Extended Abstracts

SESSION: Video Showcase Presentations

TactileVR: Integrating Physical Toys into Learn and Play Virtual Reality Experiences

  • Judith Amores
  • Xavier Benavides
  • Lior Shapira

PsychicVR: Increasing mindfulness by using Virtual Reality and Brain Computer Interfaces

  • Judith Amores
  • Xavier Benavides
  • Pattie Maes

Haptic Retargeting Video Showcase: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experience

  • Mahdi Azmandian
  • Mark Hancock
  • Hrvoje Benko
  • Eyal Ofek
  • Andrew D. Wilson

Reality Editor

  • Valentin Heun
  • Eva Stern-Rodriguez
  • Marc Teyssier
  • Pattie Maes

Access: A Mobile Application to Improve Accessibility

  • Yi Yang
  • Yunqi Hu
  • Yidi Hong
  • Varun Joshi
  • Radhika Kolathumani

SKUID: Sketching Stylized Animated Drawings with Motion Amplifiers

  • Rubaiat Habib Kazi
  • Tovi Grossman
  • Nobuyuki Umetani
  • George Fitzmaurice

ID-Match: A Hybrid Computer Vision and RFID System for Recognizing Individuals in Groups

  • Hanchuan Li
  • Peijin Zhang
  • Samer Al Moubayed
  • Shwetak N. Patel
  • Alanson P. Sample

GaussRFID: Reinventing Physical Toys Using Magnetic RFID Development Kits

  • Rong-Hao Liang
  • Han-Chih Kuo
  • Bing-Yu Chen

SATURNO: A Shadow-Pushing Lamp for Better Focusing and Reading

  • Yunwoo Jeong
  • Boram Noh
  • Young-Woo Park

MoCap Tango: Materialising Movement Qualities

  • Ambra Trotto
  • Jeroen Peeters
  • Stoffel Kuenen

Video Showcase: Using Expressy to Showcase Expressiveness in Touch-based Interactions

  • Gerard Wilkinson
  • David Philip Green
  • Gavin Wood
  • Ahmed Kharrufa
  • Jonathan Hook
  • Bradley Pursglove
  • Hendrik Haeuser
  • Nils Y. Hammerla
  • Steve Hodges
  • Patrick Olivier

MirrorFugue for the Composer, Performer and Improviser

  • Xiao Xiao
  • Lamtharn Hanoi Hantrakul
  • Hiroshi Ishii

Second Skin: Biological Garment Powered by and Adapting to Body in Motion

  • Lining Yao
  • Helene Steiner
  • Wen Wang
  • Guanyun Wang
  • Chin-Yi Cheng
  • Jifei Ou
  • Hiroshi Ishii

SESSION: Student Design Competition

EMIE: Using 3D Printing to Help People Living with Ataxia

  • Stéphanie Rouleau
  • Marjolaine Cazes
  • Rémi Dupont
  • Tarik Benadda
  • Serenela V. Valfre Piazza

Dot-it: Managing Nausea and Vomiting for A Peaceful Pregnancy with Personal Pattern Exploration

  • Tzu-I Lee
  • Yih-Harn Chiang
  • Jiayi Guo
  • Mu-Tsz Chen
  • Yue Chen

CarryLine: A Tool for Management and Rehabilitation of Post-Natal Chronic Back Pain

  • Danilo Di Cuia
  • Jelizaveta Janovica
  • Zuzanna Lechelt
  • Sheng Li
  • Harpreet Purewal

LaneMate: Car Sensing System for the Deaf

  • Sangwook Lee
  • Yunho Kang
  • YuKyoung Lee

Touch and #Tag: Improving Clothing Experiences of People with Visual Impairment

  • Ting-Ying Hsu
  • Zong-Yu Li
  • Hung-Yeh Lin
  • Yu-Han Liou
  • Chia-Ling Tsai

BringUBus: Matching Buses to Passengers with Lower Mobility

  • Yi-Tien Lin
  • Hsiao-Ching Su
  • I-Wen Lo
  • Po-Lin Chou

EGDE, A Soft Keyboard for Fast Typing for the Visually Challenged

  • Chandni Rajendran
  • Chinmay Parab
  • Shreya Gupta

Saathi: Making it Easier for Children with Learning Disabilities to understand the concept of Time

  • Vikram Aditya
  • Suprabho Dhenki
  • Likhith Amarvaj
  • Ajinkya Karale
  • Harmeet Singh

LifeKey: Emergency Communication Tool for the Deaf

  • Leeyat Slyper
  • Min Kyung Kim
  • Yooyoung Ko
  • Ismael Sobek

AwareMe: Addressing Fear of Public Speech through Awareness

  • Mark Bubel
  • Ruiwen Jiang
  • Christine H. Lee
  • Wen Shi
  • Audrey Tse

Moments A Wearable Device for Early Stage AD Patients to Maintain Their Autonomy

  • Chieh-Lin Wu
  • Bing-Hsun Wu
  • Yun-Ting Lin
  • Pengfei Wang
  • Yining Zhou

Readful-U: Improving Reading Experience and Social Interaction for Low Vision Elders

  • Ninglu Wang
  • Kai Yu
  • Junhui Li
  • Ruofan Zhang
  • Fei Ren

SESSION: Student Research Competition

Improving Social Communication Skills Using Kinesics Feedback

  • Roghayeh Barmaki

Learnersourcing Thematic and Inter-Contextual Annotations from Islamic Texts

  • Amna Basharat

Bounce: A Mobile Behavioral Intervention Technology for Breast Cancer Survivors

  • Meghan M. Plank
  • Nishtha H. Dalal

Error Correction of Speech Recognition by Custom Phonetic Alphabet Input for Ultra-Small Devices

  • Kazuki Fujiwara

User Adaptability to System Delay

  • Brian D. Hall

The Memory Tree: Using Sound to Support Reminiscence

  • Keisha Jayaratne

Making Science Simulations Accessible For Students With Vision Impairments

  • Emily Randall

Species Identification in Citizen Science: Effects of Interface Design and Image Difficulty on User Performance and Workload

  • Nirwan Sharma

Veri-Pen: A Pen-based Identification Through Natural Biometrics Extraction

  • Jihoon Suh

Older Users and In-Vehicle Navigation Map Design Elements

  • Crystal Tobias

Crowdnection: Connecting High-level Concepts with Historical Documents via Crowdsourcing

  • Nai-Ching Wang

SESSION: Student Game Competition

PinchFun: A Fine Motor Training Game for Preschool Children with Developmental Delay

  • I-Fang Wang
  • Dennis Wang
  • Chia-Yu Chen
  • Jyun-Fong Jheng

Human and Dog: Explore the Game Design of Unequal Communicative Patterns

  • Kuan-Ting Chou
  • Hsincheng Hou
  • Michael Shen
  • Te-Yuan Chen
  • Cynthia Liu
  • Pei-Jung Wu

Bad News: A Game of Death and Communication

  • James Owen Ryan
  • Adam J. Summerville
  • Ben Samuel

FitPlay Games: Increasing Exercise Motivation Through Asynchronous Social Gaming

  • Sarah Justine Guy Skriloff
  • Dario C. Gonzalez
  • Kurtis C. Christensen
  • Logan J. Bentley
  • Cody V. Mortensen

Household Survival: Immersive Room-Sized Gaming Using Everyday Objects as Weapons

  • Brent Berghmans
  • Axel Faes
  • Matthijs Kaminski
  • Kashyap Todi

AS IF: A Game as an Empathy Tool for Experiencing the Activity Limitations of Chronic Pain Patients

  • Weina Jin
  • Servet Ulas
  • Xin Tong

VR-Drop: Exploring the Use of Walking-in-Place to Create Immersive VR Games

  • Sam Tregillus

Garden: A Mixed Reality Experience Combining Virtual Reality and 3D Reconstruction

  • Keng Hua Sing
  • Wei Xie

BoomChaCha: A Rhythm-based, Physical Role-Playing Game that Facilitates Cooperation among Players

  • Fengyuan Zhu
  • Wangshu Sun
  • Carrie Zhang
  • Rebecca Ricks

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Supporting Bodily Communication in Video-based Clinical Consultations

  • Deepti Aggarwal

Canine Behavior and Working Dog Suitability from Quantimetric Data

  • Joelle Alcaidinho

From Smart Cities to Social Cities: Technology to Support Community Life

  • Andre de Oliveira Bueno

Unobtrusive Interaction for Wearable Computing

  • David Dobbelstein

Paper Books, Digital Books: How the Medium of an Object Affects its Use

  • Jane Gruning

Live Media Places: Participation in Online Education through Composition

  • William Hamilton

Online Help-Seeking in Communities of Novice Innovators

  • Julie Hui

Proprioceptive Interaction: The User’s Muscles as Input and Output Device

  • Pedro Lopes

Rare World: Designing for Dispersed Populations with Rare Diseases

  • Haley MacLeod

AgentSmith: Exploring Agentic Systems

  • David Miller

bump2bump: Online Peer Support in First-Time Pregnancy

  • Nikki Newhouse

Performing Play: Cultural Production on Twitch.tv

  • Anthony Pellicone

Interactive Technology for Inclusive Play

  • Kiley Sobel

Exploring and Supporting Today’s Collaborative Writing

  • Dakuo Wang

Adaptive Biofeedback for Mind-Body Practices

  • Bin Yu

SESSION: Interactivity

New Scenic Subjects: Explorations of a System of Autonomous On-Stage Observers

  • Ludvig Elblaus
  • Åsa Unander-Scharin
  • Carl Unander-Scharin

SharedSpaces Mingle

  • Leif Handberg
  • Charlie Gullstrom
  • Joke Kort
  • Jimmy Nyström

Maintaining Relationships With Our Devices

  • Sarah Homewood

Hotaru: The Lightning Bug Game

  • Kaho Abe
  • Katherine Isbister

Tactile Presentation to the Back of a Smartphone with Simultaneous Screen Operation

  • Sugarragchaa Khurelbaatar
  • Yuriko Nakai
  • Ryuta Okazaki
  • Vibol Yem
  • Hiroyuki Kajimoto

Threadsteading: Playful Interaction for Textile Fabrication Devices

  • Lea Albaugh
  • April Grow
  • Chenxi Liu
  • James McCann
  • Gillian Smith
  • Jennifer Mankoff

What We Have Lost/What We Have Gained: Embodied Interfaces for Live Performance and Art Exhibitions

  • Matthew Mosher

#Scanners: A BCI Enhanced Cinematic Experience

  • Matthew Pike
  • Max L. Wilson
  • Steve Benford
  • Richard Ramchurn

A Theatrical Turing Test: An Encounter of Telematic Bodies

  • Sahar Sajadieh
  • Nathan Weitzner

Synthesis in the Audiovisual

  • Vygandas ‘Vegas’ Šimbelis
  • Anders Lundström

The Soma Mat and Breathing Light

  • Anna Ståhl
  • Martin Jonsson
  • Johanna Mercurio
  • Anna Karlsson
  • Kristina Höök
  • Eva-Carin Banka Johnson

Fear Division; Archiving the Intangible

  • Dorien Neema Koelemeijer
  • Franziska Maria Tachtler

A Participatory Live Music Performance with the Open Symphony System

  • Kate Hayes
  • Mathieu Barthet
  • Yongmeng Wu
  • Leshao Zhang
  • Nick Bryan-Kinns

SESSION: alt.chi: Critical Theory and Pedagogy

The User Experience in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  • Simon Harper

Meaning Reconstruction as an Approach to Analyze Critical Dimensions of HCI Research

  • Colin M. Gray
  • Austin L. Toombs
  • Christian McKay

Critical Realist HCI

  • Christopher Frauenberger

Making the Case for an Existential Perspective in HCI Research on Mortality and Death

  • Victor Kaptelinin

SESSION: alt.chi: Design Fictions and HCI

Resistance is Fertile: Design Fictions in Dystopian Worlds

  • Nicholas S. Dalton
  • Rebecca Moreau
  • Ross K. Adams

Design Fiction: How to Build a Voight-Kampff Machine

  • Miriam Sturdee
  • Paul Coulton
  • Joseph G. Lindley
  • Mike Stead
  • Haider Ali
  • Andy Hudson-Smith

The Solution Printer: Magic Realist Design Fiction

  • Enrique Encinas
  • Mark Blythe

After Death: Big Data and the Promise of Resurrection by Proxy

  • Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad

SESSION: alt.chi: Food Fictions

Data Edibilization: Representing Data with Food

  • Yun Wang
  • Xiaojuan Ma
  • Qiong Luo
  • Huamin Qu

Computational Agroecology: Sustainable Food Ecosystem Design

  • Barath Raghavan
  • Bonnie Nardi
  • Sarah T. Lovell
  • Juliet Norton
  • Bill Tomlinson
  • Donald J. Patterson

Deciphering a Meal through Open Source Standards: Soylent and the Rise of Diet Hackers

  • Marketa Dolejšová

Printable Hydroponic Gardens: Initial Explorations and Considerations

  • Yuichiro Takeuchi

SESSION: alt.chi: Confronting Power in HCI

Discussing about Sexual Harassment (Breaking Silence): The Role of Technology

  • Nova Ahmed

Does Technology Have Race?

