Best of CHI

The SIGCHI “Best of CHI” awards honor exceptional submissions to SIGCHI sponsored conferences.

The CHI Associate Chairs nominated 5% of the Paper and Notes submissions. 69 papers and notes received Honorable Mention, designated by a medallion logo.

bestThe separate Best Papers committee selected the top 1% of total submissions. 20 Papers and Notes received a Best Paper award, designated by a trophy logo.

In addition to the Papers & Notes awards, there are four Best Late Breaking Work awards and ten Honorable Mention Late Breaking Work awards, out of 647 submissions, as well as one Best Case Study and two Honorable Mention Case Studies, out of 105 submissions. These are marked with the medallion and trophy icons in the program. Winners of the Student Competitions are announced in the Keynote sessions. We also have two special award categories: Interactive Art Awards and the Golden Mouse. Congratulations to the 2016 award winners and nominees for their outstanding contributions to CHI 2016 and to our field.

CHI 2016 Best Papers

bestThe Effect of Visual Appearance on the Performance of Continuous Sliders and Visual Analogue Scales

Justin Matejka, Michael Glueck, Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice


bestDesigning Movement-based Play With Young People Using Powered Wheelchairs

Kathrin Gerling, Kieran Hicks, Michael Kalyn, Adam Evans, Conor Linehan


bestObject-Oriented Drawing

Haijun Xia, Bruno Araujo, Tovi Grossman, Daniel Wigdor


bestEnabling Designers to Foresee Which Colors Users Cannot See

Katharina Reinecke, David R Flatla, Christopher Brooks


bestOn Looking at the Vagina through Labella

Teresa Almeida, Rob Comber, Gavin Wood, Dean Saraf, Madeline Balaam


bestProject Jacquard: Manufacturing Digital Textiles at Scale

Ivan Poupyrev, Nan-Wei Gong, Shiho Fukuhara, Mustafa Emre Karagozler, Carsten Schwesig, Karen Robinson


best“I don’t want to wear a screen”: Probing perceptions of and possibilities for dynamic displays on clothing

Laura Devendorf, Joanne Lo, Noura Howell, Jung Lin Lee, Nan-Wei Gong, Mustafa Emre Karagozler, Shiho Fukuhara, Ivan Poupyrev, Eric Paulos, Kimiko Ryokai


bestMomentary Pleasure or Lasting Meaning? Distinguishing Eudaimonic and Hedonic User Experiences

Elisa D Mekler, Kasper Hornbæk


bestRapID: A Framework for Fabricating Low-Latency Interactive Objects with RFID Tags

Andrew Spielberg, Alanson P Sample, Scott E Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff, James McCann


bestHCI Research as Problem-Solving

Antti Oulasvirta, Kasper Hornbæk


bestHaptic Wave: A Cross-Modal Interface for Visually Impaired Audio Producers

Atau Tanaka, Adam Parkinson


bestFlexCase: Enhancing Mobile Interaction with a Flexible Sensing and Display Cover

Christian Rendl, David Kim, Patrick Parzer, Sean Fanello, Martin Zirkl, Gregor Scheipl, Michael Haller, Shahram Izadi


bestDear Diary: Teens Reflect on Their Weekly Online Risk Experiences

Pamela J Wisniewski, Heng Xu, Mary Beth Rosson, Daniel F Perkins, John M Carroll


bestUnderstanding and Mitigating the Effects of Device and Cloud Service Design Decisions on the Environmental Footprint of Digital Infrastructure

Chris Preist, Daniel Schien, Eli Blevis


bestEnhancing Cross-Device Interaction Scripting with Interactive Illustrations

Pei-Yu (Peggy) Chi, Yang Li, Björn Hartmann


bestLearn Piano with BACh: An Adaptive Learning Interface that Adjusts Task Difficulty Based on Brain State

Beste F Yuksel, Kurt B Oleson, Lane Harrison, Evan M Peck, Daniel A Afergan, Remco Chang, Robert J.K. Jacob


bestSmart Touch: Improving Touch Accuracy for People with Motor Impairments with Template Matching

