page”: A Usability Study of Secure Email Using Pairs of Novice Users

  • Scott Ruoti
  • Jeff Andersen
  • Scott Heidbrink
  • Mark O’Neill
  • Elham Vaziripour
  • Justin Wu
  • Daniel Zappala
  • Kent Seamons

Enhancing Lifelogging Privacy by Detecting Screens

  • Mohammed Korayem
  • Robert Templeman
  • Dennis Chen
  • David Crandall
  • Apu Kapadia

Sharing Steps in the Workplace: Changing Privacy Concerns Over Time

  • Nanna Gorm
  • Irina Shklovski

You Can’t Watch This!: Privacy-Respectful Photo Browsing on Smartphones

  • Emanuel von Zezschwitz
  • Sigrid Ebbinghaus
  • Heinrich Hussmann
  • Alexander De Luca

SESSION: Supporting Player Social Experiences

Revisiting Computer-Mediated Intimacy: In-Game Marriage and Dyadic Gameplay in Audition

  • Guo Freeman
  • Jeffrey Bardzell
  • Shaowen Bardzell

Ping to Win?: Non-Verbal Communication and Team Performance in Competitive Online Multiplayer Games

  • Alex Leavitt
  • Brian C. Keegan
  • Joshua Clark

The Proficiency-Congruency Dilemma: Virtual Team Design and Performance in Multiplayer Online Games

  • Jooyeon Kim
  • Brian C. Keegan
  • Sungjoon Park
  • Alice Oh

Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Player Mobile Game for Icebreaking Activity

  • Pradthana Jarusriboonchai
  • Aris Malapaschas
  • Thomas Olsson

SESSION: How Does It Look? Evaluating Visual Design

An EEG-based Approach for Evaluating Graphic Icons from the Perspective of Semantic Distance

  • Fu-Yin Cherng
  • Wen-Chieh Lin
  • Jung-Tai King
  • Yi-Chen Lee

Aesthetic Appeal and Visual Usability in Four Icon Design Eras

  • Johanna M. Silvennoinen
  • Jussi P.P. Jokinen

The Effect of Thermal Stimuli on the Emotional Perception of Images

  • Moses Akazue
  • Martin Halvey
  • Lynne Baillie
  • Stephen Brewster

Using Crowd Sourcing to Measure the Effects of System Response Delays on User Engagement

  • Brandon Taylor
  • Anind K. Dey
  • Daniel Siewiorek
  • Asim Smailagic

SESSION: Participatory Design (PD) and Applications

Multi-lifespan Design Thinking: Two Methods and a Case Study with the Rwandan Diaspora

  • Daisy Yoo
  • Katie Derthick
  • Shaghayegh Ghassemian
  • Jean Hakizimana
  • Brian Gill
  • Batya Friedman

Participation Gestalt: Analysing Participatory Qualities of Interaction in Public Space

  • Peter Dalsgaard
  • Kim Halskov
  • Ole Sejer Iversen

Designing Movement-based Play With Young People Using Powered Wheelchairs

  • Kathrin Gerling
  • Kieran Hicks
  • Michael Kalyn
  • Adam Evans
  • Conor Linehan

Participatory Design through a Learning Science Lens

  • Betsy DiSalvo

SESSION: Health Support & Management

Speeching: Mobile Crowdsourced Speech Assessment to Support Self-Monitoring and Management for People with Parkinson’s

  • Róisín McNaney
  • Mohammad Othman
  • Dan Richardson
  • Paul Dunphy
  • Telmo Amaral
  • Nick Miller
  • Helen Stringer
  • Patrick Olivier
  • John Vines

Investigating the Heart Pump Implant Decision Process: Opportunities for Decision Support Tools to Help

  • Qian Yang
  • John Zimmerman
  • Aaron Steinfeld
  • Lisa Carey
  • James F. Antaki

Finding Significant Stress Episodes in a Discontinuous Time Series of Rapidly Varying Mobile Sensor Data

  • Hillol Sarker
  • Matthew Tyburski
  • Md Mahbubur Rahman
  • Karen Hovsepian
  • Moushumi Sharmin
  • David H. Epstein
  • Kenzie L. Preston
  • C. Debra Furr-Holden
  • Adam Milam
  • Inbal Nahum-Shani
  • Mustafa al’Absi
  • Santosh Kumar