  • David Hankerson
  • Andrea R. Marshall
  • Jennifer Booker
  • Houda El Mimouni
  • Imani Walker
  • Jennifer A. Rode

Impromptu Crowd Science and the Mystery of the Bechdel-Wallace Test Movement

  • Cosima Rughiniş
  • Razvan Rughiniş
  • Bogdana Humă

The Smartphone: A Lacanian Stain, A Tech Killer, and an Embodiment of Radical Individualism

  • Matthew P. Aylett
  • Shaun Lawson

Designing for Others, and the Trap of HCI Methods & Practices

  • Bert Vandenberghe
  • Karin Slegers

SESSION: alt.chi: See this, hear this, touch this, keep this

From Inaction to Interaction: Concept and Application of the Null Gesture

  • Karsten Seipp
  • Katrien Verbert

You Can Touch This: Eleven Years and 258218 Images of Objects

  • Nina Runge
  • Johannes Schöning
  • Rainer Malaka
  • Alberto Frigo

A Remote Pointing Method with Dynamic C-D Ratio during a Pinching Gesture for Large Tabletop Systems

  • Naoya Tochihara
  • Toshiki Sato
  • Hideki Koike

From Ecological Sounding Artifacts Towards Sonic Artifact Ecologies

  • Cumhur Erkut
  • Stefania Serafin

Making It Real: Towards Practical Progress in the Management of Personal Information

  • William Jones
  • Caleb Thorsteinson
  • Brandon Thepvongsa
  • Tanner Garrett

SESSION: alt.chi: Authorship and Reviews

Peer Review and Design Fiction: “Great Scott! The quotes are redacted”

  • Joseph Lindley
  • Paul Coulton

What Did Authors Value in the CHI’16 Reviews They Received?

  • Yvonne Jansen
  • Kasper Hornbæk
  • Pierre Dragicevic

Solving the Battle of First-Authorship: Using Interactive Technology to Highlight Contributions

  • AC BD
  • Christine Bauer
  • Afsaneh Doryab

An Uninteresting Tour Through Why Our Research Papers Aren’t Accessible

  • Jeffrey P. Bigham
  • Erin L. Brady
  • Cole Gleason
  • Anhong Guo
  • David A. Shamma

SESSION: Case Study: Education

The Panda Hat of Doom

  • Andrew J. Hunsucker
  • Daniela Gobbo
  • Michael Stallings
  • Martin A. Siegel

Beyond the Lab: Using Technology Toys to Engage South African Youth in Computational Thinking

  • Veronica Lin
  • Orit Shaer

Dear Diary: Student Meets World

  • Megan McCracken

Diversity by Design: Female Students’ Perception of a Spanish Language Learning Game

  • Yolanda A. Rankin

SESSION: Case Study: Tools for Workers

Untethered Workspaces: A Zones Concept Towards Supporting Operator Movements in Control Rooms

  • Veronika Domova
  • Saad Azhar
  • Maria Ralph
  • Jonas Brönmark

From Two CSCW Frameworks to User Requirements Definition for a Retail Planning Collaborative Software

  • Grégory Petit
  • Justin Soles

Interactive Colormapping: Enabling Multiple Data Range and Detailed Views of Ocean Salinity

  • Francesca Samsel
  • Sebastian Klaassen
  • Mark Petersen
  • Terece L. Turton
  • Gregory Abram
  • David H. Rogers
  • James Ahrens

Designing the Alarm Management User Experience for Patient Monitoring

  • Sharoda A. Paul
  • Alexander K. Carroll
  • Stephen M. Treacy

SESSION: Case Study: Gaming, Gamifications and Arts

beEco: Co-designing a Game with Children to Promote Environmental Awareness – A Case Study

  • Nuno Jardim Nunes
  • Valentina Nisi
  • Kara Rennert

The Salome Experience: Opera Live Streaming and Beyond

  • Peter Reichl
  • Christian Löw
  • Svenja Schröder
  • Thomas Schmidt
  • Bernhard Schatzl
  • Valon Lushaj
  • Oliver Hödl
  • Florian Güldenpfennig
  • Christopher Widauer

nDiVE: Gamified Virtual Reality Environment for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Training

  • Marko Teras
  • Torsten Reiners
  • George Coldham
  • Lincoln C. Wood

SESSION: Case Study: New Markets and Localization

Mobile Seva-Enabling mGovernance in India

  • Kapil Kant Kamal
  • Manish Kumar
  • Soumya Shrivastava
  • Priyesh Chourasia

What Makes a Successful Localized App?: An International Case Study

  • Stephanie Rosenbaum
  • Jennifer Lee Carlson

Breaking the UCD Process: The Case Study of a Failed Mexican Government Project

  • Mario A. Moreno-Rocha
  • Carlos A. Martínez Sandoval
  • Abril I. Rodríguez López
  • J. Andrés De la Cruz Pineda
  • Fernando Macias Ruvalcaba

Exploring Regional User Experience for Designing Ultra Low Cost Smart Phones

  • Sanjay Ghosh
  • Sarita Seshagiri
  • Aditya Ponnada

SESSION: Case Study: User Research

Capturing & Measuring Emotions in UX

  • Sarah E. Garcia
  • Laura M. Hammond

Practical Usability Rating by Experts (PURE): A Pragmatic Approach for Scoring Product Usability

  • Christian P. Rohrer
  • James Wendt
  • Jeff Sauro
  • Frederick Boyle
  • Sara Cole

Tackling User Research Challenges within the Finance Industry

  • Rina R. Wehbe
  • Shahtab Wahid
  • Siddharth Gupta
  • Edward W. Ishak

Lessons Learned from Conducting Group-Based Research on Facebook

  • Haley MacLeod
  • Ben Jelen
  • Annu Prabhakar
  • Lora Oehlberg
  • Katie A. Siek
  • Kay Connelly

SESSION: Case Study: Organizational Change for Better UX

UX Strategy as a Kick-starter for Design Transformation in an Engineering Company

  • Lassi A. Liikkanen

Embedding User Understanding in the Corporate Culture: UX Research and Accessibility at Yahoo

  • Maria Stone
  • Frank Bentley
  • Brooke White
  • Mike Shebanek

UX Expeditions in Business-to-Business Heavy Industry: Lessons Learned

  • Virpi Roto
  • Eija Kaasinen
  • Maaria Nuutinen
  • Marko Seppänen

Why Designers Might Want to Redesign Company Processes to Get to Better UX Design: A Case Study

  • Meghan Ede
  • Garett Dworman

SESSION: Case Study: Design Methodology

API Design Reviews at Scale

  • Andrew Macvean
  • Martin Maly
  • John Daughtry

Adapting Design Thinking and Cultural Probes to the Experiences of Immigrant Youth: Uncovering the Roles of Visual Media and Music in ICT Wayfaring

  • Karen E. Fisher
  • Katya Yefimova
  • Ann P. Bishop

User Research to Inform Product Design: Turning Failure into Small Successes

  • Joan Morris DiMicco
  • Nancy Mann

Lightweight Journey Mapping: The Integration of Marketing and User Experience through Customer Driven Narratives

  • Laura Dove
  • Stephen Reinach
  • Irwin Kwan

SESSION: Case Study: Activities and Health

Look! A Healthy Neighborhood: Means to Motivate Participants in Using an App for Monitoring Community Health

  • Nazli Cila
  • Guido Jansen
  • Maarten Groen
  • Wouter Meys
  • Lea den Broeder
  • Ben Kröse

How Far in the Future will We Start From?: Interacting with the Stakeholders of a Nation-wide Patient Portal

  • Inês Rodolfo
  • Nuno Correia
  • Marta Sousa
  • Paulo Sá
  • Carlos Duarte

How to Save a Life: Could Real-Time Sensor Data Have Saved Mrs Elle?

  • DanaKai Bradford
  • Qing Zhang

Designing Mobility Eco-Feedback for Elderly Users

  • Johanna Meurer
  • Dennis Lawo
  • Lukas Janßen
  • Volker Wulf

SESSION: Course Overviews

Research Methods for Child Computer Interaction

  • Janet C. Read
  • Shuli Gilutz

Designing with the Mind in Mind: The Psychological Basis for UI Design Guidelines

  • Jeff Johnson

Introduction To Human Computer Interaction

  • Jonathan Lazar
  • Simone D.J. Barbosa

Personal Fabrication: State of the Art and Future Research

  • Patrick Baudisch
  • Stefanie Mueller

Game User Experience Evaluation

  • Regina Bernhaupt
  • Florian “Floyd” Mueller

Hands-on Introduction to Interactive Electrical Muscle Stimulation

  • Pedro Lopes
  • Max Pfeiffer
  • Michael Rohs
  • Patrick Baudisch

An Introduction to Cognitive Aging and Dementia: A Clinical Neuropsychologist’s Perspective

  • Allyson Rosen

Visual Facilitation for Design Groups

  • Eileen Clegg

Visual Analytics 101

  • Jean Scholtz
  • Russ Burtner
  • Kristin Cook

Interaction Design for Online Video and Television

  • David Geerts
  • Pablo Cesar
  • Marianna Obrist

An Introduction to Automotive User Interfaces

  • Bastian Pfleging
  • Nora Broy
  • Andrew L. Kun

Introduction to Creating Musical Interfaces

  • Michael J. Lyons
  • Sidney Fels

Mobile UX: Breaking the Glass to Richer User Experiences

  • Simon Robinson
  • Matt Jones

User Story Mapping: The Hands-on Course

  • Stephanie Foehrenbach
  • Christian Heldstab

Designing and Assessing Interactive Systems Using Task Models

  • Philippe Palanque
  • Celia Marinie

Make This!: Introduction to Electronics Prototyping Using Arduino

  • David Sirkin
  • Nikolas Martelaro
  • Wendy Ju

Advances in Participatory Design

  • Susanne Bødker
  • Christian Dindler
  • Kim Halskov
  • Ole Sejer Iversen

Designing Technology to Foster Psychological Wellbeing

  • Rafael A. Calvo
  • Dorian Peters

Speech-based Interaction: Myths, Challenges, and Opportunities

  • Cosmin Munteanu
  • Gerald Penn

Empirical Research Methods for Human-Computer Interaction

  • I. Scott MacKenzie
  • Steven J. Castellucci

Interactive Biotechnology: Building your own Biotic Game Setup to Play with Living Microorganisms

  • Honesty Kim
  • Lukas C. Gerber
  • Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse

Tools for Designing for Home Entertainment: Gesture Interfaces, Augmented Reality, and Smart Spaces

  • Radu-Daniel Vatavu

User Interface Design In Agile Projects

  • Karri-Pekka Laakso
  • Tuomas Husu
  • Mikko Romppainen
  • Janina Fagerlund
  • Marju Kettunen
  • Toni Standell

Designing for an Aging Population: Toward Universal Design

  • Kate Finn
  • Jeff Johnson

Practical UX Research Methodologies

  • Sarah E. Garcia
  • Laura Hammond

A Dummy’s Guide to your Next EXPeriment: Experimental Design and Analysis Made Easy

  • Shengdong Zhao
  • Xiaojun Meng
  • Pin Sym Foong
  • Simon Perrault

Creative Worthwhile Interaction Design

  • Gilbert Cockton

Presumptive Design: Design Thinking In Service of Research

  • Leo Frishberg
  • Charles Lambdin

Research Methods for HCI: Understanding People Using Interactive Technologies

  • Duncan P. Brumby
  • Ann Blandford
  • Anna L. Cox
  • Sandy J.J. Gould
  • Paul Marshall

PANEL SESSION: Panel Outlines

On the Future of Personal Assistants

  • Phil Cohen
  • Adam Cheyer
  • Eric Horvitz
  • Rana El Kaliouby
  • Steve Whittaker

The Future of Robotic Telepresence: Visions, Opportunities and Challenges

  • Susan C. Herring
  • Susan R. Fussell
  • Annica Kristoffersson
  • Bilge Mutlu
  • Carman Neustaedter
  • Katherine Tsui

Design Leadership for Business Innovation

  • Janaki Kumar
  • Irene Au
  • Margaret Stewart
  • Todd Lefelt
  • Katie Dill

Science and Service, Innovation and Inspiration: Celebrating the Life of John Karat

  • Susan M. Dray
  • Clare-Marie Karat
  • John (Jack) Carroll
  • Lorrie Cranor
  • Robin Jeffries
  • Zhengjie Liu
  • Arnold (Arnie) Lund
  • Ben Shneiderman
  • Gerrit van der Veer

Boundary Troubles: Here, There, Design, Make, Research

  • Jeffrey Bardzell
  • Shaowen Bardzell
  • Lilly Irani
  • Silvia Lindtner
  • Kaiton Williams
  • John Zimmerman

Algorithmic Authority: the Ethics, Politics, and Economics of Algorithms that Interpret, Decide, and Manage

  • Caitlin Lustig
  • Katie Pine
  • Bonnie Nardi
  • Lilly Irani
  • Min Kyung Lee
  • Dawn Nafus
  • Christian Sandvig

Beyond The Pipeline: Addressing Diversity In High Tech

  • Karen Holtzblatt
  • Aruna Balakrishnan
  • Troy Effner
  • Emily Rhodes
  • Tina Tuan


Multiple Views on Safety-Critical Automation: Aircrafts, Autonomous Vehicles, Air Traffic Management and Satellite Ground Segments Perspectives

  • Michael Feary
  • Célia Martinie
  • Philippe Palanque
  • Manfred Tscheligi

Refugees and HCI SIG: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee Crisis

  • Reem Talhouk
  • Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed
  • Volker Wulf
  • Clara Crivellaro
  • Vasilis Vlachokyriakos
  • Patrick Olivier

Diversity In High Tech: Retaining Employees Once They’re In the Door

  • Carol Farnsworth
  • Karen Holtzblatt

Special Interest Group on Transparent Statistics in HCI

  • Matthew Kay
  • Steve Haroz
  • Shion Guha
  • Pierre Dragicevic

Technology for Disabled and Older People: What Have We Achieved, Where are We Going?