Martez E Mott, Radu-Daniel Vatavu, Shaun K Kane, Jacob O Wobbrock


bestBuilding a Personalized, Auto-Calibrating Eye Tracker from User Interactions

Michael Xuelin Huang, Tiffany C.K. Kwok, Grace Ngai, Stephen C.F. Chan, Hong Va Leong


bestDeveloping and Validating the User Burden Scale: A Tool for Assessing User Burden in Computing Systems

Hyewon Suh, Nina Shahriaree, Eric Hekler, Julie A Kientz


bestForaging among an Overabundance of Similar Variants

Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan, Sandeep Kaur Kuttal, Charles Hill, Anita Sarma, David J Piorkowski, Margaret M Burnett


bestFinding Email in a Multi-Account, Multi-Device World

Marta Elizabeth Cecchinato, Abigail Sellen, Milad Shokouhi, Gavin Smyth


bestEmpath: Understanding Topic Signals in Large-Scale Text

Ethan Fast, Binbin Chen, Michael S Bernstein


bestLock n’ LoL: Group-based Limiting Assistance App to Mitigate Smartphone Distractions in Group Activities

Minsam Ko, Seungwoo Choi, Koji Yatani, Uichin Lee



CHI 2016 Honorable Mention

TouchTokens: Guiding Touch Patterns with Passive Tokens

Rafael Morales González, Caroline Appert, Gilles Bailly, Emmanuel Pietriga


Designing Smart Objects with Autistic Children – Four Design Exposes

Christopher Frauenberger, Julia Makhaeva, Katharina Spiel


DualKey: Miniature Screen Text Entry via Finger Identification

Aakar Gupta, Ravin Balakrishnan


Continuing the Dialogue: Bringing Research Accounts Back into the Field

Sarah Fox, Daniela K Rosner


Physikit: Data Engagement Through Physical Ambient Visualizations in the Home

Steven Houben, Connie Golsteijn, Sarah Gallacher, Rose Johnson, Saskia Bakker, Nicolai Marquardt, Licia Capra, Yvonne Rogers


Designing for Domestic Memorialization and Remembrance: A Field Study of Fenestra in Japan

Daisuke Uriu, William Odom


Dynamic Stereoscopic 3D Parameter Adjustment for Enhanced Depth Discrimination

Arun Kulshreshth, Joseph J LaViola Jr.


The Ins and Outs of HCI for Development

Nicola Dell, Neha Kumar


SkinTrack: Using the Body as an Electrical Waveguide for Continuous Finger Tracking on the Skin

Yang Zhang, Junhan Zhou, Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison


Emergeables: Deformable Displays for Continuous Eyes-Free Mobile Interaction

Simon Robinson, Celine Coutrix, Jennifer Pearson, Juan Rosso, Matheus Fernandes Torquato, Laurence Nigay, Matt Jones


Reflections on Deploying Distributed Consultation Technologies with Community Organisations

Ian G Johnson, John Vines, Nick Taylor, Edward Ian Jenkins, Justin Marshall


Scaffolding Community Documentary Film Making using Commissioning Templates

Tom Bartindale, Guy Schofield, Peter Wright


Materiable: Rendering Dynamic Material Properties in Response to Direct Physical Touch with Shape Changing Interfaces

Ken Nakagaki, Luke Alexander Jozef Vink, Jared Counts, Daniel Windham, Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Hiroshi Ishii


Incloodle: Evaluating an Interactive Application for Young Children with Mixed Abilities

Kiley Sobel, Kyle Rector, Susan Evans, Julie A. Kientz


Finexus: Tracking Precise Motions of Multiple Fingertips Using Magnetic Sensing

Ke-Yu Chen, Shwetak N Patel, Sean Keller


Breaking the Sound Barrier: Designing for Patient Participation in Audiological Consultations

Yngve Dahl, Geir Kjetil Hanssen


Health Technologies ‘In the Wild’: Experiences of Engagement with Computerised CBT