Designing Guidelines for Mobile Health Technology: Managing Notification Interruptions in the ICU

  • Preethi Srinivas
  • Anthony Faiola
  • Gloria Mark

SESSION: UX and Usability Methods

Momentary Pleasure or Lasting Meaning?: Distinguishing Eudaimonic and Hedonic User Experiences

  • Elisa D. Mekler
  • Kasper Hornbæk

Researcher-Centered Design of Statistics: Why Bayesian Statistics Better Fit the Culture and Incentives of HCI

  • Matthew Kay
  • Gregory L. Nelson
  • Eric B. Hekler

Utilizing Employees as Usability Participants: Exploring When and When Not to Leverage Your Coworkers

  • Joanne Locascio
  • Rushil Khurana
  • Yan He
  • Jofish Kaye

SESSION: Backstage of Crowdsourcing Legitimacy, Performance and Crowd Support

The Power of Collective Endorsements: Credibility Factors in Medical Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • Jennifer G. Kim
  • Ha Kyung Kong
  • Karrie Karahalios
  • Wai-Tat Fu
  • Hwajung Hong

Legitimacy Work: Invisible Work in Philanthropic Crowdfunding

  • Katie G. Tanaka
  • Amy Voida

Extracting Heart Rate from Videos of Online Participants

  • Thomas Muender
  • Matthew K. Miller
  • Max V. Birk
  • Regan L. Mandryk

Highly Successful Projects Inhibit Coordination on Crowdfunding Sites

  • Jacob Solomon
  • Wenjuan Ma
  • Rick Wash

Stories We Tell About Labor: Turkopticon and the Trouble with “Design”

  • Lilly C. Irani
  • M. Six Silberman

SESSION: Expressive HCI

Storeoboard: Sketching Stereoscopic Storyboards

  • Rorik Henrikson
  • Bruno De Araujo
  • Fanny Chevalier
  • Karan Singh
  • Ravin Balakrishnan

Skuid: Sketching Dynamic Illustrations Using the Principles of 2D Animation

  • Rubaiat Habib Kazi
  • Tovi Grossman
  • Nobuyuki Umetani
  • George Fitzmaurice

Object-Oriented Drawing

  • Haijun Xia
  • Bruno Araujo
  • Tovi Grossman
  • Daniel Wigdor

SESSION: Search and Discovery

Pick me!: Getting Noticed on Google Play

  • Aliaksei Miniukovich
  • Antonella De Angeli

Diving in at the Deep End: The Value of Alternative In-Situ Approaches for Systematic Library Search

  • Uta Hinrichs
  • Simon Butscher
  • Jens Müller
  • Harald Reiterer

Empath: Understanding Topic Signals in Large-Scale Text

  • Ethan Fast
  • Binbin Chen
  • Michael S. Bernstein

Peek-a-View: Smartphone Cover Interaction for Multi-Tasking

  • Koeun Choi
  • Hyunjoo Song
  • Kyle Koh
  • Jinwook Bok
  • Jinwook Seo

SESSION: Interaction with Small Displays

Faster Command Selection on Touchscreen Watches

  • Benjamin Lafreniere
  • Carl Gutwin
  • Andy Cockburn
  • Tovi Grossman

Doppio: A Reconfigurable Dual-Face Smartwatch for Tangible Interaction

  • Teddy Seyed
  • Xing-Dong Yang
  • Daniel Vogel

Supporting Transitions to Expertise in Hidden Toolbars

  • Katherine Schramm
  • Carl Gutwin
  • Andy Cockburn

Investigating Effects of Post-Selection Feedback for Acquiring Ultra-Small Targets on Touchscreen

  • Chun Yu
  • Hongyi Wen
  • Wei Xiong
  • Xiaojun Bi
  • Yuanchun Shi

SESSION: How can Smartphones Fit Our Lives?