  • Helen Petrie
  • Gerhard Weber

SIGCHI Games: The Scope of Games and Play Research at CHI

  • Lennart E. Nacke
  • Anna Cox
  • Regan L. Mandryk
  • Paul Cairns

Mind the Gap: A SIG on Bridging the Gap in Research on Body Sensing, Body Perception and Multisensory Feedback

  • Aneesha Singh
  • Ana Tajadura-Jimez
  • Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze
  • Nic Marquardt
  • Monica Tentori
  • Roberto Bresin
  • Dana Kulic

Digital Civics: Citizen Empowerment With and Through Technology

  • Vasillis Vlachokyriakos
  • Clara Crivellaro
  • Christopher A. Le Dantec
  • Eric Gordon
  • Pete Wright
  • Patrick Olivier

SIG on the State of Accessibility at CHI

  • Jennifer Rode
  • Erin Brady
  • Erin Buehler
  • Shaun K. Kane
  • Richard Ladner
  • Kathryn E. Ringland
  • Jennifer Mankoff

Usability of Programming Languages: Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting at CHI 2016

  • Brad A. Myers
  • Andreas Stefik
  • Stefan Hanenberg
  • Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
  • Margaret Burnett
  • Franklyn Turbak
  • Philip Wadler

Leading Design Teams and Organizations

  • Carola Thompson
  • Janice Rohn

The Master’s Degree in HCI at 20: Issues and Trends

  • Richard L. Henneman
  • Laura Ballay
  • Linda Wagner

Design Thinking Beyond Post-Its Notes

  • Carol Farnsworth
  • Sally Lawler Kennedy
  • Janaki Kumar

Jogging at CHI

  • Florian “Floyd” Mueller
  • Joe Marshall
  • Rohit Ashok Khot
  • Stina Nylander
  • Jakob Tholander

Child-Computer Interaction SIG: New Challenges and Opportunities

  • Juan Pablo Hourcade
  • Glenda Revelle
  • Anja Zeising
  • Ole Sejer Iversen
  • Narcis Pares
  • Tilde Bekker
  • Janet C. Read

Conflict & HCI: Preventing, De-Escalating and Recovering

  • Juan Pablo Hourcade
  • Lisa Nathan
  • Panayiotis Zaphiris
  • Yoram Chisik
  • Cuauhtémoc Rivera-Loaiza
  • Jason C. Yip

Rethinking Mobile Interfaces for Older Adults

  • Neil Charness
  • Mark Dunlop
  • Cosmin Munteanu
  • Emma Nicol
  • Antti Oulasvirta
  • Xiangshi Ren
  • Sayan Sarcar
  • Chaklam Silpasuwanchai

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Collaborative Technologies

GazeTorch: Enabling Gaze Awareness in Collaborative Physical Tasks

  • Deepak Akkil
  • Jobin Mathew James
  • Poika Isokoski
  • Jari Kangas

Electronic Posters to Support Formative Assessment

  • Salman Cheema
  • Kurt VanLehn
  • Hugh Burkhardt
  • Daniel Pead
  • Alan Schoenfeld

LockDoll: Providing Ambient Feedback of Smartphone Usage within Social Interaction

  • Seungwoo Choi
  • Hayeon Jeong
  • Minsam Ko
  • Uichin Lee

Improving Plagiarism Detection in Coding Assignments by Dynamic Removal of Common Ground

  • Christian Domin
  • Henning Pohl
  • Markus Krause

“That Neighborhood is Sketchy!”: Examining Online Conversations about Social Disorder in Transitioning Neighborhoods

  • Sheena Erete
  • Love Nicole
  • Jesse Mumm
  • Anfal Boussayoud
  • Ihudiya Finda Ogbonnaya-Ogburu

Feelbook: A Social Media App for Teens Designed to Foster Positive Online Behavior and Prevent Cyberbullying

  • Mingyue Fan
  • Liyue Yu
  • Leanne Bowler

Task-Based Focus and AdHoc-Focus-Territory: Novel Concepts for Shared Interactive Surfaces

  • Mirko Fetter
  • David Bimamisa
  • Tom Gross

StreamBED: Training Citizen Scientists to Make Qualitative Judgments Using Embodied Virtual Reality Training

  • Alina Striner
  • Jenny Preece

User Reviews and Language: How Language Influences Ratings

  • Scott A. Hale

Understanding Roles of Social Media in Academic Engagement and Satisfaction for Graduate Students

  • Kyungsik Han
  • Svitlana Volkova
  • Courtney D. Corley

PerSoN-Vis: Visualizing Personal Social Networks (Ego Networks)

  • Hafez Ezaiza
  • Shah Rukh Humayoun
  • Ragaad AlTarawneh
  • Achim Ebert

SlideQA: Supporting Effective Q&A in an Offline Academic Presentation

  • Juyoun Kim
  • Yoochan Kim
  • Sangkeun Park
  • Uichin Lee

HandVis: Visualized Gesture Support for Remote Cross-Lingual Communication

  • Kuan-Yu Lin
  • Seraphina Yong
  • Shuo-Ping Wang
  • Chien-Tung Lai
  • Hao-Chuan Wang

Team Dating: A Self-Organized Team Formation Strategy for Collaborative Crowdsourcing

  • Ioanna Lykourentzou
  • Shannon Wang
  • Robert E. Kraut
  • Steven P. Dow

Exploring the Potential of Children in Crowdsourcing

  • Stefan Manojlovic
  • Katerina Gavrilo
  • Jan de Wit
  • Vassilis-Javed Khan
  • Panos Markopoulos

Empathy Glasses

  • Katsutoshi Masai
  • Kai Kunze
  • Maki sugimoto
  • Mark Billinghurst

Exploring Editorial Content Optimization for Websites through a Statistical Ranking of Articles

  • Dan Sarkar
  • Brynne McGarry

Among the Machines: Human-Bot Interaction on Social Q&A Websites

  • Alessandro Murgia
  • Daan Janssens
  • Serge Demeyer
  • Bogdan Vasilescu

Understanding Participatory Hashtag Practices on Instagram: A Case Study of Weekend Hashtag Project

  • Changhoon Oh
  • Taeyoung Lee
  • Yoojung Kim
  • SoHyun Park
  • Bongwon Suh

First-time Security Audits as a Turning Point?: Challenges for Security Practices in an Industry Software Development Team

  • Andreas Poller
  • Laura Kocksch
  • Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda
  • Felix Anand Epp

Exploring the Use of Visual Annotations in a Remote Assistance Platform

  • Mark Rice
  • Shue Ching Chia
  • Hong Huei Tay
  • Marcus Wan
  • Liyuan Li
  • Jamie Ng
  • Joo Hwee Lim

You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Challenges in P2P Resource Sharing

  • Ross McLachlan
  • Claire Opila
  • Neha Shah
  • Emily Sun
  • Mor Naaman

The use of Digital Technology to Evaluate School Pupils’ Grasp of Energy Sustainability

  • Christopher Weeks
  • Charles Delalonde
  • Chris Preist

An Analysis of Cognitive Learning Context in MOOC Forum Messages

  • Jian-Syuan Wong
  • Bart Pursel
  • Anna Divinsky
  • Bernard J. Jansen

Practical Study of Positive-feedback Button for Brainstorming with Interjection Sound Effects

  • Natsuko Yoshida
  • Shogo Fukushima
  • Daiya Aida
  • Takeshi Naemura

Designing a Trip Planner Application for Groups: Exploring Group Tourists? Trip Planning Requirements

  • Lanyun Zhang
  • Xu Sun

Online Dating Coaches’ User Evaluation Strategies

  • Douglas Zytko
  • Sukeshini A. Grandhi
  • Quentin Jones

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Designing Interactive Systems

Investigating the Impact of Feedback on Gaming Performance on Motivation to Interact with Public Displays

  • Jiamin Shi
  • Daniel Buschek
  • Florian Alt

The Dial: Exploring Computational Strangeness

  • Kristina Andersen
  • Peter Knees

Designing Children’s Digital-Physical Play in Natural Outdoors Settings

  • Jon Back
  • Caspar Heeffer
  • Susan Paget
  • Andreas Rau
  • Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander
  • Annika Waern

Transcendhance: A Game to Facilitate Techno-Spiritual Design

  • Elizabeth Buie

Sharing a Robotic Pet as a Maintenance Strategy for Romantic Couples in Long-Distance Relationships.: An Autobiographical Design Exploration

  • Wei-Chi Chien
  • Marc Hassenzahl
  • Julika Welge

Beyond the Blandscape: Utilizing Aesthetics in Digital Cartography

  • Adrian Gradinar
  • Jonny Huck
  • Paul Coulton
  • Lara Salinas

Design Frictions for Mindful Interactions: The Case for Microboundaries

  • Anna L. Cox
  • Sandy J.J. Gould
  • Marta E. Cecchinato
  • Ioanna Iacovides
  • Ian Renfree

Design Fiction Film-Making: A Pipeline for Communicating Experiences

  • Marco Gilardi
  • Patrick Holroyd
  • Carly Brownbridge
  • Phil L. Watten
  • Marianna Obrist

CoPRA: a Design Exemplar for Habitable, Cyber-physical Environment

  • Yixiao Wang
  • Keith E. Green
  • Ian D. Walker

Investigating User Needs for Bio-sensing and Affective Wearables

  • Mariam Hassib
  • Mohamed Khamis
  • Stefan Schneegass
  • Ali Sahami Shirazi
  • Florian Alt

Computational Layout Perception using Gestalt Laws

  • Janin Koch
  • Antti Oulasvirta

Motion, Emotion, and Form: Exploring Affective Dimensions of Shape

  • Edward Melcer
  • Katherine Isbister

“Hold My Hand, Baby”: Understanding Engagement through the Illusion of Touch between Human and Agent

  • David Jan Mercado
  • Gilles Bailly
  • Catherine Pelachaud

As Simple as Possible but No Simpler: Creating Flexibility in Personal Informatics

  • Dawn Nafus
  • Pete Denman
  • Lenitra Durham
  • Omar Florez
  • Lama Nachman
  • Saurav Sahay
  • Evan Savage
  • Sangita Sharma
  • Devon Strawn
  • Rita H. Wouhaybi

COPPA COMPLIANCE: A Cooperative Inquiry Perspective

  • Zachary Pease
  • Greg Walsh

Embodied Reading: A Multisensory Experience.

  • Susana Sanchez
  • Tilman Dingler
  • Heng Gu
  • Kai Kunze

Constructivist Design for Interactive Machine Learning

  • Advait Sarkar

Keep Calm and Carry On: Exploring the Social Determinants of Indoor Environment Quality

  • Stephen Snow
  • Anna Soska
  • Shre Kumar Chatterjee
  • m.c. schraefel

SubjectBook: Hypothesis-Driven Ubiquitous Visualization for Affective Studies

  • Salah Taamneh
  • Malcolm Dcosta
  • Kyeong-An Kwon
  • Ioannis Pavlidis

Enabling Designers to Sketch Immersive Fulldome Presentations

  • Danwei Tran Luciani
  • Jonas Lundberg

Designing with Concrete For Enhancing Everyday Interactions

  • Yanan Wang
  • Shuai Liu
  • Yujia Lu
  • Jun Duan
  • Cheng Yao
  • Fangtian Ying

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Engineering of Interactive Systems

Eye Movement Biometrics on Wearable Devices: What Are the Limits?

