VC Office Hours

As CHI 2016 comes to Silicon Valley, we decided to bring some of Silicon Valley to CHI as well. As an experimental session, we’re inviting several prominent investors to come and host office hours at CHI. The goal of this session is to allow CHI speakers and presenters to speak 1:1 with investors who have helped build some of the hottest tech companies in the world and have their questions answered and get feedback on the commercial potential of their research. Please note that this is not a venue to pitch investors, but it is a venue to talk about your research, explore the different avenues for commercialization of your research, and get feedback and pointers from investors on what to think about and how to get started.

VC Office Hours will be held on Tuesday. To avail of the VC Office Hours, speakers/presenters should sign-up here in advance.

Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures)
Sean White (Mozilla)