A Systematic Assessment of Smartphone Usage Gaps

  • Niels van Berkel
  • Chu Luo
  • Theodoros Anagnostopoulos
  • Denzil Ferreira
  • Jorge Goncalves
  • Simo Hosio
  • Vassilis Kostakos

Journeys & Notes: Designing Social Computing for Non-Places

  • Justin Cranshaw
  • Andrés Monroy-Hernández
  • S.A. Needham

PowerShake: Power Transfer Interactions for Mobile Devices

  • Paul Worgan
  • Jarrod Knibbe
  • Mike Fraser
  • Diego Martinez Plasencia

MyTime: Designing and Evaluating an Intervention for Smartphone Non-Use

  • Alexis Hiniker
  • Sungsoo (Ray) Hong
  • Tadayoshi Kohno
  • Julie A. Kientz

SESSION: Video Sharing

Motives and Concerns of Dashcam Video Sharing

  • Sangkeun Park
  • Joohyun Kim
  • Rabeb Mizouni
  • Uichin Lee

Meerkat and Periscope: I Stream, You Stream, Apps Stream for Live Streams

  • John C. Tang
  • Gina Venolia
  • Kori M. Inkpen

The Tyranny of the Everyday in Mobile Video Messaging

  • Sean Rintel
  • Richard Harper
  • Kenton O’Hara

Impact of Video Summary Viewing on Episodic Memory Recall: Design Guidelines for Video Summarizations

  • Huy Viet Le
  • Sarah Clinch
  • Corina Sas
  • Tilman Dingler
  • Niels Henze
  • Nigel Davies

SESSION: Privacy and Security Interfaces

The Anatomy of Smartphone Unlocking: A Field Study of Android Lock Screens

  • Marian Harbach
  • Alexander De Luca
  • Serge Egelman

On Multiple Password Interference of Touch Screen Patterns and Text Passwords

  • Weizhi Meng
  • Wenjuan Li
  • Lijun Jiang
  • Liying Meng

Keep on Lockin’ in the Free World: A Multi-National Comparison of Smartphone Locking

  • Marian Harbach
  • Alexander De Luca
  • Nathan Malkin
  • Serge Egelman

SESSION: Detecting User Emotion

AniSAM & AniAvatar: Animated Visualizations of Affective States

  • Andreas Sonderegger
  • Klaus Heyden
  • Alain Chavaillaz
  • Juergen Sauer

Hot Under the Collar: Mapping Thermal Feedback to Dimensional Models of Emotion

  • Graham Wilson
  • Dobromir Dobrev
  • Stephen A. Brewster

UX Heatmaps: Mapping User Experience on Visual Interfaces

  • Vanessa Georges
  • François Courtemanche
  • Sylvain Senecal
  • Thierry Baccino
  • Marc Fredette
  • Pierre-Majorique Leger

SESSION: Diverse Disabilities and Technological Support

Universal Design Ballot Interfaces on Voting Performance and Satisfaction of Voters with and without Vision Loss

  • Seunghyun “Tina” Lee
  • Yilin Elaine Liu
  • Ljilja Ruzic
  • Jon Sanford

SayWAT: Augmenting Face-to-Face Conversations for Adults with Autism

  • LouAnne E. Boyd
  • Alejandro Rangel
  • Helen Tomimbang
  • Andrea Conejo-Toledo
  • Kanika Patel
  • Monica Tentori
  • Gillian R. Hayes

The AT Effect: How Disability Affects the Perceived Social Acceptability of Head-Mounted Display Use

  • Halley Profita
  • Reem Albaghli
  • Leah Findlater
  • Paul Jaeger
  • Shaun K. Kane

Tickers and Talker: An Accessible Labeling Toolkit for 3D Printed Models

  • Lei Shi
  • Idan Zelzer
  • Catherine Feng
  • Shiri Azenkot

SESSION: Robot Personalities

The Effect of Displaying System Confidence Information on the Usage of Autonomous Systems for Non-specialist Applications: A Lab Study

  • Jhim Kiel M. Verame
  • Enrico Costanza
  • Sarvapali D. Ramchurn

Why That Nao?: How Humans Adapt to a Conventional Humanoid Robot in Taking Turns-at-Talk

  • Hannah R.M. Pelikan
  • Mathias Broth

ID-Match: A Hybrid Computer Vision and RFID System for Recognizing Individuals in Groups