  • Evgeniy Abdulin
  • Ioannis Rigas
  • Oleg Komogortsev

Towards Augmented Fabrication: Combining Fabricated and Existing Objects

  • Daniel Ashbrook
  • Shitao Stan Guo
  • Alan Lambie

On the Verge: Voluntary Convergences for Accurate and Precise Timing of Gaze Input

  • Dominik Kirst
  • Andreas Bulling

SPLASH: Smart-Phone Logging App for Sustaining Hydration Enabled by NFC

  • Xu Luo
  • Przemyslaw Woznowski
  • Alison Burrows
  • Mo Haghighi
  • Ian Craddock

iBeacon and HCI in Special Education: Micro-Location Based Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Rosanna Yuen-Yan Chan
  • Xue Bai
  • Xi Chen
  • Shuang Jia
  • Xiao-hong Xu

Recommending Movies Based on Mise-en-Scene Design

  • Yashar Deldjoo
  • Mehdi Elahi
  • Paolo Cremonesi
  • Franca Garzotto
  • Pietro Piazzolla

InspectorWidget: A System to Analyze Users Behaviors in Their Applications

  • Christian Frisson
  • Sylvain Malacria
  • Gilles Bailly
  • Thierry Dutoit

InstructableCrowd: Creating IF-THEN Rules via Conversations with the Crowd

  • Ting-Hao Kenneth Huang
  • Amos Azaria
  • Jeffrey P. Bigham

Immersive Terrestrial Scuba Diving Using Virtual Reality

  • Dhruv Jain
  • Misha Sra
  • Jingru Guo
  • Rodrigo Marques
  • Raymond Wu
  • Justin Chiu
  • Chris Schmandt

The Brain Matters: A 3D Real-Time Visualization to Examine Brain Source Activation Leveraging Neurofeedback

  • Thomas Kosch
  • Mariam Hassib
  • Albrecht Schmidt

ThermoTouch: Design of a High Dynamic Temperature Range Thermal Haptic Display

  • Sven Kratz
  • Anthony Dunnigan

High-Volume Hypothesis Testing for Large-Scale Web Log Analysis

  • Sana Malik
  • Eunyee Koh

Integrated Driving Aware System in the Real-World: Sensing, Computing and Feedback

  • Jung Wook Park
  • SeungJun Kim
  • Anind Dey

FreeTop: Finding Free Spots for Projective Augmentation

  • Jan Riemann
  • Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi
  • Martin Schmitz
  • Sebastian Doeweling
  • Florian Müller
  • Max Mühlhäuser

Drill Sergeant: Supporting Physical Construction Projects through an Ecosystem of Augmented Tools

  • Eldon Schoop
  • Michelle Nguyen
  • Daniel Lim
  • Valkyrie Savage
  • Sean Follmer
  • Björn Hartmann

Co-Viewing Room: Mobile TV Content Sharing in Social Chat

  • Pei-Yun Tu
  • Mei-Ling Chen
  • Chi-Lan Yang
  • Hao-Chuan Wang

Minerva II: A Novel Entity Discovery Tool

  • Andrew Jie Zhou
  • Hui Yang
  • Hongkai Wu

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Extending User Capabilities

Movement Fluidity Analysis Based on Performance and Perception

  • Stefano Piana
  • Paolo Alborno
  • Radoslaw Niewiadomski
  • Maurizio Mancini
  • Gualtiero Volpe
  • Antonio Camurri

Using Psychophysiological Parameters to Support Users in Setting Effective Activity Goals

  • Katja Herrmanny
  • Nils Beckmann
  • Katrin Nachbar
  • Hanno Sauer
  • Jürgen Ziegler
  • Aysegül Dogangün

Sonification Platform for Interaction with Real-Time Particle Collision Data from the ATLAS Detector

  • Juliana Cherston
  • Ewan Hill
  • Steven Goldfarb
  • Joseph A. Paradiso

Clocks, Bars and Balls: Design and Evaluation of Alternative GNomon Widgets for Children with Disabilities

  • Sebastián Aced López
  • Fulvio Corno
  • Luigi De Russis

Attending to Attention: Detecting and Combating Mind Wandering during Computerized Reading

  • Sidney D’Mello
  • Kristopher Kopp
  • Robert Earl Bixler
  • Nigel Bosch

Using Sound to Help Visually Impaired Children Play Independently

  • Euan Freeman
  • Stephen Brewster

Scented Material: Changing Features of Physical Creations based on Odors

  • Olivia Jezler
  • Elia Gatti
  • Marco Gilardi
  • Marianna Obrist

Using Brain Signals in Adaptive Smart Spaces for Disabled Children

  • Franca Garzotto
  • Mirko Gelsomini
  • Alessandro Pappalardo
  • Claudio Sanna
  • Erica Stella
  • Michele Zanella

MiLa: An Audiovisual Instrument for Learning the Curwen Hand Signs

  • Matt H.Y. Hong
  • William S. Hicks
  • Michael S. Horn

Toward Real-time Brain Sensing for Learning Assessment: Building a Rich Dataset

  • Shelby Keating
  • Erin Walker
  • Anil Motupali
  • Erin Solovey

MAGIC-Pointing on Large High-Resolution Displays

  • Lars Lischke
  • Valentin Schwind
  • Kai Friedrich
  • Albrecht Schmidt
  • Niels Henze

Embodied Interactions for Novel Immersive Presentational Experiences

  • Fabrice Matulic
  • Lars Engeln
  • Christoph Träger
  • Raimund Dachselt

Hajukone: Developing an Open Source Olfactory Device

  • David McGookin
  • Dariela Escobar

Multiwave: Doppler Effect Based Gesture Recognition in Multiple Dimensions

  • Corey Pittman
  • Pamela Wisniewski
  • Conner Brooks
  • Joseph J. LaViola, Jr.

Towards the Creation of Interspecies Digital Games: An Observational Study on Cats’ Interest in Interactive Technologies

  • Patricia Pons
  • Javier Jaen

Evaluating Haptic Feedback on a Steering Wheel in a Simulated Driving Scenario

  • Gözel Shakeri
  • Stephen A. Brewster
  • John Williamson
  • Alexander Ng

Toward a Systematic Understanding of Children’s Touchscreen Gestures

  • Alex Shaw
  • Lisa Anthony

Pactolus: A Method for Mid-Air Gesture Segmentation within EMG

  • Yineng Chen
  • Xiaojun Su
  • Feng Tian
  • Jin Huang
  • Xiaolong (Luke) Zhang
  • Guozhong Dai
  • Hongan Wang

Interactive Cheek Haptic Display with Air Vortex Rings for Stress Modification

  • Ryoko Ueoka
  • Mami Yamaguchi
  • Yuka Sato

Designing for Interactive Loving and Kindness Meditation on Mobile

  • Ralph Vacca

Mapping Abstract Visual Feedback to a Dimensional Model of Emotion

  • Graham Wilson
  • Pietro Romeo
  • Stephen A. Brewster

Prototyping the Machine-Human Dialogues in a Smartphone Voice Call Application With Task Resumption Support

  • W.L. Yeung
  • Simon Y.W. Li

HeartPlotter: Visualizing Bio-data by Drawing on Paper

  • Bin Yu
  • Rogier Arents
  • Mathias Funk
  • Jun Hu
  • Loe M.G. Feijs

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Games & Playful Interaction

WaterCoaster: A Device to Encourage People in a Playful Fashion to Reach Their Daily Water Intake Level

  • Pascal Lessel
  • Maximilian Altmeyer
  • Frederic Kerber
  • Michael Barz
  • Cornelius Leidinger
  • Antonio Krüger

e-Seesaw: A Tangible, Ludic, Parent-child, Awareness System

  • Yingze Sun
  • Matthew P. Aylett
  • Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez

Invasion of the Energy Monsters: A Family Board Game about Energy Consumption

  • Amartya Banerjee
  • Michael S. Horn
  • Pryce Davis

Player Type Models: Towards Empirical Validation

  • Marc Busch
  • Elke Mattheiss
  • Rita Orji
  • Peter Fröhlich
  • Michael Lankes
  • Manfred Tscheligi

Playing with the Artworks: Engaging with Art through an Augmented Reality Game

  • Klen äopič Pucihar
  • Matjaž Kljun
  • Paul Coulton

3D Virtual Tracing and Depth Perception Problem on Mobile AR

  • Leo Gombač
  • Klen Čopič Pucihar
  • Matjaž Kljun
  • Paul Coulton
  • Jan Grbac

Data-driven Prediction Games

  • Gabriel Dzodom
  • Frank Shipman

Remote Heart Rate Sensing and Projection to Renew Traditional Board Games and Foster Social Interactions

  • Jérémy Frey

Gameplay as Exercise

  • Kristoffer Hagen
  • Konstantinos Chorianopoulos
  • Alf Inge Wang
  • Letizia Jaccheri
  • Stian Weie

Diary Methods in AAA Games User Research

  • Serena Hillman
  • Tad Stach
  • Jason Procyk
  • Veronica Zammitto

Applying Exergaming Input to Standard Commercial Digital Games

  • Matthew Hudson

Exploring the Impact of Avatar Color on Game Experience in Educational Games

  • Dominic Kao
  • D. Fox Harrell

Exploring the Effects of Encouragement in Educational Games

  • Dominic Kao
  • D. Fox Harrell

Evaluation of StarCraft Artificial Intelligence Competition Bots by Experienced Human Players

  • Man-Je Kim
  • Kyung-Joong Kim
  • SeungJun Kim
  • Anind K. Dey

Sonic-Badminton: Audio-Augmented Badminton Game for Blind People

  • Shin Kim
  • Kun-pyo Lee
  • Tek-Jin Nam

Psychophysiology of Challenge in Play: EDA and Self-Reported Arousal

  • Madison Klarkowski
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Peta Wyeth
  • Cody Phillips
  • Simon Smith

Lights Out: An Interactive Tangible Game for Training of Post-Stroke Reaching

  • Pan Wang
  • Raymond K.C. Koh
  • Christian Gilles Boucharenc
  • Ching-Chiuan Yen

Designing and Utilizing Biofeedback Games for Emotion Regulation: The Case of Nevermind

  • Adam Lobel
  • Marientina Gotsis
  • Erin Reynolds
  • Michael Annetta
  • Rutger C.M.E. Engels
  • Isabela Granic

CustomConsole: A Framework for Supporting Cross-device Videogames

  • Asier Marzo

TwitchViz: A Visualization Tool for Twitch Chatrooms

  • Rui Pan
  • Lyn Bartram
  • Carman Neustaedter

Studying the Impact of Spatial Involvement on Training Mental Rotation with Minecraft

  • Anna Nguyen
  • Stefan Rank

Evaluating Physical Movement as Trigger for Transitioning Between Environments in Virtual Reality

  • Josh Kohn
  • Stefan Rank

Are We in Flow Neurophysiological Correlates of Flow States in a Collaborative Game

  • Élise Labonté-LeMoyne
  • Pierre-Majorique Léger
  • Beverly Resseguier
  • Marie-Christine Bastarache-Roberge
  • Marc Fredette
  • Sylvain Sénécal
  • François Courtemanche

DEEP: A Biofeedback Virtual Reality Game for Children At-risk for Anxiety

  • Marieke van Rooij
  • Adam Lobel
  • Owen Harris
  • Niki Smit
  • Isabela Granic

betaCube: Enhancing Training for Climbing by a Self-Calibrating Camera-Projection Unit

  • Frederik Wiehr
  • Felix Kosmalla
  • Florian Daiber
  • Antonio Krüger

Time Pressure as Video Game Design Element and Basic Need Satisfaction

  • Irem Gökçe Yildirim

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Interaction in Specific Domains

Negotiation as an Interaction Mechanism for Deciding App Permissions

  • Tim Baarslag
  • Alper T. Alan
  • Richard C. Gomer
  • Ilaria Liccardi
  • Helia Marreiros
  • Enrico H. Gerding
  • m.c. schraefel

Rekindling Imagination in Dementia Care with the Resonant Interface Rocking Chair

  • Peter Bennett
  • Heidi Hinder
  • Kirsten Cater

Endorsement, Prior Action, and Language: Modeling Trusted Advice in Computerized Clinical Alerts

  • Debaleena Chattopadhyay
  • Jon D. Duke
  • Davide Bolchini

Let’s Get Lost: Exploring Social Norms In Predominately Blind Environments

  • William Easley
  • Michele A. Williams
  • Ali Abdolrahmani
  • Caroline Galbraith
  • Stacy M. Branham
  • Amy Hurst
  • Shaun K. Kane

My Scrawl Hides It All: Protecting Text Messages Against Shoulder Surfing With Handwritten Fonts

  • Malin Eiband
  • Emanuel von Zezschwitz
  • Daniel Buschek
  • Heinrich Hußmann

VapeTracker: Tracking Vapor Consumption to Help E-cigarette Users Quit

  • Abdallah El Ali
  • Andrii Matviienko
  • Yannick Feld
  • Wilko Heuten
  • Susanne Boll