Stefan J Rennick-Egglestone, Sarah Knowles, Gill Toms, Penny Bee, Karina Lovell, Peter Bower


Anchored Customization: Anchoring Settings to the Application Interface to Afford Customization

Antoine Ponsard, Joanna McGrenere


An EEG-based Approach for Evaluating Graphic Icons from the Perspective of Semantic Distance

Fu-Yin Cherng, Wen-Chieh Lin, Jung-Tai King, Yi-Chen Lee


Digital Footprints and Changing Networks During Online Identity Transitions

Oliver L Haimson, Jed R Brubaker, Lynn S Dombrowski, Gillian R Hayes


The Mimesis Effect: The Effect of Roles on Player Choice in Interactive Narrative Role-Playing Games

Ignacio X. Domínguez, Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, James K. Vance, David L. Roberts


Staying the Course: System-Driven Lapse Management for Supporting Behavior Change

Elena Agapie, Daniel Avrahami, Jennifer Marlow


Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Makes Crowdwork Better

Edith Law, Ming Yin, Joslin Goh, Kevin Chen, Michael A Terry, Krzysztof Z. Gajos


Technology and the Politics of Mobility: Evidence Generation in Accessible Transport Activism

Sunil Rodger, John Vines, Janice McLaughlin


Towards Understanding Human Similarity Perception in the Analysis of Large Sets of Scatter Plots

Anshul Vikram Pandey, Josua Krause, Cristian Felix, Jeremy Boy, Enrico Bertini


How Disclosing Skill Assistance Affects Play Experience in a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Game

Ansgar E Depping, Regan L Mandryk, Chengzhao Li, Carl Gutwin, Rodrigo Vicencio-Moreira


Changing Family Practices with Assistive Technology: MOBERO Improves Morning and Bedtime Routines for Children with ADHD

Tobias Sonne, Jörg Müller, Paul Marshall, Carsten Obel, Kaj Grønbæk


Direct Manipulation in Tactile Displays

Aakar Gupta, Thomas Pietrzak, Nicolas Roussel, Ravin Balakrishnan


Metadating: Exploring the Romance and Future of Personal Data

Chris Elsden, Bettina Nissen, Andrew Garbett, David Chatting, David S Kirk, John Vines


Human Proxies for Remote University Classroom Attendance

Clarissa Ishak, Carman Neustaedter, Dan Hawkins, Jason Procyk, Michael Massimi


Mediating the Undercurrents: Using Social Media to Sustain a Social Movement

Yong Ming Kow, Yubo Kou, Bryan C Semaan, Waikuen Cheng


HCI and Intimate Care as an Agenda for Change in Women’s Health

Teresa Almeida, Rob Comber, Madeline Balaam


HotFlex: Post-print Customization of 3D Prints Using Embedded State Change

Daniel Groeger, Elena Chong Loo, Jürgen Steimle


Discovering Shifts to Suicidal Ideation from Mental Health Content in Social Media

Munmun De Choudhury, Emre Kiciman, Mark Dredze, Glen Coppersmith, Mrinal Kumar


Augmenting the Field-of-View of Head-Mounted Displays with Sparse Peripheral Displays

Robert Xiao, Hrvoje Benko


Negative Emotion, Positive Experience? Emotionally Moving Moments in Digital Games

Julia Ayumi Bopp, Elisa D Mekler, Klaus Opwis


Fingers of a Hand Oscillate Together: Phase Syncronisation of Tremor in Hover Touch Sensing

John Williamson


Chain Reactions: The Impact of Order on Microtask Chains

Carrie J. Cai, Shamsi T. Iqbal, Jaime Teevan


I Always Wanted to See the Night Sky”: Blind User Preferences for Sensory Substitution Devices”

Giles Hamilton-Fletcher, Marianna Obrist, Phil Watten, Michele Mengucci, Jamie Ward


COGCAM: Contact-free Measurement of Cognitive Stress During Computer Tasks with a Digital Camera

Daniel McDuff, Javier Hernandez Rivera, Sarah Gontarek, Rosalind Picard


Technological Caregiving: Supporting Online Activity for Adults with Cognitive Impairments