  • Hanchuan Li
  • Peijin Zhang
  • Samer Al Moubayed
  • Shwetak N. Patel
  • Alanson P. Sample

Help Me Please: Robot Politeness Strategies for Soliciting Help From Humans

  • Vasant Srinivasan
  • Leila Takayama

SESSION: Problem-solving or not? The Boundaries of HCI Research

HCI Research as Problem-Solving

  • Antti Oulasvirta
  • Kasper Hornbæk

Anti-Solutionist Strategies: Seriously Silly Design Fiction

  • Mark Blythe
  • Kristina Andersen
  • Rachel Clarke
  • Peter Wright

Designing Speculative Civics

  • Carl DiSalvo
  • Tom Jenkins
  • Thomas Lodato

Experimental Systems in Research through Design

  • Peter Dalsgaard

Social Inequality and HCI: The View from Political Economy

  • Hamid Ekbia
  • Bonnie Nardi

SESSION: Visualization Methods and Evaluation

Egocentric Analysis of Dynamic Networks with EgoLines

  • Jian Zhao
  • Michael Glueck
  • Fanny Chevalier
  • Yanhong Wu
  • Azam Khan

ResViz: Politics and Design Issues in Visualizing Academic Metrics

  • Chris Elsden
  • Sebastian Mellor
  • Patrick Olivier
  • Pete Wheldon
  • David Kirk
  • Rob Comber

Evaluating Information Visualization via the Interplay of Heuristic Evaluation and Question-Based Scoring

  • Marti A. Hearst
  • Paul Laskowski
  • Luis Silva

A Comparison of Cooperative and Competitive Visualizations for Co-located Collaboration

  • Sarah Tausch
  • Stephanie Ta
  • Heinrich Hussmann

The Effect of Richer Visualizations on Code Comprehension

  • Dimitar Asenov
  • Otmar Hilliges
  • Peter Müller

SESSION: Transportation and HCI

Peer-to-peer in the Workplace: A View from the Road

  • Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed
  • Nicola J. Bidwell
  • Himanshu Zade
  • Srihari H. Muralidhar
  • Anupama Dhareshwar
  • Baneen Karachiwala
  • Cedrick N. Tandong
  • Jacki O’Neill

A Design Space to Support the Development of Windshield Applications for the Car

  • Renate Haeuslschmid
  • Bastian Pfleging
  • Florian Alt

When (ish) is My Bus?: User-centered Visualizations of Uncertainty in Everyday, Mobile Predictive Systems

  • Matthew Kay
  • Tara Kola
  • Jessica R. Hullman
  • Sean A. Munson

Error Recovery in Multitasking While Driving

  • Ja Young Lee
  • Madeleine C. Gibson
  • John D. Lee

SESSION: Interaction Techniques for Mobile Interfaces

Personalized Compass: A Compact Visualization for Direction and Location

  • Daniel Miau
  • Steven Feiner

SymmetriSense: Enabling Near-Surface Interactivity on Glossy Surfaces using a Single Commodity Smartphone

  • Chungkuk Yoo
  • Inseok Hwang
  • Eric Rozner
  • Yu Gu
  • Robert F. Dickerson

FlexCase: Enhancing Mobile Interaction with a Flexible Sensing and Display Cover

  • Christian Rendl
  • David Kim
  • Patrick Parzer
  • Sean Fanello
  • Martin Zirkl
  • Gregor Scheipl
  • Michael Haller
  • Shahram Izadi

Evaluation of a Smart-Restorable Backspace Technique to Facilitate Text Entry Error Correction

  • Ahmed Sabbir Arif
  • Sunjun Kim
  • Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  • Geehyuk Lee
  • Ali Mazalek

TapBoard 2: Simple and Effective Touchpad-like Interaction on a Multi-Touch Surface Keyboard

  • Sunjun Kim
  • Geehyuk Lee


Building a Personalized, Auto-Calibrating Eye Tracker from User Interactions

  • Michael Xuelin Huang
  • Tiffany C.K. Kwok
  • Grace Ngai
  • Stephen C.F. Chan
  • Hong Va Leong