MelissAR: Towards Augmented Visual Analytics of Honey Bee Behaviour

  • Ulrich Engelke
  • Holly Hutson
  • Huyen Nguyen
  • Paulo de Souza

Practicing DIYBiology In An HCI Setting

  • Piyum Fernando
  • Matthew Pandelakis
  • Stacey Kuznetsov

ReWear: Early Explorations of a Modular Wearable Construction Kit for Young Children

  • Majeed Kazemitabaar
  • Liang He
  • Katie Wang
  • Chloe Aloimonos
  • Tony Cheng
  • Jon E. Froehlich

Shop Together, Search Together: Collaborative E-commerce

  • Yanjun Gao
  • Madhu Reddy
  • Bernard J. Jansen

Bending Blindly: Exploring Bend Gestures for the Blind

  • Matthew Ernst
  • Audrey Girouard

Exploring Haptics for Learning Bend Gestures for the Blind

  • Matthew Ernst
  • Audrey Girouard

Season’s Greetings: An Analysis of Christmas Card Use

  • Daniel Gooch
  • Ryan Kelly

Identifying Opportunities to Support Family Caregiving in Chile

  • Francisco J. Gutierrez
  • Sergio F. Ochoa
  • Julita Vassileva

Towards Computer Assisted Crowd Aware Architectural Design

  • Brandon Haworth
  • Muhammad Usman
  • Glen Berseth
  • Mahyar Khayatkhoei
  • Mubbasir Kapadia
  • Petros Faloutsos

Can DiCoT Improve Infection Control?: A Distributed Cognition Study of Information Flow in Intensive Care

  • Mustafa Hussain
  • Nadir Weibel

BITxBIT: Encouraging Behavior Change with N=2 Experiments

  • Natasha Jaques
  • Travis Rich
  • Karthik Dinakar
  • Niaja Farve
  • Weixuan ‘Vincent’ Chen
  • Pattie Maes
  • Rosalind Picard
  • Kevin Slavin

Evaluating Item-Item Similarity Algorithms for Movies

  • Lucas Colucci
  • Prachi Doshi
  • Kun-Lin Lee
  • Jiajie Liang
  • Yin Lin
  • Ishan Vashishtha
  • Jia Zhang
  • Alvin Jude

Digital Neighborhood Watch: To Share or Not to Share?

  • Cristina Kadar
  • Yiea-Funk Te
  • Raquel Rosés Brüngger
  • Irena Pletikosa Cvijikj

GazeTouchPass: Multimodal Authentication Using Gaze and Touch on Mobile Devices

  • Mohamed Khamis
  • Florian Alt
  • Mariam Hassib
  • Emanuel von Zezschwitz
  • Regina Hasholzner
  • Andreas Bulling

EcoMeal: A Smart Tray for Promoting Healthy Dietary Habits

  • Jaejeung Kim
  • Joonyoung Park
  • Uichin Lee

Investigating Instructional Pacing Supports for Teaching Students with Intellectual Disability

  • Rodrigo Laiola Guimarães
  • Andrea Britto Mattos
  • Carlos Henrique Cardonha

Helping Users Set Rules for Defining Short-Term Activity Goals

  • Jisoo Lee
  • Eric B. Hekler
  • Emil Chiauzzi
  • Auriell Towner
  • Marcy Fitz-Randolph

ToPIN: A Visual Analysis Tool for Time-anchored Comments in Online Educational Videos

  • Ching-Ying Sung
  • Xun-Yi Huang
  • Yicong Shen
  • Fu-Yin Cherng
  • Wen-Chieh Lin
  • Hao-Chuan Wang

ReHappy: The House Elf that serves your Rehabilitation Exercises

  • Karin Coninx
  • Tom De Weyer
  • Ryanne Lemmens
  • Kris Luyten

Differences in Perceived Impact of Person-Centered Technology on Older Adults’ Quality of Life

  • Galina Madjaroff
  • Helena Mentis
  • Judah Ronch

SeismoTracker: Upgrade any Smart Wearable to enable a Sensing of Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, and Microvibrations

  • Marian Haescher
  • Denys J.C. Matthies
  • John Trimpop
  • Bodo Urban

Simplifying Overviews of Temporal Event Sequences

  • Matthew Louis Mauriello
  • Ben Shneiderman
  • Fan Du
  • Sana Malik
  • Catherine Plaisant

Bridging the Physical Divide: A Design Framework for Embodied Learning Games and Simulations

  • Edward F. Melcer
  • Katherine Isbister

Using Persuasive Mobile Apps to Enhance Children’s Health and Well Being: A Sri Lankan Experience

  • Omar Mubin
  • Jayathri Wijayarathne
  • Muneeb Imtiaz Ahmad
  • Athula Ginige
  • Roshan Hewapathirana

Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Smart Tracker for People with Dementia

  • Joy Ng
  • Haixun Kong

Effects of Simple Personalized Goals on the Usage of a Physical Activity App

  • Ashik Khatri
  • Dvijesh Shastri
  • Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis
  • Ilyas Uyanik
  • Ergun Akleman
  • Ioannis Pavlidis

Dynamic and Interactive Lighting for Fashion Store Windows

  • Paolo Cremonesi
  • Antonella Di Rienzo
  • Franca Garzotto
  • Luigi Oliveto
  • Pietro Piazzolla

PaperQuest: A Visualization Tool to Support Literature Review

  • Antoine Ponsard
  • Francisco Escalona
  • Tamara Munzner

Keeping Watch: Exploring Wearable Technology Designs for K-12 Teachers

  • Rebecca Quintana
  • Chris Quintana
  • Cheryl Madeira
  • James D. Slotta

Comparing Three Task Guidance Interfaces for Wire Harness Assembly

  • Mark Rice
  • Hong Huei Tay
  • Jamie Ng
  • Calvin Lim
  • Senthil Kumar Selvaraj
  • Ellick Wu

Design of a Human-Machine Interface for Truck Platooning

  • Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni
  • Thomas Friedrichs
  • Wilko Heuten
  • Andreas Lüdtke
  • Susanne Boll

Multivariate Networks: A Novel Edge Visualization Approach for Graph-based Visual Analysis Tasks

  • Sebastian Schöffel
  • Johannes Schwank
  • Jan Stärz
  • Achim Ebert

Supporting Pakistani Farmers Through Digital Means: An Exploratory Study

  • Syed Ali
  • Harris Durrani
  • Muhammad Naeem
  • Waleed Riaz
  • Suleman Shahid

Sonifying Internet Security Threats

  • Akbar Siami Namin
  • Rattikorn Hewett
  • Keith S. Jones
  • Rona Pogrund

Is This Good or Bad?: Redesigning Visual Displays of Medical Test Results in Patient Portals to Provide Context and Meaning

  • Jacob Solomon
  • Aaron M. Scherer
  • Nicole L. Exe
  • Holly O. Witteman
  • Angela Fagerlin
  • Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher

In the Eye of the Beholder: The Impact of Frame Rate on Human Eye Blink

  • Benjamin Tag
  • Junichi Shimizu
  • Chi Zhang
  • Kai Kunze
  • Naohisa Ohta
  • Kazunori Sugiura

CompuWoven: A Computer-Aided Fabrication Approach to Hand-Woven Craft

  • Ye Tao
  • Nannan Lu
  • Caowei Zhang
  • Guanyun Wang
  • Cheng Yao
  • Fangtian Ying

Lernanto: Using an Ambient Display During Differentiated Instruction

  • Erik van Alphen
  • Saskia Bakker

Mythologies of Business Intelligence

  • Nitya Verma
  • Amy Voida

A Wearable Social Interaction Aid for Children with Autism

  • Peter Washington
  • Catalin Voss
  • Nick Haber
  • Serena Tanaka
  • Jena Daniels
  • Carl Feinstein
  • Terry Winograd
  • Dennis Wall

Smartphone Notifications in Context: a Case Study on Receptivity by the Example of an Advertising Service

  • Tilo Westermann
  • Ina Wechsung
  • Sebastian Möller

Tableur: Handwritten Spreadsheets

  • Emanuel Zgraggen
  • Robert Zeleznik
  • Philipp Eichmann

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Novel Interactions

Tangible Interface for Controlling Toys-To-Life Characters Emotions

  • Marc Antonijoan
  • David Miralles

Input Techniques to the Surface around a Smartphone using a Magnet Attached on a Stylus

  • Tetsuya Abe
  • Buntarou Shizuki
  • Jiro Tanaka

ThumbSlide: An Interaction Technique for Smartwatches using a Thumb Slide Movement

  • Shuhei Aoyama
  • Buntarou Shizuki
  • Jiro Tanaka

U ok?: Txt me the Colour of ur Mood!

  • Andra Balta
  • Janet C. Read

Privacy Itch and Scratch: On Body Privacy Warnings and Controls

  • Vikram Mehta
  • Arosha K. Bandara
  • Blaine A. Price
  • Bashar Nuseibeh

SoundFORMS: Manipulating Sound Through Touch

  • Aubrey Colter
  • Patlapa Davivongsa
  • Donald Derek Haddad
  • Halla Moore
  • Brian Tice
  • Hiroshi Ishii

PressTact: Side Pressure-Based Input for Smartwatch Interaction

  • Rajkumar Darbar
  • Prasanta Kr Sen
  • Debasis Samanta

Unconstrained Pedestrian Navigation based on Vibro-tactile Feedback around the Wristband of a Smartwatch

  • David Dobbelstein
  • Philipp Henzler
  • Enrico Rukzio

The Interaction Material Profile: Understanding and Inspiring How Physical Materials Shape Interaction

  • Tanja Döring

VRSurus: Enhancing Interactivity and Tangibility of Puppets in Virtual Reality

  • Ruofei Du
  • Liang He

Interacting with Connected Devices through a Drawable User Interface

  • Marc Exposito
  • David Miralles

User Attention with Head-Worn Displays

  • Niaja Farve
  • Tal Achituv
  • Pattie Maes

MarkAirs: Around-Device Interactions with Tablets Using Fiducial Markers — An Evaluation of Precision Tasks

  • Fernando Garcia-Sanjuan
  • Javier Jaen
  • Geraldine Fitzpatrick
  • Alejandro Catala

FlexStylus: A Deformable Stylus for Digital Art

  • Nicholas Fellion
  • Alexander Keith Eady
  • Audrey Girouard

Projected Fiducial Markers for Dynamic Content Display on Guided Tours

  • Jonna Häkkilä
  • Juho Rantakari
  • Lasse Virtanen
  • Ashley Colley
  • Keith Cheverst

Grabrics: A Foldable Two-Dimensional Textile Input Controller

  • Nur Al-huda Hamdan
  • Florian Heller
  • Chat Wacharamanotham
  • Jan Thar
  • Jan Borchers

SolidNoise: Making Musical Robots

  • Jiffer Harriman
  • Matthew Bethancourt
  • Abhishek Narula
  • Michael Theodore
  • Mark Gross

Evaluation of Callout Design for Ultra-small Touch Screen Devices

  • Akira Ishii
  • Buntarou Shizuki
  • Jiro Tanaka

Reporting and Visualizing Fitts’s Law: Dataset, Tools and Methodologies

  • Alvin Jude
  • Darren Guinness
  • G. Michael Poor

Follow the Force: Steering the Index Finger towards Targets using EMS

  • Oliver Beren Kaul
  • Max Pfeiffer
  • Michael Rohs

HapticHead: 3D Guidance and Target Acquisition through a Vibrotactile Grid

  • Oliver Beren Kaul
  • Michael Rohs

Investigating Interaction Techniques for State-of-the-Art Smartwatches

  • Frederic Kerber
  • Tobias Kiefer
  • Markus Löchtefeld

Building Blocks for Designing Future Multi-Device Interaction

  • Yongkwan Kim
  • Hanbit Kim
  • Seok-Hyung Bae
  • SangJeong Lee
  • Chul-Joo Kim

Exploring the Layered Use of Transparent Display on a Large Tabletop Display

  • Chang Min Kim
  • Tek-Jin Nam

Slowee: A Smart Eating-Speed Guide System with Light and Vibration Feedback

  • Joohee Kim
  • Kwang-Jae Lee
  • Mankyung Lee
  • Nahyeon Lee
  • Byung-Chull Bae
  • Genehee Lee
  • Juhee Cho
  • Young Mog Shim
  • Jun-Dong Cho

Natural Voting Interactions for Collaborative Work with Mobile Devices

  • Romina Kühn
  • Mandy Korzetz
  • Lukas Büschel
  • Christina Korger
  • Philip Manja
  • Thomas Schlegel

Finger Placement and Hand Grasp during Smartphone Interaction

  • Huy Viet Le
  • Sven Mayer
  • Katrin Wolf
  • Niels Henze

Exploring the Front Touch Interface for Virtual Reality Headsets

  • Jihyun Lee
  • Byungmoon Kim
  • Bongwon Suh
  • Eunyee Koh

Smart Ubiquitous Projection: Discovering Surfaces for the Projection of Adaptive Content