Anne Marie Piper, Raymundo Cornejo, Lisa B. Hurwitz, Caitlin E Unumb


Living In A Prototype: A Reconfigured Space

Audrey Desjardins, Ron Wakkary


Behavior Ever Follows Intention? A Validation of the Security Behavior Intentions Scale (SeBIS)

Serge Egelman, Marian Harbach, Eyal Peer


The Anatomy of Smartphone Unlocking: A Field Study of Android Lock Screens

Marian Harbach, Alexander De Luca, Serge Egelman


I know where you live: Inferring details of people’s lives by visualizing publicly shared location data

Ilaria Liccardi, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Min Chen


Keep on Lockin’ in the Free World: A Multi-National Comparison of Smartphone Locking

Marian Harbach, Alexander De Luca, Nathan Malkin, Serge Egelman


Finding Gender-Inclusiveness Software Issues with GenderMag: A Field Investigation

Margaret M Burnett, Anicia N Peters, Charles Hill, Noha Elarief


Screen Time Tantrums: How Families Manage Screen Media Experiences for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Alexis Hiniker, Hyewon Suh, Sabina Cao, Julie A. Kientz


Accountable Artefacts: the Case of the Carolan Guitar

Steve Benford, Adrian Hazzard, Alan Chamberlain, Kevin Glover, Chris Greenhalgh, Liming Xu, Michaela Hoare, Dimitrios Darzentas


LGBT Parents and Social Media: Advocacy, Privacy, and Disclosure during Shifting Social Movements

Lindsay Blackwell, Jean Hardy, Tawfiq Ammari, Tiffany Veinot, Cliff Lampe, Sarita Schoenebeck


Forget-me-not: History-less Mobile Messaging

Mattias Rost, Christos Kitsos, Alexander Morgan, Martin Podlubny, Pietro Romeo, Edoardo Russo, Matthew Chalmers


Revising Learner Misconceptions Without Feedback: Prompting for Reflection on Anomalous Facts

Joseph Jay Williams, Tania Lombrozo, Anne Hsu, Bernd Huber, Juho Kim


The Knowledge Accelerator: Big Picture Thinking in Small Pieces

Nathan Hahn, Joseph Chee Chang, Ji Eun Kim, Aniket Kittur


Investigating the Heart Pump Implant Decision Process: Opportunities for Decision Support Tools to Help

Qian Yang, John Zimmerman, Aaron Steinfeld, Lisa Carey, James Antaki


It’s Creepy, But it Doesn’t Bother Me

Chanda Phelan, Cliff Lampe, Paul Resnick


Supporting Comment Moderators in Identifying High Quality Online News Comments

Deokgun Park, Simranjit Singh Sachar, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Niklas E. Elmqvist


Going Dark: Social Factors in Collective Action Against Platform Operators in the Reddit Blackout

J. Nathan Matias


Peer-to-peer in the workplace: A view from the road

Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Nicola J Bidwell, Himanshu Zade, Srihari H Muralidhar, Anupama M Dhareshwar, Baneen Karachiwala, Cedrick N Tandong, Jacki O’Neill


Contextual Autonomy Support in Video Game Play: A Grounded Theory

Sebastian Deterding


A Market in Your Social Network: The Effects of Extrinsic Rewards on Friendsourcing and Relationships

Haiyi Zhu, Sauvik Das, Yiqun Cao, Shuang Yu, Aniket Kittur, Robert E Kraut


We’re on the Same Page”: A Usability Study of Secure Email Using Pairs of Novice Users”

Scott Ruoti, Jeff Andersen, Scott Heidbrink, Mark O’Neill, Justin Wu, Elham Vaziripour, Daniel Zappala, Kent Seamons


SpiroCall: Measuring Lung Function over a Phone Call

Mayank Goel, Elliot Saba, Maia Stiber, Eric Whitmire, Josh Fromm, Eric C Larson, Gaetano Borriello, Shwetak N Patel