Can Eye Help You?: Effects of Visualizing Eye Fixations on Remote Collaboration Scenarios for Physical Tasks

  • Keita Higuch
  • Ryo Yonetani
  • Yoichi Sato

Gaze-Contingent Manipulation of Color Perception

  • Michael Mauderer
  • David R. Flatla
  • Miguel A. Nacenta

Spotlights: Attention-Optimized Highlights for Skim Reading

  • Byungjoo Lee
  • Olli Savisaari
  • Antti Oulasvirta

SESSION: Mental Models of Privacy

“If You Put All The Pieces Together…”: Attitudes Towards Data Combination and Sharing Across Services and Companies

  • Igor Bilogrevic
  • Martin Ortlieb

Privacy Personas: Clustering Users via Attitudes and Behaviors toward Security Practices

  • Janna Lynn Dupree
  • Richard Devries
  • Daniel M. Berry
  • Edward Lank

It’s Creepy, But it Doesn’t Bother Me

  • Chanda Phelan
  • Cliff Lampe
  • Paul Resnick

Make it Simple, or Force Users to Read?: Paraphrased Design Improves Comprehension of End User License Agreements

  • T. Franklin Waddell
  • Joshua R. Auriemma
  • S. Shyam Sundar

Behavior Ever Follows Intention?: A Validation of the Security Behavior Intentions Scale (SeBIS)

  • Serge Egelman
  • Marian Harbach
  • Eyal Peer

SESSION: Living in Smart Environments

It is too Hot: An In-Situ Study of Three Designs for Heating

  • Alper T. Alan
  • Mike Shann
  • Enrico Costanza
  • Sarvapali D. Ramchurn
  • Sven Seuken

Living In A Prototype: A Reconfigured Space

  • Audrey Desjardins
  • Ron Wakkary

“Like Having a Really Bad PA”: The Gulf between User Expectation and Experience of Conversational Agents

  • Ewa Luger
  • Abigail Sellen

LivingDesktop: Augmenting Desktop Workstation with Actuated Devices

  • Gilles Bailly
  • Sidharth Sahdev
  • Sylvain Malacria
  • Thomas Pietrzak

SESSION: Design for Health Care

Technological Caregiving: Supporting Online Activity for Adults with Cognitive Impairments

  • Anne Marie Piper
  • Raymundo Cornejo
  • Lisa Hurwitz
  • Caitlin Unumb

Closing the Gap: Supporting Patients’ Transition to Self-Management after Hospitalization

  • Ari H. Pollack
  • Uba Backonja
  • Andrew D. Miller
  • Sonali R. Mishra
  • Maher Khelifi
  • Logan Kendall
  • Wanda Pratt

Care Partnerships: Toward Technology to Support Teens’ Participation in Their Health Care

  • Matthew K. Hong
  • Lauren Wilcox
  • Daniel Machado
  • Thomas A. Olson
  • Stephen F. Simoneaux

SESSION: Representing User Experience

Data-driven Personas: Constructing Archetypal Users with Clickstreams and User Telemetry

  • Xiang Zhang
  • Hans-Frederick Brown
  • Anil Shankar

Evaluating the Paper-to-Screen Translation of Participant-Aided Sociograms with High-Risk Participants

  • Bernie Hogan
  • Joshua R. Melville
  • Gregory Lee Phillips II
  • Patrick Janulis
  • Noshir Contractor
  • Brian S. Mustanski
  • Michelle Birkett

SESSION: Making Music on the Brain

Learn Piano with BACh: An Adaptive Learning Interface that Adjusts Task Difficulty Based on Brain State

  • Beste F. Yuksel
  • Kurt B. Oleson
  • Lane Harrison
  • Evan M. Peck
  • Daniel Afergan
  • Remco Chang
  • Robert JK Jacob

#Scanners: Exploring the Control of Adaptive Films using Brain-Computer Interaction

  • Matthew Pike
  • Richard Ramchurn
  • Steve Benford
  • Max L. Wilson

Inspect, Embody, Invent: A Design Framework for Music Learning and Beyond

  • Xiao Xiao
  • Hiroshi Ishii

SESSION: Natural User Interfaces for InfoVis

TimeFork: Interactive Prediction of Time Series

  • Sriram Karthik Badam
  • Jieqiong Zhao
  • Shivalik Sen
  • Niklas Elmqvist
  • David Ebert