  • Fabrice Matulic
  • Wolfgang Büschel
  • Michael Ying Yang
  • Stephan Ihrke
  • Anmol Ramraika
  • Carsten Rother
  • Raimund Dachselt

CubeLendar: Design of a Tangible Interactive Event Awareness Cube

  • Andrii Matviienko
  • Sebastian Horwege
  • Lennart Frick
  • Christoph Ressel
  • Susanne Boll

Tangible Interfaces for Interactive Evolutionary Computation

  • Thomas Mitchell
  • Peter Bennett
  • Sebastian Madgwick
  • Edward Davies
  • Philip Tew

ProxiWatch: Enhancing Smartwatch Interaction through Proximity-based Hand Input

  • Florian Müller
  • Sebastian Günther
  • Niloofar Dezfuli
  • Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi
  • Max Mühlhäuser

Using a Mobile Device Fingerprint Sensor as a Gestural Input Device

  • Anna Ostberg
  • Mohamed Sheik-Nainar
  • Nada Matic

Exploring Interactions with a Flexible Tactile Device for Multi-Context Interaction

  • Sabrina Panëels
  • Steven Strachan
  • Hanna Yousef
  • Sylvain Bouchigny

Ringteraction: Coordinated Thumb-index Interaction Using a Ring

  • Sarthak Ghosh
  • Hyeong Cheol Kim
  • Yang Cao
  • Arne Wessels
  • Simon T. Perrault
  • Shengdong Zhao

GazeLaser: A Hands-Free Highlighting Technique for Presentations

  • Oleg Špakov
  • Harri Siirtola
  • Howell Istance
  • Kari-Jouko Räihä

Force Attraction Pen: A Haptic Pen with Variable Attraction Force

  • James Burnside
  • Ben Elgar
  • Sam Healer
  • Alexander Hill
  • Zac Ioannidis
  • Luke Mitchell
  • Paul Worgan
  • Anne Roudaut

IStage: An Interactive Stage System

  • Christos Chacholiades
  • Cesar Flores Cano
  • Yuying Wang
  • Eman Meldah
  • Themis Omirou
  • Anne Roudaut

NotiFall: Ambient Sonification System Using Water

  • Alex Harman
  • Hristo Dimitrov
  • Ruisha Ma
  • Sam Whitehouse
  • Yiu Li
  • Paul Worgan
  • Themis Omirou
  • Anne Roudaut

DooBoo: Pet-Like Interactive Dashboard towards Emotional Electric Vehicle

  • Yea-Kyung Row
  • Chang Min Kim
  • Tek-Jin Nam

SPOCK: A Smooth Pursuit Oculomotor Control Kit

  • Simon Schenk
  • Philipp Tiefenbacher
  • Gerhard Rigoll
  • Michael Dorr

Liquido: Embedding Liquids into 3D Printed Objects to Sense Tilting and Motion

  • Martin Schmitz
  • Andreas Leister
  • Niloofar Dezfuli
  • Jan Riemann
  • Florian Müller
  • Max Mühlhäuser

Force-enabled TouchPad in Cars: Improving Target Selection using Absolute Input

  • Mohamed Sheik-Nainar
  • Jochen Huber
  • Raja Bose
  • Nada Matic

Investigating Accuracy of Tilting Operation on Wrist-worn Devices with Touchscreens

  • Keigo Shima
  • Kazusa Onishi
  • Ryosuke Takada
  • Takuya Adachi
  • Buntarou Shizuki
  • Jiro Tanaka

Towards a Pattern Language for Distributed User Interfaces

  • Ilya Shmorgun
  • David Lamas
  • Eduardo Mercer

INTACT: Instant Interaction with 3D Printed Objects

  • Charles Hudin
  • Sabrina Panëels
  • Steven Strachan

What can Doodles on the Arm teach us about On-Body Interaction?

  • Paul Strohmeier
  • Juan Pablo Carrascal
  • Kasper Hornbæk

MonoTouch: Single Capacitive Touch Sensor that Differentiates Touch Gestures

  • Ryosuke Takada
  • Buntarou Shizuki
  • Jiro Tanaka

Purpose-Centric Appropriation of Everyday Objects as Game Controllers

  • Kashyap Todi
  • Donald Degraen
  • Brent Berghmans
  • Axel Faes
  • Matthijs Kaminski
  • Kris Luyten

Mobile Phone Usage Cycles: A Torus Topology for Spherical Visualisation

  • Julie R. Williamson
  • John Williamson
  • Vassilis Kostakos
  • Keith Hamilton
  • Jeremy Green

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: People and Contexts

Privacy-Enhancing of User’s Behaviour Toward Privacy Settings in Social Networking Sites

  • Abdulhadi Alqarni
  • Srinivas Sampalli

ABC: Using Object Tracking to Automate Behavioural Coding

  • Aitor Apaolaza
  • Robert Haines
  • Amaia Aizpurua
  • Andy Brown
  • Michael Evans
  • Stephen Jolly
  • Simon Harper
  • Caroline Jay

Reflections on 5 Years of Personal Informatics: Rising Concerns and Emerging Directions

  • Amid Ayobi
  • Paul Marshall
  • Anna L. Cox

Thinking in Stories: Narrative-based Design for Higher-Level Thinking

  • Sourabh Bhangaonkar
  • Sharon Lynn Chu
  • Francis Quek

Design Opportunities for Supporting Informal Caregivers

  • Lilian Bernadina Josefina Bosch
  • Marije Kanis

Crowdsourced Facial Expression Mapping Using a 3D Avatar

  • Crystal Butler
  • Lakshmi Subramanian
  • Stephanie Michalowicz

Towards Understanding How Speech Output Affects Navigation System Credibility

  • Benjamin R. Cowan
  • Derek Gannon
  • Jenny Walsh
  • Justin Kinneen
  • Eanna O’Keefe
  • Linxin Xie

Smile or Cry?: The Impact of a Victim’s Facial Expression on Helping Behavior in Emergency Applications

  • André Dahlinger
  • Felix Wortmann

Beyond Smartphone Overuse: Identifying Addictive Mobile Apps

  • Xiang Ding
  • Jing Xu
  • Guanling Chen
  • Chenren Xu

SoundGuides: Adapting Continuous Auditory Feedback to Users

  • Jules Françoise
  • Olivier Chapuis
  • Sylvain Hanneton
  • Frédéric Bevilacqua

User Disbelief in Privacy Paradox: Heuristics that determine Disclosure

  • Andrew Gambino
  • Jinyoung Kim
  • S. Shyam Sundar
  • Jun Ge
  • Mary Beth Rosson

Exploring Interaction Modalities and Task Allocation for Household Robotic Arms

  • Sascha Herr
  • Tom Gross
  • Michael Gradmann
  • Dominik Henrich

Three Personas of Potential High-Resolution Music Users

  • Hyejin Im
  • Nam Wook Kim

Social or Financial Goals?: Comparative Analysis of User Behaviors in Couchsurfing and Airbnb

  • Jiwon Jung
  • Susik Yoon
  • SeungHyun Kim
  • SangKeun Park
  • Kun-Pyo Lee
  • Uichin Lee

The WEAR Scale: Developing a Measure of the Social Acceptability of a Wearable Device

  • Norene Kelly
  • Stephen Gilbert

Exploring Motivations for Bitcoin Technology Usage

  • Irni Eliana Khairuddin
  • Corina Sas
  • Sarah Clinch
  • Nigel Davies

Conflict Management in Multi-user Applications for People with Disabilities

  • Claudia Loitsch
  • Diana Hille
  • Gerhard Weber

Supporting Retirement Socially and Musically by Technology: An Ethnographic Study of Local Community Musicians

  • Mao Mao
  • Alan F. Blackwell
  • Johanna M. Lukate
  • David A. Good

The Web Is Flat: The Inflation of Uncommon Experiences Online

  • Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli
  • Gili Rusak
  • Jaime Teevan
  • Michael S. Bernstein

Does Social Endorsement Influence Physiological Arousal?

  • Soo Youn Oh
  • Soohee Kim

Running: A Flexible Situated Study

  • Elizaveta Temir
  • Aisling Ann O’Kane
  • Paul Marshall
  • Ann Blandford

Towards Reusable Personas for Everyday Design

  • Ciarán O’Leary
  • Fred Mtenzi
  • Claire McAvinia

Accept the Banana: Exploring Incidental Cognitive Bias Modification Techniques on Smartphones

  • Charlie Pinder
  • Rowanne Fleck
  • Rosa Lilia Segundo Díaz
  • Russell Beale
  • Robert J. Hendley

Don’t Kick the Habit: The Role of Dependency in Habit Formation Apps

  • Ian Renfree
  • Daniel Harrison
  • Paul Marshall
  • Katarzyna Stawarz
  • Anna Cox

Measuring Trust: The Simpler the Better?

  • Denise Christine Rieser
  • Orlando Bernhard

Life Review in End of Life Care: A Practitioner’s Perspective

  • Corina Sas
  • Shuang Ren
  • Alina Coman
  • Sarah Clinch
  • Nigel Davies

Understanding Colour Impact on Warning Messages: Evidence from US and India

  • Mario Silic

Investigating Effects of Exergames on Exercise Intentions among Young-Old and Old-Old

  • Xuexin Xu
  • Yin-Leng Theng
  • Jinhui Li
  • Pham Tan Phat

SESSION: Late-Breaking Works: Usable, Useful, and Desirable

Confirmation Responses: In-context, Visible, & Predictable Design versus Popup Windows

  • Evgeniy Abdulin
  • Dorrit Billman

Understanding Nurses’ Perception Regarding the Use of NFC Application During Medication Administration

  • Maali Alabdulhafith
  • Abdulhadi Alqarni
  • Srinivas Sampalli

Usability and Effectiveness Evaluation of Adaptivity in E-Learning Systems

  • Mohammad Alshammari
  • Rachid Anane
  • Robert J. Hendley

A Phrase Set for Bengali Text Entry Evaluations Based on Actual Text Messages

  • Ahmed Sabbir Arif
  • Sarah Fardeen

Comparison of Kansei Engineering and AttrakDiff to Evaluate Kitchen Products

  • Nigel Bevan
  • Zhengjie Liu
  • Cathy Barnes
  • Marc Hassenzahl
  • Weijie Wei

Between the Lines: A Comparative Study of Freeform-Based Knowledge-Map-Creation with Paper and Tablet

  • Marius Brade
  • Anja Sehl
  • Rainer Groh

Identifying Experience Categories to Design for Positive Experiences with Technology at Work.

  • Katharina M. Zeiner
  • Magdalena Laib
  • Katharina Schippert
  • Michael Burmester

Using the Kano Model to Balance Delight and Frustration for an Enterprise Application

  • Jinghui Cheng
  • James Mulholland
  • Anil Shankar

Correcting Exercise Form Using Body Tracking

  • Caleb Conner
  • Gene Michael Poor

Misplaced Trust: A Bias in Human-Machine Trust Attribution — In Contradiction to Learning Theory

  • Dan Conway
  • Fang Chen
  • Kun Yu
  • Jianlong Zhou
  • Richard Morris

Automatic Body Part Measurement of Dressed Humans Using Single RGB-D Camera

  • Camila Dorin
  • Barak Hurwitz

cTed: Advancing Selection Mechanisms in Web Browsers

  • Philipp Eichmann
  • Hyunchang Song
  • Emanuel Zgraggen

Usability of Lightweight Defibrillators for UAV Delivery

  • Mathias Fleck

Presentation Strategies for Micro-Navigation in the Physical World

  • Nur Al-huda Hamdan
  • Marcel Lahaye
  • Christian Corsten
  • Jan Borchers

Evaluating Severity Rating Scales for Heuristic Evaluation

  • Sascha Herr
  • Nina Baumgartner
  • Tom Gross

Designing a Literacy-Based Mobile Application for Adult Learners

  • Jennifer Hill
  • Rahul Simha

Shorter Wait Times: The Effects of Various Loading Screens on Perceived Performance

  • Jess Hohenstein
  • Hani Khan
  • Kramer Canfield
  • Samuel Tung
  • Rocio Perez Cano

Attitudes Towards Vertical Farming at Home: A User Study

  • Guido Jansen
  • Nazli Cila
  • Marije Kanis
  • Yanti Slaats

Finding “Interesting” Correlations in Multi-Faceted Personal Informatics Systems

  • Simon L. Jones
  • Ryan Kelly

Feminizing Robots: User Responses to Gender Cues on Robot Body and Screen

  • Eun Hwa Jung
  • T. Franklin Waddell
  • S. Shyam Sundar

Gamification of a Workday: A Study on the Effects in Sheltered Employment

  • Oliver Korn
  • Johannes Lang
  • Andreas Korge
  • Haris Causegic
  • Albrecht Schmidt

Contextual Inquiry of Future Commuting in Autonomous Cars

  • Sven Krome
  • Steffen P Walz
  • Stefan Greuter

An Effective User Centered Approach: Using Web Design Framework to Support User Experience Design of Interactive Multi-functional Product

  • Jiaxin Lin
  • Jie Li

An Exploration of Designing for Playfulness in a Business Context

  • Sherif Mekky
  • Andrés Lucero

Defining Usability Problems

  • Pavel Manakhov
  • Vyacheslav D. Ivanov

Perceived User Experience of Animated Transitions in Mobile User Interfaces

  • Benedikt Merz
  • Alexandre N. Tuch
  • Klaus Opwis

Games User Research (GUR) for Indie Studios

  • Naeem Moosajee
  • Pejman Mirza-Babaei

Hedonic Enjoyment and Personal Expressiveness in Positive User Experiences

  • Livia J. Müller
  • Elisa D. Mekler
  • Klaus Opwis

How to Report App Feedback?: Analyzing Feedback Reporting Behavior

  • Jeungmin Oh
  • SangJeong Lee
  • Uichin Lee

Parenting Digital Youth: How Now?