An Archive of Their Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design

Casey Fiesler, Shannon Morrison, Amy S Bruckman


Alloy: Clustering with Crowds and Computation

Joseph Chee Chang, Aniket Kittur, Nathan Hahn


Enhancing Lifelogging Privacy by Detecting Screens

Mohammed Korayem, Robert Templeman, Dennis Chen, David J Crandall, Apu Kapadia


Peak-End Effects on Player Experience in Casual Games

Carl Gutwin, Christianne Rooke, Andy Cockburn, Regan L Mandryk, Benjamin Lafreniere


Breaking Down While Building Up: Design and Decline in Emerging Infrastructures

Stephanie B. Steinhardt


Skeletons and Silhouettes: Comparing User Representations at a Gesture-based Large Display

Christopher James Ackad, Martin Tomitsch, Judy Kay


Data and the City

Donald McMillan, Arvid Engström, Airi Lampinen, Barry Brown


The Quantified Patient in the Doctor’s Office: Challenges & Opportunities

Peter West, Richard Giordano, Max G. Van Kleek, Nigel R Shadbolt


The Augmented Climbing Wall: High-Exertion Proximity Interaction on a Wall-Sized Interactive Surface

Raine Kajastila, Leo Holsti, Perttu Hämäläinen


Influence of Display Transparency on Background Awareness and Task Performance

David Lindlbauer, Klemen Lilija, Robert Walter, Joerg Mueller


Researcher-Centered Design of Statistics: Why Bayesian Statistics Better Fit the Culture and Incentives of HCI

Matthew Kay, Gregory L. Nelson, Eric B. Hekler


Mimetic Machines: Collaborative Interventions in Digital Fabrication with Arc

Hidekazu Saegusa, Thomas Tran, Daniela K Rosner


Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Prediction of Visual Attention in Graphical User Interfaces

Pingmei Xu, Yusuke Sugano, Andreas Bulling


Pointing while Looking Elsewhere: Designing for Varying Degrees of Visual Guidance during Manual Input

Baris Serim, Giulio Jacucci


RetroFab: A Design Tool for Retrofitting Physical Interfaces using Actuators, Sensors and 3D Printing

Raf Ramakers, Fraser Anderson, Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice


Egocentric Analysis of Dynamic Networks with EgoLines

Jian Zhao, Michael Glueck, Fanny Chevalier, Yanhong Wu, Azam Khan


Changes in Engagement Before and After Posting to Facebook

Nir Grinberg, Alex Dow, Lada A Adamic, Mor Naaman


Reconstituting the Utopian Vision of Making: HCI After Technosolutionism

Silvia Lindtner, Shaowen Bardzell, Jeffrey Bardzell


“Popcorn Tastes Good”: Participatory Policymaking and Reddit’s “AMAgeddon”

Alissa Centivany, Bobby Glushko


Augur: Mining Human Behaviors from Fiction to Power Interactive Systems

Ethan Fast, William McGrath, Pranav Rajpurkar, Michael S Bernstein


Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface

Sang-won Leigh, Pattie Maes


One-Dimensional Handwriting: Inputting Letters and Words on Smart Glasses

Chun Yu, Ke Sun, Mingyuan Zhong, Xincheng Li, Peijun Zhao, Yuanchun Shi


Do Users’ Perceptions of Password Security Match Reality?

Blase Ur, Jonathan Bees, Sean Segreti, Lujo Bauer, Nicolas Christin, Lorrie Faith Cranor


Diving in at the Deep End: The Value of Alternative In-Situ Approaches for Systematic Library Search

Uta Hinrichs, Simon Butscher, Jens Müller, Harald Reiterer


Pick me! Getting Noticed on Google Play

Aliaksei Miniukovich, Antonella De Angeli


Modeling and Understanding Human Routine Behavior

Nikola Banovic, Tofi Buzali, Fanny Chevalier, Jennifer Mankoff, Anind Dey


Citizens for Science and Science for Citizens: The View from Participatory Design