The Effect of Visual Appearance on the Performance of Continuous Sliders and Visual Analogue Scales

  • Justin Matejka
  • Michael Glueck
  • Tovi Grossman
  • George Fitzmaurice

Making Sense of Temporal Queries with Interactive Visualization

  • Leilani Battle
  • Danyel Fisher
  • Robert DeLine
  • Mike Barnett
  • Badrish Chandramouli
  • Jonathan Goldstein

Investigating Time Series Visualisations to Improve the User Experience

  • Muhammad Adnan
  • Mike Just
  • Lynne Baillie

SESSION: Multi-Device Interaction

Smartwatch in vivo

  • Stefania Pizza
  • Barry Brown
  • Donald McMillan
  • Airi Lampinen

When Tablets meet Tabletops: The Effect of Tabletop Size on Around-the-Table Collaboration with Personal Tablets

  • Johannes Zagermann
  • Ulrike Pfeil
  • Roman Rädle
  • Hans-Christian Jetter
  • Clemens Klokmose
  • Harald Reiterer

Enhancing Cross-Device Interaction Scripting with Interactive Illustrations

  • Pei-Yu (Peggy) Chi
  • Yang Li
  • Björn Hartmann

XDBrowser: User-Defined Cross-Device Web Page Designs

  • Michael Nebeling
  • Anind K. Dey

SESSION: Social Media and Health

“With most of it being pictures now, I rarely use it”: Understanding Twitter’s Evolving Accessibility to Blind Users

  • Meredith Ringel Morris
  • Annuska Zolyomi
  • Catherine Yao
  • Sina Bahram
  • Jeffrey P. Bigham
  • Shaun K. Kane

Sleep Debt in Student Life: Online Attention Focus, Facebook, and Mood

  • Gloria Mark
  • Yiran Department of Informatics Wang
  • Melissa Niiya
  • Stephanie Reich

“Tell It Like It Really Is”: A Case of Online Content Creation and Sharing Among Older Adult Bloggers

  • Robin Brewer
  • Anne Marie Piper

Social Media Image Analysis for Public Health

  • Venkata Rama Kiran Garimella
  • Abdulrahman Alfayad
  • Ingmar Weber

It Matters If My Friends Stop Smoking: Social Support for Behavior Change in Social Media

  • Corbin Reno
  • Erika S. Poole

SESSION: Engaging Players in Games

Designing Engaging Games Using Bayesian Optimization

  • Mohammad M. Khajah
  • Brett D. Roads
  • Robert V. Lindsey
  • Yun-En Liu
  • Michael C. Mozer

Operationalising and Evaluating Sub-Optimal and Optimal Play Experiences through Challenge-Skill Manipulation

  • Madison Klarkowski
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Peta Wyeth
  • Mitchell McEwan
  • Cody Phillips
  • Simon Smith

How to Present Game Difficulty Choices?: Exploring the Impact on Player Experience

  • Jan D. Smeddinck
  • Regan L. Mandryk
  • Max V. Birk
  • Kathrin M. Gerling
  • Dietrich Barsilowski
  • Rainer Malaka

Peak-End Effects on Player Experience in Casual Games

  • Carl Gutwin
  • Christianne Rooke
  • Andy Cockburn
  • Regan L. Mandryk
  • Benjamin Lafreniere

SESSION: Food as Method and Inquiry

“My Doctor is Keeping an Eye on Me!”: Exploring the Clinical Applicability of a Mobile Food Logger

  • Yoojung Kim
  • Sookyoung Ji
  • Hyunjeong Lee
  • Jeong-Whun Kim
  • Sooyoung Yoo
  • Joongseek Lee

Crumbs: Lightweight Daily Food Challenges to Promote Engagement and Mindfulness

  • Daniel A. Epstein
  • Felicia Cordeiro
  • James Fogarty
  • Gary Hsieh
  • Sean A. Munson

Evaluation of a Food Portion Size Estimation Interface for a Varying Literacy Population