  • Diane J. Schiano
  • Christine Burg
  • Anthony Nalan Smith
  • Florencia Moore

Designing Smartphone Feedback Based on Vibration Impression

  • Shota Shiraga
  • Yuichiro Kinoshita
  • Kentaro Go

You are Being Watched: Bystanders’ Perspective on the Use of Camera Devices in Public Spaces

  • Samarth Singhal
  • Carman Neustaedter
  • Thecla Schiphorst
  • Anthony Tang
  • Abhisekh Patra
  • Rui Pan

Information Seeking and Evaluation of Online Sexual Health Resources among Late Adolescents

  • Summer Starling
  • Coye Cheshire

Daily & Hourly Adherence: Towards Understanding Activity Tracker Accuracy

  • Lie Ming Tang
  • Margot Day
  • Lina Engelen
  • Philip Poronnik
  • Adrian Bauman
  • Judy Kay

Co-designing Scientific Software: Hackathons for Participatory Interface Design

  • Andrea K. Thomer
  • Michael B. Twidale
  • Jinlong Guo
  • Matthew J. Yoder

Biomechanics of Thumb Touch Gestures on Handheld Devices

  • Philipp Tiefenbacher
  • Amir Chouchane
  • Daniel Merget
  • Simon Schenk
  • Gerhard Rigoll

Murphy Miserable Robot: A Companion to Support Children’s Well-being in Emotionally Difficult Situations

  • Daniel Ullrich
  • Sarah Diefenbach
  • Andreas Butz

A System Modeling Based Anti-Shake Technique for Mobile Display

  • Jyh-Da Wei
  • Hsu-Fu Hsiao
  • Pei-Yu Jiang

Unsupervised Detection of Abnormal Moments for Usability Testing of Mobile Apps

  • Jing Xu
  • Xiang Ding
  • Ke Huang
  • Guanling Chen

Assisting Food Journaling with Automatic Eating Detection

  • Xu Ye
  • Guanling Chen
  • Yang Gao
  • Honghao Wang
  • Yu Cao

What Makes a Brand Look Expensive?

  • Jingxian Zhang
  • Neel Kothari
  • Asad Imtiaz Butt
  • Ranjitha Kumar

SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Touch, Taste, & Smell User Interfaces: The Future of Multisensory HCI

  • Marianna Obrist
  • Carlos Velasco
  • Chi Thanh Vi
  • Nimesha Ranasinghe
  • Ali Israr
  • Adrian D. Cheok
  • Charles Spence
  • Ponnampalam Gopalakrishnakone

Exploring Social Justice, Design, and HCI

  • Sarah Fox
  • Mariam Asad
  • Katherine Lo
  • Jill P. Dimond
  • Lynn S. Dombrowski
  • Shaowen Bardzell

Move to be Moved

  • Kristina Höök
  • Martin Jonsson
  • Anna Ståhl
  • Jakob Tholander
  • Toni Robertson
  • Patrizia Marti
  • Dag Svanaes
  • Marianne Graves Petersen
  • Jodi Forlizzi
  • Thecla Schiphorst
  • Katherine Isbister
  • Caroline Hummels
  • Sietske Klooster
  • Lian Loke
  • George Poonkhin Khut

Proxemic Mobile Collocated Interactions

  • Martin Porcheron
  • Andrés Lucero
  • Aaron Quigley
  • Nicolai Marquardt
  • James Clawson
  • Kenton O’Hara

Pervasive Play

  • June Ahn
  • Elizabeth Bonsignore
  • Derek L. Hansen
  • Kari Kraus
  • Carman Neustaedter

Japanese HCI Symposium: Emerging Japanese HCI Research Collection

  • Kohei Matsumura
  • Masa Ogata
  • Saki Sakaguchi
  • Takashi Ijiri
  • Takeshi Nishida
  • Jun Kato
  • Hiromi Nakamura
  • Daisuke Sakamoto
  • Yoshifumi Kitamura

Sharing Methods for Involving People with Impairments in Design: Exploring the Method Story Approach

  • Karin Slegers
  • Niels Hendriks
  • Pieter Duysburgh
  • Rita Maldonado Branco
  • Bert Vandenberghe
  • Eva Brandt

Music and HCI

  • Simon Holland
  • Andrew P. McPherson
  • Wendy E. Mackay
  • Marcelo M. Wanderley
  • Michael D. Gurevich
  • Tom W. Mudd
  • Sile O’Modhrain
  • Katie L. Wilkie
  • Joseph W. Malloch
  • Jérémie Garcia
  • Andrew Johnston

Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design

  • Arnold P.O.S. Vermeeren
  • Licia Calvi
  • Amalia Sabiescu
  • Raffaella Trocchianesi
  • Dagny Stuedahl
  • Elisa Giaccardi

HCI Goes to the Zoo: [Workshop Proposal]

  • Sarah Webber
  • Marcus Carter
  • Jason Watters
  • Bethany Krebs
  • Sally Sherwen
  • Clara Mancini
  • Fiona French
  • Kenton O’Hara
  • Fiona French

Career Development Workshop for Recent PHDs

  • Susan Fussell
  • Luigina Ciolfi

Cross-Surface: Challenges and Opportunities for ‘bring your own device’ in the wild

  • Steven Houben
  • Nicolai Marquardt
  • Jo Vermeulen
  • Johannes Schöning
  • Clemens Klokmose
  • Harald Reiterer
  • Henrik Korsgaard
  • Mario Schreiner

Autism and Technology: Beyond Assistance & Intervention

  • Christopher Frauenberger
  • Judith Good
  • Narcis Pares

My Life On Film

  • Matthew P. Aylett
  • Lisa Thomas
  • David P. Green
  • David A. Shamma
  • Pam Briggs
  • Finola Kerrigan

Ethical Encounters in Human-Computer Interaction

  • Jenny Waycott
  • Cosmin Munteanu
  • Hilary Davis
  • Anja Thieme
  • Wendy Moncur
  • Roisin McNaney
  • John Vines
  • Stacy Branham

SEACHI 2016: Smart Cities for Better Living with HCI and UX

  • Eunice Sari
  • Adi Tedjasaputra
  • Masitah Ghazali
  • Ellen Yi-Luen Do
  • Henry Duh
  • Artur Lugmayr
  • Erica Hanson

Following User Pathways: Cross Platform and Mixed Methods Analysis in Social Media Studies

  • Margeret Hall
  • Athanasios Mazarakis
  • Isabella Peters
  • Martin Chorley
  • Simon Caton
  • Jens-Erik Mai
  • Markus Strohmaier

Future of Human-Building Interaction

  • Hamed S. Alavi
  • Denis Lalanne
  • Julien Nembrini
  • Elizabeth Churchill
  • David Kirk
  • Wendy Moncur

Bridging the Gap between Privacy by Design and Privacy in Practice

  • Luke Stark
  • Jen King
  • Xinru Page
  • Airi Lampinen
  • Jessica Vitak
  • Pamela Wisniewski
  • Tara Whalen
  • Nathaniel Good

Attending to Objects as Outcomes of Design Research

  • Tom Jenkins
  • Kristina Andersen
  • William Gaver
  • William Odom
  • James Pierce
  • Anna Vallgårda

CrossFAB: Bridging the Gap between Personal Fabrication Research in HCI, Computer Graphics, Robotics, Art, Architecture, and Material Science.

  • Stefanie Mueller
  • Laura Devendorf
  • Stelian Coros
  • Yoichi Ochiai
  • Madeline Gannon
  • Patrick Baudisch

Computing in Mental Health

  • Rafael A. Calvo
  • Karthik Dinakar
  • Rosalind Picard
  • Pattie Maes

Mid-Air Haptics and Displays: Systems for Un-instrumented Mid-air Interactions

  • Sriram Subramanian
  • Sue Ann Seah
  • Hiroyuki Shinoda
  • Eve Hoggan
  • Loic Corenthy

Advances in DIY Health and Wellbeing

  • Aisling Ann O’Kane
  • Amy Hurst
  • Gerrit Niezen
  • Nicolai Marquardt
  • Jon Bird
  • Gregory Abowd

Tangibles for Health Workshop

  • Audrey Girouard
  • David McGookin
  • Peter Bennett
  • Orit Shaer
  • Katie A. Siek
  • Marilyn Lennon

Inviscid Text Entry and Beyond

  • Keith Vertanen
  • Mark Dunlop
  • James Clawson
  • Per Ola Kristensson
  • Ahmed Sabbir Arif

Art.CHI II: Digital Art in a Post-Digital World

  • David England
  • Celine Latulipe
  • Nick Bryan-Kinns
  • Ernest Edmonds
  • Sean Clark

Game-based HCI Methods: Workshop on Playfully Engaging Users in Design

  • Karin Slegers
  • Bernhard Maurer
  • Lizzy Bleumers
  • Alina Krischkowsky
  • Pieter Duysburgh
  • Mark Blythe

Sharing Perspectives on the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces

  • Paul Strohmeier
  • Antonio Gomes
  • Giovanni Maria Troiano
  • Aske Mottelson
  • Timothy Merritt
  • Jason Alexander

Productivity Decomposed: Getting Big Things Done with Little Microtasks

  • Jaime Teevan
  • Shamsi T. Iqbal
  • Carrie J. Cai
  • Jeffrey P. Bigham
  • Michael S. Bernstein
  • Elizabeth M. Gerber

For Richer, for Poorer, in Sickness or in Health…: The Long-Term Management of Personal Information

  • William Jones
  • Victoria Bellotti
  • Robert Capra
  • Jesse David Dinneen
  • Gloria Mark
  • Catherine Marshall
  • Karyn Moffatt
  • Jaime Teevan
  • Maximus Van Kleek

The Art of Everyday Food Science: Foraging for Design Opportunities

  • Stacey Kuznetsov
  • Christina J. Santana
  • Elenore Long
  • Rob Comber
  • Carl DiSalvo

Chinese CHI 2016 Symposium

  • Xiaojun Bi
  • Lu Xiao
  • Feng Tian
  • Xianghua (Sharon) Ding
  • Yong Ming Kow

Connecting Online Work and Online Education at Scale

  • Markus Krause
  • Margeret Hall
  • Joseph Jay Williams
  • Praveen Paritosh
  • John Prip
  • Simon Caton

HCI and Autonomous Vehicles: Contextual Experience Informs Design

  • Alexander Meschtscherjakov
  • Manfred Tscheligi
  • Dalila Szostak
  • Sven Krome
  • Bastian Pfleging
  • Rabindra Ratan
  • Ioannis Politis
  • Sonia Baltodano
  • Dave Miller
  • Wendy Ju

Fabrication & HCI: Hobbyist Making, Industrial Production, and Beyond

  • Verena Fuchsberger
  • Martin Murer
  • Manfred Tscheligi
  • Silvia Lindtner
  • Shaowen Bardzell
  • Jeffrey Bardzell
  • Andreas Reiter
  • Pernille Bjorn

Human-Centred Machine Learning

  • Marco Gillies
  • Rebecca Fiebrink
  • Atau Tanaka
  • Jérémie Garcia
  • Frédéric Bevilacqua
  • Alexis Heloir
  • Fabrizio Nunnari
  • Wendy Mackay
  • Saleema Amershi
  • Bongshin Lee
  • Nicolas d’Alessandro
  • Joëlle Tilmanne
  • Todd Kulesza
  • Baptiste Caramiaux

Everyday Surveillance

  • Pam Briggs
  • Elizabeth Churchill
  • Mark Levine
  • James Nicholson
  • Gary W. Pritchard
  • Patrick Olivier

NatureCHI: Unobtrusive User Experiences with Technology in Nature

  • Jonna Häkkilä
  • Keith Cheverst
  • Johannes Schöning
  • Nicola J. Bidwell
  • Simon Robinson
  • Ashley Colley

Design Patterns, Principles, and Strategies for Sustainable HCI

  • Bran Knowles
  • Adrian K. Clear
  • Samuel Mann
  • Eli Blevis
  • Maria Håkansson