Danial Qaurooni, Ali Ghazinejad, Inna Kouper, Hamid Ekbia


FingerIO: Using Active Sonar for Fine-Grained Finger Tracking

Rajalakshmi Nandakumar, Vikram Iyer, Desney Tan, Shyamnath Gollakota


Somaesthetic Appreciation Design

Kristina Höök, Martin P Jonsson, Anna Ståhl, Johanna Mercurio


User Elicitation on Single-hand Microgestures

Edwin Chan, Teddy Seyed, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Xing-Dong Yang, Frank Maurer



CHI 2016 Best Case Study

bestUser Research to Inform Product Design: Turning Failure into Small Successes

Joan DiMicco, Nancy Mann



CHI 2016 Case Study Honorable Mentions

From Two CSCW Frameworks to User Requirements Definition for a Retail Planning Collaborative Software

Grégory Petit, Justin Soles


The Salome Experience: Opera Live Streaming and Beyond

Peter Reichl, Christian Loew, Svenja Schroeder, Thomas Schmidt, Bernhard Schatzl, Valon Lushaj, Oliver Hoedl, Florian Güldenpfennig, Christopher Widauer,



CHI 2016 Best Late-Breaking Works

bestUsability of Lightweight Defibrillators for UAV Delivery

Mathias Fleck


bestThe Web Is Flat: The Inflation of Uncommon Experiences Online

Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli, Gili Rusak, Jaime Teevan, Michael Bernstein


bestDrill Sergeant: Supporting Physical Construction Projects through an Ecosystem of Augmented Tools

Eldon Schoop, Michelle Nguyen, Daniel Lim, Valkyrie Savage, Sean Follmer, Björn Hartmann


bestReWear: Early Explorations of a Modular Wearable Construction Kit for Young Children

Majeed Kazemitabaar, Liang He, Katie Wang, Chloe Aloimonos, Tony Cheng, Jon Froehlich



CHI 2016 Late-Breaking Work Honorable Mentions

Using a Mobile Device Fingerprint Sensor as a Gestural Input Device

Anna Ostberg, Mohamed Sheik-Nainar, Nada Matic


Endorsement, Prior Action, and Language: Modeling Trusted Advice in Computerized Clinical Alerts

Debaleena Chattopadhyay, Jon Duke, Davide Bolchini


InstructableCrowd: Creating IF-THEN Rules via Conversations with the Crowd

Ting-Hao Huang, Amos Azaria, Jeffrey Bingham


Crowdsourced Facial Expression Mapping Using a 3D Avatar

Crystal Butler, Lakshmi Subramanian, Stephanie Michalowicz


Simplifying Overviews of Temporal Event Sequences

Matthew Louis Mauriello, Ben Shneiderman, Fan Du, Sana Malik, Catherine Plaisant


Bridging the Physical Divide: A Design Framework for Embodied Learning Games and Simulations

Edward Melcer, Katherine Isbister


Invasion of the Energy Monsters: A Family Board Game about Energy Consumption

Amartya Banerjee, Michael Horn, Pryce Davis


Biomechanics of Thumb Touch Gestures on Handheld Devices

Philipp Tiefenbacher, Amir Chouchane, Daniel Merget, Simon Schenk, Gerhard Rigoll


Mythologies of Business Intelligence

Nitya Verma, Amy Voida


SoundFORMS: Manipulating Sound Through Touch

Aubrey Colter, Patlapa Davivongsa, Donald Derek Haddad, Halla Moore, Brian Tice, Hiroshi Ishii



CHI 2016 Arts Awards Winner

#Scanners: Exploring the Control of Adaptive Films using Brain-Computer Interaction

Matthew Pike, Richard Ramchurn, Steve Benford, Max L Wilson



CHI 2016 Arts Awards Honorable Mentions

Repurposing Bits and Pieces of the Digital

Vygandas Simbelis, Pedro Ferreira, Elsa Vaara, Jarmo Laaksolahti,Kristina Höök


Accountable Artefacts: The Case of the Carolan Guitar

Steve Benford, Adrian Hazzard, Alan Chamberlain, Kevin Glover, Chris Greenhalgh, Liming Xu, Michaela Hoare, Dimitrios Darzentas