  • Beenish M. Chaudhry
  • Christopher Schaefbauer
  • Ben Jelen
  • Katie A. Siek
  • Kay Connelly

Examining Unlock Journaling with Diaries and Reminders for In Situ Self-Report in Health and Wellness

  • Xiaoyi Zhang
  • Laura R. Pina
  • James Fogarty

SESSION: Medical Device Sensing

Delineating the Operational Envelope of Mobile and Conventional EDA Sensing on Key Body Locations

  • Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis
  • Malcolm Dcosta
  • Dvijesh Shastri
  • Eswar Prasad
  • Ioannis Pavlidis

SpiroCall: Measuring Lung Function over a Phone Call

  • Mayank Goel
  • Elliot Saba
  • Maia Stiber
  • Eric Whitmire
  • Josh Fromm
  • Eric C. Larson
  • Gaetano Borriello
  • Shwetak N. Patel

Interacting with Predictions: Visual Inspection of Black-box Machine Learning Models

  • Josua Krause
  • Adam Perer
  • Kenney Ng

Musically Informed Sonification for Chronic Pain Rehabilitation: Facilitating Progress & Avoiding Over-Doing

  • Joseph W. Newbold
  • Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze
  • Nicolas E. Gold
  • Ana Tajadura-Jiménez
  • Amanda CdC Williams

KeDiary: Using Mobile Phones to Assist Patients in Recovering from Drug Addiction

  • Chuang-Wen You
  • Ya-Fang Lin
  • Cheng-Yuan Li
  • Yu-Lun Tsai
  • Ming-Chyi Huang
  • Chao-Hui Lee
  • Hao-Chuan Wang
  • Hao-Hua Chu

SESSION: Supporting Information Seeking

The 32 Days of Christmas: Understanding Temporal Intent in Image Search Queries

  • Frank R. Bentley
  • Joseph ‘Jofish’ Kaye
  • David A. Shamma
  • John Alexis Guerra-Gomez

Influence of Content Layout and Motivation on Users’ Herd Behavior in Social Discovery

  • Yanzhen Yue
  • Xiaojuan Ma
  • Zhenhui Jiang

Age-related Differences in the Content of Search Queries when Reformulating

  • Saraschandra Karanam
  • Herre van Oostendorp

SESSION: Designing New Materials and Manufacturing Techniques

Steel-Sense: Integrating Machine Elements with Sensors by Additive Manufacturing

  • Tatyana Vasilevitsky
  • Amit Zoran

xPrint: A Modularized Liquid Printer for Smart Materials Deposition

  • Guanyun Wang
  • Lining Yao
  • Wen Wang
  • Jifei Ou
  • Chin-Yi Cheng
  • Hiroshi Ishii

Cilllia: 3D Printed Micro-Pillar Structures for Surface Texture, Actuation and Sensing

  • Jifei Ou
  • Gershon Dublon
  • Chin-Yi Cheng
  • Felix Heibeck
  • Karl Willis
  • Hiroshi Ishii

Foldem: Heterogeneous Object Fabrication via Selective Ablation of Multi-Material Sheets

  • Varun Perumal C
  • Daniel Wigdor

SESSION: Eye Tracking Applications

A Model Relating Pupil Diameter to Mental Workload and Lighting Conditions

  • Bastian Pfleging
  • Drea K. Fekety
  • Albrecht Schmidt
  • Andrew L. Kun

Pointing while Looking Elsewhere: Designing for Varying Degrees of Visual Guidance during Manual Input

  • Baris Serim
  • Giulio Jacucci

EyeGrip: Detecting Targets in a Series of Uni-directional Moving Objects Using Optokinetic Nystagmus Eye Movements

  • Shahram Jalaliniya
  • Diako Mardanbegi

Eye-Trace: Segmentation of Volumetric Microscopy Images with Eyegaze

  • Thomas Templier
  • Kenan Bektas
  • Richard H.R. Hahnloser

SESSION: Large Display Interaction

The Bicycle Barometer: Design and Evaluation of Cyclist-Specific Interaction for a Public Display

  • Sandy Claes
  • Karin Slegers
  • Andrew Vande Moere

HandMark Menus: Rapid Command Selection and Large Command Sets on Multi-Touch Displays