Lightweight Games User Research for Indies and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Lennart E. Nacke
  • Christiane Moser
  • Anders Drachen
  • Pejman Mirza-Babaei
  • Andrea Abney
  • Zhu (Cole) Zhenyu

Crowd Dynamics: Exploring Conflicts and Contradictions in Crowdsourcing

  • Karin Hansson
  • Michael Muller
  • Tanja Aitamurto
  • Lilly Irani
  • Athanasios Mazarakis
  • Neha Gupta
  • Thomas Ludwig

Designing Speech and Multimodal Interactions for Mobile, Wearable, and Pervasive Applications

  • Cosmin Munteanu
  • Pourang Irani
  • Sharon Oviatt
  • Matthew Aylett
  • Gerald Penn
  • Shimei Pan
  • Nikhil Sharma
  • Frank Rudzicz
  • Randy Gomez
  • Keisuke Nakamura
  • Kazuhiro Nakadai

Development Consortium: HCI Across Borders

  • Neha Kumar
  • Susan Dray
  • Andy Dearden
  • Nicola Dell
  • Melissa Densmore
  • Rebecca E. Grinter
  • Zhengjie Liu
  • Mario A. Moreno Rocha
  • Anicia Peters
  • Eunice Sari
  • William Thies
  • Indrani Medhi-Thies
  • William D. Tucker
  • Elba Valderrama Bahamondez
  • Susan Wyche

Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH)

  • Lena Mamykina
  • Madhu Reddy
  • Katie Siek
  • Gabriela Marcu
  • Leslie Liu

SESSION: Interactivity Demos

Interactivity: Looking at the Vagina through Labella

  • Teresa Almeida
  • Gavin Wood
  • Rob Comber
  • Madeline Balaam

Kinemic Wave: A Mobile Freehand Gesture And Text-Entry System

  • Christoph Amma
  • Marcus Georgi
  • Tomt Lenz
  • Fabian Winnen

Don’t Say Yes, Say Yes: Interacting with Synthetic Speech Using Tonetable

  • Matthew P. Aylett
  • Graham Pullin
  • David A. Braude
  • Blaise Potard
  • Shannon Hennig
  • Marilia Antunes Ferreira

A Demonstration of Haptic Retargeting: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experience

  • Mahdi Azmandian
  • Mark Hancock
  • Hrvoje Benko
  • Eyal Ofek
  • Andrew D. Wilson

Experiencing the Carolan Guitar

  • Steve Benford
  • Adrian Hazzard
  • Alan Chamberlain
  • Kevin Glover
  • Chris Greenhalgh
  • Liming Xu
  • Michaela Hoare
  • Dimitrios Darzentas

Experiencing Human-to-Human Touch in Digital Games

  • Mert Canat
  • Mustafa Ozan Tezcan
  • Celalettin Yurdakul
  • Oğuz Turan Buruk
  • Oguzhan Ozcan

‘Choose a Game’: A Prototype Tool to Support Therapists Use Games in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

  • Jinghui Cheng
  • Cynthia Putnam

Tango Apart: Moving Together

  • Ernest Edmonds
  • Sean Clark

GaussBox: Prototyping Movement Interaction with Interactive Visualizations of Machine Learning

  • Jules Françoise
  • Frédéric Bevilacqua
  • Thecla Schiphorst

Trajectoires: A Mobile Application for Controlling Sound Spatialization

  • Jérémie Garcia
  • Xavier Favory
  • Jean Bresson

HoloFlex: A Flexible Holographic Smartphone with Bend Input

  • Daniel Gotsch
  • Xujing Zhang
  • Jesse Burstyn
  • Roel Vertegaal

FaceTouch: Touch Interaction for Mobile Virtual Reality

  • Jan Gugenheimer
  • David Dobbelstein
  • Christian Winkler
  • Gabriel Haas
  • Enrico Rukzio

SolidNoise: Tools For Making Musical Robots

  • Jiffer Harriman
  • Matthew Bethancourt
  • Abhishek Narula
  • Michael Theodore
  • Mark Gross

INTACT: Instant Interaction for 3D Printed Objects

  • Charles Hudin
  • Sabrina Panëels
  • Steven Strachan

Embodied Encounters Studio: A Tangible Platform for Sensemaking

  • Caroline Hummels

Manipulating Tabletop Objects to Interactively Query a Database

  • Ana Jofre
  • Steve Szigeti
  • Stephen Tiefenbach-Keller
  • Lan-Xi Dong
  • Sara Diamond

Tattio: Fabrication of Aesthetic and Functional Temporary Tattoos

  • Hsin-Liu (Cindy) Kao
  • Paul Johns
  • Asta Roseway
  • Mary Czerwinski

ChromoSkin: Towards Interactive Cosmetics Using Thermochromic Pigments

  • Hsin-Liu (Cindy) Kao
  • Manisha Mohan
  • Chris Schmandt
  • Joseph A. Paradiso
  • Katia Vega

Magnetio: Getting People Together Using Embodied Interaction Approach

  • Kamila Kozmiańska
  • Magdalena Kurowska
  • Wieslaw Bartkowski

ConnectUs: A New Toolkit for Teaching about the Internet of Things

  • Zuzanna Lechelt
  • Yvonne Rogers
  • Nicolai Marquardt
  • Venus Shum

PicMemory: Enriching Intergenerational Family Interaction and Memory Collection

  • Hung-Chi Lee
  • Jane Yung-jen Hsu

Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface

  • Sang-won Leigh
  • Pattie Maes

AFFDEX SDK: A Cross-Platform Real-Time Multi-Face Expression Recognition Toolkit

  • Daniel McDuff
  • Abdelrahman Mahmoud
  • Mohammad Mavadati
  • May Amr
  • Jay Turcot
  • Rana el Kaliouby

Constructing Interactive Visualizations with iVoLVER

  • Gonzalo Gabriel Méndez
  • Miguel A. Nacenta

Personalized Compass: A Demonstration of a Compact Visualization for Direction and Location

  • Daniel Miau
  • Steven Feiner

Dranimate: Paper Becomes Tablet, Drawing Becomes Animation

  • Ali Momeni
  • Zachary Rispoli

TimeLight: Helping Children Understand And Learn Time Durations

  • Heiko Müller
  • Christian Pieper
  • Wilko Heuten
  • Susanne Boll

bioSync: Synchronous Kinesthetic Experience among People

  • Jun Nishida
  • Kenji Suzuki

Motion Echo Snowboard: Visualizing Weight Distribution on Snowboard

  • Hyung Kun Park
  • Woohun Lee

The Haptic Wave: A Device for Feeling Sound

  • Adam Parkinson
  • Atau Tanaka

FlexTiles: A Flexible, Stretchable, Formable, Pressure-Sensitive, Tactile Input Sensor

  • Patrick Parzer
  • Kathrin Probst
  • Teo Babic
  • Christian Rendl
  • Anita Vogl
  • Alex Olwal
  • Michael Haller

A Wearable Force Feedback Toolkit with Electrical Muscle Stimulation

  • Max Pfeiffer
  • Tim Duente
  • Michael Rohs

MagicWand: Exploring Physical Affordances with a Handheld Cylindrical Display Object

  • Lahiru Lakmal Priyadarshana
  • Victoria Porter
  • Juan Pablo Carrascal
  • Aaron Visser
  • Roel Vertegaal

The Anonymous Audience Analyzer: Visualizing Audience Behavior in Public Space

  • Jiamin Shi
  • Florian Alt

Text Entry for Ultra-Small Touchscreens Using a Fixed Cursor and Movable Keyboard

  • Tomoki Shibata
  • Daniel Afergan
  • Danielle Kong
  • Beste F. Yuksel
  • Scott MacKenzie
  • Robert J.K. Jacob

RAPAEL: Wearable Technology and Serious Game for Rehabilitation

  • Hoyeong Song
  • Soobin Lee
  • Hyunsoo Kim
  • Gunmin Jang
  • Younggeun Choi
  • Dongseok Yang

Wag Your Tail and Flap Your Ears: The Kinesthetic User Experience of Extending Your Body

  • Dag Svanaes
  • Martin Solheim

Sketchplore: Sketch and Explore Layout Designs with an Optimiser

  • Kashyap Todi
  • Daryl Weir
  • Antti Oulasvirta

ShareTable Application for HP Sprout

  • Baris Unver
  • Sarah A. McRoberts
  • Sabirat Rubya
  • Haiwei Ma
  • Zuoyi Zhang
  • Svetlana Yarosh

VibroVision: An On-Body Tactile Image Guide for the Blind

  • Philipp Wacker
  • Chat Wacharamanotham
  • Daniel Spelmezan
  • Jan Thar
  • David A. Sánchez
  • René Bohne
  • Jan Borchers

Zishi: A Smart Garment for Posture Monitoring

  • Qi Wang
  • Marina Toeters
  • Wei Chen
  • Annick Timmermans
  • Panos Markopoulos

MMM Ball: Showcasing the Massive Mobile Multiuser Framework

  • Tim Weißker
  • Andreas Berst
  • Johannes Hartmann
  • Florian Echtler

Interactivity: Using Expressy to Demonstrate Expressiveness in Touch-based Interactions

  • Gerard Wilkinson
  • Gavin Wood
  • Jonathan Hook
  • Tom Nappey
  • Ahmed Kharrufa
  • Bradley Pursglove
  • Hendrik Haeuser
  • Nils Y. Hammerla
  • Steve Hodges
  • Patrick Olivier

ReFabricator: Integrating Everyday Objects for Digital Fabrication

  • Suguru Yamada
  • Hironao Morishige
  • Hiroki Nozaki
  • Masaki Ogawa
  • Takuro Yonezawa
  • Hideyuki Tokuda

FrontPanel: Tangible User Interface for Touch-Screens Dedicated to Elderly

  • Mounia Ziat
  • Hsin-Yun Yao
  • Rachel Schmitt
  • Vincent Hayward

SESSION: Art Exhibition


  • Malath Abbas
  • Joseph DeLappe
  • Tom Demajo
  • Albert Elwin

Rainforest: An Interactive Ecosystem

  • Peter Beyls
  • Andre Perrotta

IMorphia: An Embodied Performance System

  • Richard Brown

Alerting Infrastructure!

  • Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Distractions: Interactive Visualizations on a Kinetic Sculpture Using Infrasound Vibrations

  • Anil Camci

This Is Not Private

  • Antonio Daniele

Avian Attractor

  • Judith Doyle
  • Naoto Hieda

San Carlos Lantern Relay

  • Steve Durie
  • Bruce Gardner

Endless Ripples: A Growing Interactive Donation Device

  • Byeongwon Ha

Real Snail Mail

  • Vicky Isley
  • Paul Smith

Investigating Human Identity Using The idMirror Interactive Installation

  • Maša Jazbec
  • Floris Erich

Breaking AndyWall: Transgressive and Playful Exploration on the Dynamic Role of Users in Art and Design

  • Laewoo (Leo) Kang

Designing Biofeedback Artworks for Relaxation

  • George (Poonkhin) Khut

A Falling Line

  • Byungjoo Lee

3D Printing and Camera Mapping – Artwork: Digital Buddha

  • He-Lin Luo
  • I-Chun Chen
  • Yi-Ping Hung

Whorl: An Immersive Dive into a World of Flowers, Color, and Play

  • Eitan Mendelowitz
  • Damon Seeley
  • David Glicksman


  • Garth Paine

eBee: Merging Quilting, Electronics & Board Game Design

  • Celia Pearce
  • Gillian Smith
  • Jeanie Choi
  • Isabella Carlsson

CRAFTED LOGIC Towards Hand-Crafting a Computer

  • Irene Posch
  • Ebru Kurbak

“Flown” Sculptural Light Installation

  • Esther Rolinson
  • Sean M. Clark

Dichroic Wade

  • Jennifer Seevinck

the rest is construction: An Interactive Installation Evoking Somatic and Cognitive Effects of Anxiety

  • Anna Weisling

SESSION: Award Talks

SIGCHI Lifetime Practice Award Talk: Mind the Gap

  • Jeff Johnson

SIGCHI Lifetime Research Award Talk: Online Communication and Psychological Well-being

  • Robert E. Kraut

SIGCHI Social Impact Award Talk: Having a Social Impact by Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

  • Jonathan Lazar

SESSION: Invited-Keynote Talks

Opening Keynote: The Bright Continent

  • Dayo Olopade

Closing Keynote: Education Reimagined

  • Salman “Sal” Khan

SESSION: Plenary Talks

Plenary: Marissa Mayer & Terry Winograd in Conversation

  • Marissa Mayer
  • Terry Winograd

Plenary: Kimberly Bryant & Sarah Guthals in Conversation

  • Kimberly Bryant
  • Sarah Guthals

Plenary: Alan Kay & Vishal Sikka in Conversation

  • Alan Kay
  • Vishal Sikka