  • Md. Sami Uddin
  • Carl Gutwin
  • Benjamin Lafreniere

Glowworms and Fireflies: Ambient Light on Large Interactive Surfaces

  • Florian Perteneder
  • Eva-Maria Beatrix Grossauer
  • Joanne Leong
  • Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  • Michael Haller

Off-Limits: Interacting Beyond the Boundaries of Large Displays

  • Anders Markussen
  • Sebastian Boring
  • Mikkel R. Jakobsen
  • Kasper Hornbæk


Pressing Not Tapping: Comparing a Physical Button with a Smartphone App for Tagging Music in Radio Programmes

  • Lianne Kerlin
  • Jasmine Cox
  • Stephen Jolly
  • Michael Evans
  • George Green
  • David Regan

PaperID: A Technique for Drawing Functional Battery-Free Wireless Interfaces on Paper

  • Hanchuan Li
  • Eric Brockmeyer
  • Elizabeth J. Carter
  • Josh Fromm
  • Scott E. Hudson
  • Shwetak N. Patel
  • Alanson Sample

RapID: A Framework for Fabricating Low-Latency Interactive Objects with RFID Tags

  • Andrew Spielberg
  • Alanson Sample
  • Scott E. Hudson
  • Jennifer Mankoff
  • James McCann

Snap-To-It: A User-Inspired Platform for Opportunistic Device Interactions

  • Adrian A. de Freitas
  • Michael Nebeling
  • Xiang ‘Anthony’ Chen
  • Junrui Yang
  • Akshaye Shreenithi Kirupa Karthikeyan Ranithangam
  • Anind K. Dey

SESSION: Smart Homes, Devices and Data

“She’ll just grab any device that’s closer”: A Study of Everyday Device & Account Sharing in Households

  • Tara Matthews
  • Kerwell Liao
  • Anna Turner
  • Marianne Berkovich
  • Robert Reeder
  • Sunny Consolvo

“Just whack it on until it gets hot”: Working with IoT Data in the Home

  • Joel E. Fischer
  • Andy Crabtree
  • Tom Rodden
  • James A. Colley
  • Enrico Costanza
  • Michael O. Jewell
  • Sarvapali D. Ramchurn

Designing for Domestic Memorialization and Remembrance: A Field Study of Fenestra in Japan

  • Daisuke Uriu
  • William Odom

Integrating the Smart Home into the Digital Calendar

  • Sarah Mennicken
  • David Kim
  • Elaine May Huang

SESSION: Seams of Craft, Design and Fabrication

Expanding on Wabi-Sabi as a Design Resource in HCI

  • Vasiliki Tsaknaki
  • Ylva Fernaeus

The Hybrid Bricolage: Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity

  • Tamara Anna Efrat
  • Moran Mizrahi
  • Amit Zoran

ExoSkin: On-Body Fabrication

  • Madeline Gannon
  • Tovi Grossman
  • George Fitzmaurice

Mimetic Machines: Collaborative Interventions in Digital Fabrication with Arc

  • Hidekazu Saegusa
  • Thomas Tran
  • Daniela K. Rosner

SESSION: Body and Fashion

Embodied Sketching

  • Elena Márquez Segura
  • Laia Turmo Vidal
  • Asreen Rostami
  • Annika Waern

“I don’t Want to Wear a Screen”: Probing Perceptions of and Possibilities for Dynamic Displays on Clothing

  • Laura Devendorf
  • Joanne Lo
  • Noura Howell
  • Jung Lin Lee
  • Nan-Wei Gong
  • M. Emre Karagozler
  • Shiho Fukuhara
  • Ivan Poupyrev
  • Eric Paulos
  • Kimiko Ryokai

BeUpright: Posture Correction Using Relational Norm Intervention

  • Jaemyung Shin
  • Bumsoo Kang
  • Taiwoo Park
  • Jina Huh
  • Jinhan Kim
  • Junehwa Song

Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface

  • Sang-won Leigh
  • Pattie Maes

Mirror Mirror: An On-Body T-shirt Design System

  • Daniel Saakes
  • Hui-Shyong Yeo
  • Seung-Tak Noh
  • Gyeol Han
  • Woontack Woo